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Synthesia LLC
Overall Satisfaction click me 92
Idaho and our students love Synthesia.
Updates & Support click me 100
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Learn to play the piano using falling notes! Get started right away, even if you don't know how to read sheet music.

Enjoy playing songs right on the iPad touchscreen or connect a MIDI keyboard, put your iPad right on the music stand, and play using real piano keys!
- Synthesia will wait until you hit the correct note in "Melody Practice" mode.
- Learn each hand individually or together.
- More than 20 songs are available immediately.
- A single unlock lets you play the rest of the 150 included songs and every other MIDI song ever made!
- Import any MIDI song using iTunes File Sharing or the "Open in Synthesia" option in other apps.
- Connect your own digital piano and play along.
- Compatible with the lights in most lighted keyboard models.
- Show sheet music along with the falling notes.
- Practice sections repeatedly by creating a loop.
- Keep time using the built-in metronome.
- Hints showing which fingers to use are included for every built-in song.
- Add your own finger hints to songs you import.
- Choose from more than 100 different instrument sounds.

--EDIT-- I just read how that feature is available in the paid version. found in 1 reviews
The pc application was great and this app is even better nicholas. found in 2 reviews
There are a lot of good apps to get you interested in playing. found in 1 reviews
I've had this program on my pc for a while. found in 1 reviews
The app looks great so far. found in 1 reviews
the list of songs in the game is limitless. found in 1 reviews
more than 20 songs are available immediately. found in 1 reviews
it has one of the cleanest designs. found in 1 reviews
I purchased the " Play Any Song " feature. found in 5 reviews
Need a page for music. found in 1 reviews
Synthesia has accelerated my progress in learning to play piano. found in 1 reviews
the same code that I used for my PC 4 years ago. found in 1 reviews
It helped me play any songs that i like in midi. found in 1 reviews
While playing the touch screen works pretty well. found in 1 reviews
keep time using the built in metronome. found in 1 reviews
show sheet music along with the falling notes. found in 2 reviews
learn to play the piano using falling notes. found in 1 reviews
A fun music game and a serious learning tool too. found in 1 reviews
Great app for our piano studio. found in 1 reviews
This app is exactly what I needed to learn piano using midi files. found in 1 reviews
I can't get my sound to work. found in 1 reviews
Good until crash. found in 1 reviews
This needs to get fixed or it's just gonna remain 1 star. found in 1 reviews
I can't launch it from the App Store. found in 1 reviews
This app is definitely worth nothing. found in 1 reviews
And there is no freeplay mode. found in 1 reviews
my app has stopped opening. found in 1 reviews
rated better for music game.  
rated better for full screen.  
rated better for midi keyboard.  
rated better for free play mode.  
"By far the best music game out there on any gaming platform."
"named best music game at the 2011 best app ever awards."
"I'd definately say this is the best music game in the App Store."
"This is the best music game I've ever played on a phone."
"Most addicting music game I've played since the DJMAX series."
"The best music app EVAR and one of my favorite games."
"I live this game it helps learn how to play the piano."
"All those people who wanna learn how to play the piano get tiny piano."
"I have always wanted to play the piano -- without actually practicing."
"This helps for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano."
"This app helps you learn how to play the piano and is really fun."
"This app is worth getting whether you know how to play or not."
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