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"Love saving money on some really great products."
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"I love saving money and checking out new places."
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"It makes saving money and curbing spending actually fun."
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"Especially for someone who has fun with saving money."
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"I love saving money on things I am already buying."
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"I LOVE saving money & this app saves me time clipping ads."
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"Works properly and it's very useful in case of saving money."
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"I think "shop-savvy" is a MUST HAVE for saving money."
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"This is great for saving money on apps."
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"Gamefly has been a phenomenal means of saving money."
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"Good for saving money."
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Top Saving Money Apps

BFAds.net Black Friday ratings, reviews, and more.
TGI Black Friday ratings, reviews, and more.
Foursquare ratings, reviews, and more.
RetailMeNot Coupons ratings, reviews, and more.
Cartwheel by Target ratings, reviews, and more.
Trusper Tips, Tutorials, How-to's ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. Groupon - Deals, Coupons & Shopping: Local Restaurants, Hotels, Yoga & Spas - ranked #1 for consumers, #1 for get deals, #1 for trying new places, #1 for gift ideas,
"I love saving money while getting quality gifts" - "Groupon delivers unbeatable deals for 50—70% off the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 cities located mostly on earth.Downloa...
#2. LivingSocial - ranked #1 for groupon app, #1 for try new restaurants, #1 for spa deals, #1 for living social,
"I love this app and love saving money even more" - "Want to save 50%-90% at restaurants, spas, gyms, and more? Download our free iPhone / iPad app to access LivingSocial's daily deals. Each day, we'll in...
#3. Mint Personal Finance - ranked #1 for get an overview, #1 for budgeting tool, #1 for web service, #1 for financial program,
"Great app for saving money and tracking expenditures" - "ACCOLADES – See why over 13 million people trust Mint.· App Store: Hall of Fame (2013)· CNN Money: Best Apps To Manage...
#4. Target - ranked #1 for retailer app, #1 for target lovers, #1 for list option, #1 for daily specials,
"I love saving money or groceries and household items" - "Now shopping at Target is as easy as tap, tap, done. The award-winning Target App for iPhone gives you all the tools you need to shop and save, online ...
#5. shopkick: Free Gift Cards For Shopping at Target, Macy's, Old Navy, Best Buy, American Eagle, JCPenney, Sports Authority, and Crate&Barrel - ranked #1 for shoppers, #1 for get rewards, #1 for instant surprises, #1 for shopping companion,
" love saving money and being rewarded" - "◆◆◆◆◆ Over 6 Million UsersShopkick is the ultimate shopping app. Don't miss out on the hottest deals, discounts and ...
#6. Ibotta - Cash, Not Coupons - ranked #1 for couponers, #3 for save money, #6 for coupons app, #7 for ease of navigation,
"I love saving money and it is very user friendly" - "Get paid real cash just for buying your favorite products. Really.◆ Selected by Apple as a Best New App◆ Featured on Good Morning America...
#7. RetailMeNot Coupons - ranked #1 for shopping buddy, #2 for coupons app, #2 for variety of coupons, #6 for save time,
" Love saving money both on home computer and on the go" - "The RetailMeNot Coupons app makes it easy to save when you want, where you want at all your favorite stores. Search from hundreds of thousands of onlin...
#8. Appsfire (Free): Your daily dose of great apps & great deals - ranked #2 for deal finder, #2 for deals thanks, #3 for daily deals, #3 for collection of apps,
"Already saving money on apps I wanted to buy anyway" - "Appsfire is The Next Web's French Startup of the Year for 2013!The new Appsfire is the best way to find your next favorite app.- Featured by The New Yo...
#9. ShopSavvy (Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader) - ranked #2 for price comparison, #2 for shopping assistant, #4 for shopping tool, #5 for checking prices,
"Awesome app for saving money and price matching" - "ShopSavvy is making shopping simpler, easier and more fun than ever before!With a super sleek design and more merchants and products than any other app...
#10. Appoday: Free App Deal of the Day - ranked #6 for gamers, #6 for deals coming, #9 for spider man, #10 for daily deals,
"A useful app for saving money " - "APPODAY® provides the most elegant way to discover, recommend and share new apps with your friends. APPODAY® showcases one new app a day, eve...
#11. GameFly - ranked #1 for gamefly users, #1 for gamefly members, #1 for video game news, #1 for gamefly customers,
"Have to love saving money on games" - "The GameFly App is an incredible resource for gamers with info for more than 50,000 console, handheld, iOS, and PC games! Get the games you gotta' have...
#12. cPRO+ craigslist client with Notifications for iPhone and iPod - ranked #1 for find my car, #1 for view craigslist, #1 for online site, #1 for search agent,
"I love saving money " - " Apple: One of the Best Apps of the Year OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRO+ CRAIGSLIST APP cPRO+ features an intuitive interface and essential set of features ...
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