A Fuzzy Memory


A Fuzzy Memory

A Fuzzy Memory will train your short term memory to become stronger and faster. Find out what level of memory you currently have and push it to the limit. -|Tap Into|- the deeper realms of memory in this beautifully generated game landscape. -|Listen|- to rivetting and haunting music as you test yourself and discover your inner savant using your senses of sight and sound. -|Become Lost|- in the ambience of uniquely generated music in which no two games sound exactly the same. -|Share|- your experience with your friends and tell them to join in the challenge. Email your high scores out to your friends. ++[Features]++ Integrated with Open Feint for tracking high scores and various achievements. + Refresh button displays new puzzle. No penalty. + Undo button allows a single undo. No penalty. + Fast forward button allows for puzzle speed increase for current puzzle. + Pause button allows you a quick brain break. + Play button allows you to skip past the answer preview. + Brain button gives you more memory (just kidding - train hard to increase your memory capacity). Accesses all the additional features of the game like highscores and feedback. ++[Comments]++ I made A Fuzzy Memory because I have a fuzzy memory myself and wanted to make a game that helps me improve my own memory skills. A Fuzzy Memory is available for Android and iPhone/iPad so get it now! ++[Free]++ The game is free because I appreciate free things as well =]. ++[Feedback]++ You can send me feedback directly from within the game as I definitely want to hear from you. Enjoy! RosePear Studio Inc.

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