Zen Shepherd ? Meditation Guide


Zen Shepherd ? Meditation Guide

The Zen Shepherd app is a timed meditation practice. It requires nothing more than a conscious effort from you to be present and attentive. The meditation practice´s duration is set by default for 20 minutes, but you can change it to a duration that best suits you. You can even set it to ´continuous´ mode and throughout your day, you can heed the Zen Shepherd´s call to the present moment and mindfulness. You NEVER know when the Zen Shepherd´s call will come so always be ready, be present. When the Zen Shepherd calls, take several conscious breathes and smile. Acknowledge and let go of any thoughts. The inspiration to create the Zen Shepherd meditation guide, in large part, comes from a passage that was found in Eckhart Tolle´s book, ´The Power of Now´ in which he relates the following Zen parable: A monk was anxious to learn Zen and asked a Master: The student: "I have been newly initiated into the brotherhood. Will you be gracious enough to show me the way to Zen?" The Master said: "Do you hear the murmuring sound of the mountain stream?" The monk said: "Yes, I do." The Master said: "Here is the entrance." The default call of the Zen Shepherd is Silbo Gomero, a ancient whistle language still practiced today by shepherds and their families on the La Gomera Island of the Canary Islands. You can change the Zen Shepherd´s call to different meditative sound or shuffle through our playlist: - Murmuring sound of the mountain stream - Canary bird song - Tibetan singing bowl - Gentle wind - Breaking waves on a beach - Singing bell strikes Perhaps you can practice together with your friends, family, co-workers, classmates. If you are a Yoga instructor, let the Zen Shepherd help you keep your flock present and attentive during class. In fact the Zen Shepherd can be a support for spiritual guides, personal trainers or life coaches. The key to quality of life and happiness is found in fully being in the present moment. Zen Shepherd can be likened to a sign post that simply points the way, but it up to you to take heed. In it´s function, the Zen Shepherd is a special kind of meditation timer app. You can set how long your wish to practice a timed meditation. The Zen Shepherd will prompted you when the timed meditation starts and when it stops. It also provides a unique type of reminder that comes at random times during your timed mediation. It also keeps track of the total time you spend practicing with the Zen Shepherd. The simple mediation mantra of ´Breathe in relax, breathe out smile´, comes from the book by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, called "Peace is Every Step". We encourage our practitioners to use this mantra when you hear the Zen Shepherd´s call.

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