Abanfin Financial Calculator


Abanfin Financial Calculator

With this application you will have a powerful set of financial calculators which respond to the needs of most common financial calculation in your personal and professional life. CALCULATORS INCLUDED Loan – Mortgage: • Constant installments • Exclusion period for capital repayments • Residual payment • Arithmetic progression • Geometric progression • Diminishing instalments Investments: • With capitalization of interest • Without capitalization of interest Savings plan: • With or without regular contributions • Regular contributions increased by arithmetic progression • Regular contributions increased by geometric progression • Regular contributions without increase Leasing • Residual value as fixed payment • Residual value as variable payment COMMON FEATURES - Help files for each type of calculador. - User interface easy to use. - Each calculator starts up with the last saved values. - You’ll send, by email, variables and main results of each simulation. RESULTS AND REPORTS OF CALCULATION Loan and Mortgage: • Dinamic report with main results • Full amortization table • Graph the evolution of payments with each of its components over the duration of the loan or mortgage Investments • Dinamic report with main results • Full investment table Savings plan • Dinamic report with main results • Summary table with the expected contribution and the consolidated capital in each time. • Graph the evolution of consolidated capital, accumulated interest and accumulated contributions over the duration of the savings plan. Leasing • Dinamic report with main results • Full amortization table

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