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"I love saving money and learning to stretch my $."
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"I love saving money and checking out new places."
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"Love saving money and now with the catcher I'm truly saving."
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"I love saving money on things I am already buying."
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"I love saving up for my favorite prize."
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"I LOVE saving money & this app saves me time clipping ads."
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"I think "shop-savvy" is a MUST HAVE for saving money."
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"Works properly and it's very useful in case of saving money."
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"This is great for saving money on apps."
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"Gamefly has been a phenomenal means of saving money."
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"I like saving money and getting rewards."
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"Love saving money on top of the red card and multiple coupons."
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Top Saving Money Apps

Starbucks ratings, reviews, and more.
Sati ratings, reviews, and more.
Themes Factory - Wallpapers for iOS 7 ratings, reviews, and more.
SongFlip - Free Music Player ratings, reviews, and more.
Wish - Shopping Made Fun ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Groupon - Deals, Coupons & Shopping: Local Restaurants, Hotels, Yoga & Spas - ranked #1 for consumers, #1 for get deals, #1 for trying new places, #1 for gift ideas,
"I love saving money while getting quality gifts" - "Groupon delivers unbeatable deals for 50—70% off the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 cities located mostly on earth.Downloa...
#2. LivingSocial - Deals on Restaurants, Spas, Hotels, Concerts and more - ranked #1 for try new restaurants, #1 for spa deals, #1 for daily deals, #1 for deals coming,
"I love this app and love saving money even more" - "Hey, explorers! Save up to 80% on great local restaurants, relaxing spas, unique products, exotic vacations and more with LivingSocial for iPhone and i...
#3. Walmart - Savings Catcher, Shopping, Pharmacy and Gift Registry App - ranked #4 for checking prices, #5 for comparing prices, #5 for refilling prescriptions, #10 for shopping experience,
"I love saving money & this so does all the work for me" - "Save time & money with the Walmart app, featuring Savings Catcher and Pharmacy. Our in-store shopping tools make it easy to find items in your stor...
#4. Ibotta - Cash back Coupons – Shopping Deals, Discounts and Promos on Grocery, Clothing and more. - ranked #3 for couponers, #3 for save money, #7 for ease of navigation, #21 for shoppers,
"I love saving money and it is very user friendly" - "Get cash back when you buy your favorite brands at nearby stores. From grocery to electronics to clothes and more, ditch the coupons and get paid real ...
#5. shopkick: Deals and Free Gift Cards For Shopping at Your Favorite Stores - ranked #1 for shoppers, #1 for get rewards, #1 for instant surprises, #2 for shopping tool,
" love saving money and being rewarded" - "Never miss a deal, exclusive rewards, and FREE gift cards at your favorite stores like Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy to name a few. Join the 10 m...
#6. RetailMeNot Coupons & Discounts: Online and In-store Shopping - ranked #1 for coupons app, #1 for shopping buddy, #1 for variety of coupons, #8 for shopping aid,
" Love saving money both on home computer and on the go" - "The RetailMeNot Coupons app makes it easy to save with thousands of deals at your favorite stores and restaurants! Whether you’re hungry for foo...
#7. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner, Price Checker, QR Code Reader and Sale Search - ranked #1 for price comparison, #2 for shopping assistant, #5 for checking prices, #5 for scanner apps,
"Awesome app for saving money and price matching" - "ShopSavvy is your one-stop resource to save time and money and to get all the best sales from your favorite stores. ShopSavvy is the #1 app for the dea...
#8. Appsfire (Free): Your daily dose of great apps & great deals - ranked #2 for deal finder, #2 for deals thanks, #3 for collection of apps, #4 for daily deals,
"Already saving money on apps I wanted to buy anyway" - "Appsfire is The Next Web's French Startup of the Year for 2013!The new Appsfire is the best way to find your next favorite app.- Featured by The New Yo...
#9. Appoday: Free App Deal of the Day - ranked #5 for deals coming, #10 for gamers, #10 for daily deals, #11 for money saver,
"A useful app for saving money " - "APPODAY® provides the most elegant way to discover, recommend and share new apps with your friends. APPODAY® showcases one new app a day, eve...
#10. GameFly - ranked #1 for gamefly users, #1 for gamefly members, #1 for gamefly customers, #1 for news section,
"Have to love saving money on games" - "The GameFly App is an incredible resource for gamers with info for more than 50,000 console, handheld, iOS, and PC games! Get the games you gotta' have...
#11. CheckPoints #1 Rewards App And Free Barcode Scanner - ranked #1 for rewards app, #2 for gift card, #8 for ipod users, #19 for scanning barcodes,
"Rewards for Shopping & Saving Money " - "Scan barcodes for products like Coca-Cola, Dreyer's and more in any store across the country for instant rewards! It's free and easy. As seen in the Wa...
#12. Cartwheel by Target - ranked #7 for facebookers, #16 for save money, #36 for multiple lists, #60 for barcode feature,
"I love saving money and with my Redcard I saved even more" - "Save on the things you already buy at Target with Cartwheel! Select from hundreds of discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off, and add them to your persona...
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