80Bites will change your eating! So you’ve tried every diet and you are still frustrated!! Can you honestly say you know HOW MUCH food you ate yesterday? If not, you are missing the most important piece of your puzzle for weight loss. Get ahead of the curve (quite literally). Nutrient manipulations and diets are over. Our STOMACH should be the only real focus. Spend a day—better three days—to just find out how much you actually eat. Why the number 80? Ever wonder what all those hard-to-track, pesky serving sizes amount to? A day’s allotment roughly ends up being about 80Bites. Don’t worry about bite sizes. Soon you’ll be able to eyeball anything and figure out the bites. Plus your smaller stomach will stop you anyway. You cannot eat less if you don’t even know how much you are eating now, and this is where the 80Bites app comes in: our diagnostic tool measures the quantity you are now swallowing. • Step one: Tap the “Bite” button each time you put food in your mouth (for soup, count mouthfuls or spoons; for smoothies, count sips). •Step two: Discover in just a couple days your numbers. •Step three: Evaluate. Where are your bites coming from? If you’re not overeating, you be may be drinking your weight in liquids. Obviously, we trust you can count to 80 each day on your own, but our app remembers what you record every meal and tracks your progress. You’ll meet your new eating ally, Sam Stomach as he talks you through the process and makes you really aware. 80Bites App Features: •Tap screen in rhythm with bites taken •Sound indicates each bite taken (this can be turned off) •Offers coaching and feedback to pace eating and encourage consciousness •Track your progress with graphs tallying daily/weekly bites, frequency of meals and chewing speed •View percentages over and under 80 bites •Focus on slowing down and pacing your meals Created by Registered Dietician Meredith Luce RD MS LN and Pilates Expert Joan Breibart, the 80Bites App goes hand in hand with the 80Bites Plan—a 12-week program developed to reverse the hunger cycle for good and now it is FREE. If you’re over 80 bites a day, the 80Bites Plan will help you downsize gradually. If your bite count is not excessive but you need to lose, we’ll show you how to build balanced meals and downsize liquid calories. Shedding pounds happens automatically when your hunger is tamed. Visit 80Bites.com to subscribe to the FREE program and ditch dieting for good!

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