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WorldMate, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 92
In my opinion it's one of the best travel apps on the market.
Outstanding travel companion on all continents.
I've tried many different apps to organize my travel.
Thanks Worldmate for the perfect travel assistant.
much better than Tripit and all others.
Does a great job of keeping track of travel reservations.
Fun & Engaging click me 100
Better than any other travel ap I've used.
Indeed an Awesome travel tool.
Awesome for business travellers.
Usefulness click me 90
It's perfect for frequent travelers as well as the casual travelers.
Use WorldMate or lose your mind trying to keep everything organized.
Frequent traveller who relies on WM to keep everything in one place.
I've used WorldMate Gold for years as an essential travel app.
It keeps me informed and updated.
An essential tool for the frequent traveller.
We'll designed and very useful.
Worldmate is one of the most useful apps on my iPhone.
Ease of Use click me 79
Anyway its very fast and easy to forward the emails.
It does NOT permit you to forward your itinerary to others.
The trip schedules are easy to upload and WorldMate sends reminders.
Makes it easy to build a trip and to communicate to others.
So easy and convenient to use.
Keeps everything in one place for easy access.
Great product and easy to use.
Updates & Support click me 91
Worth the annual fee for Gold version just for that alone.
Gold version needs work as does free version.
The old Palm version at least had rail.
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Join over 10 million travelers who rely on WorldMate to plan, book, and manage every aspect of their trips.

WorldMate automatically organizes your trips, sends you flight alerts*, recommends great hotels for booking, and offers a wide array of other incredible travel services.
Experience the magic of WorldMate! Forward your airline, hotel, car rental, and even OpenTable confirmation emails to, and you’re good to go!
Personal Travel Assistant:
•Organize flights, hotels, cars, meetings, and transportation with the WorldMate itinerary
•Get notifications when you cross paths with your LinkedIn Connections
•Check in for your flight (supports dozens of airlines)
• Flight alerts for gate changes, delays, and cancellations
•Flight status lookup for any flight on hundreds of airlines
•Itinerary synch to your iPhone calendar
•Plot your entire trip on a map and get directions to your hotel and meetings
•Post your trips to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
•Share your itineraries with your friends, family, and business colleagues
•Get instant access to all the information you need right from the WorldMate home screen
•View your past trips at a glance
•Ad Free experience
Travel Booking: (Currently iPhone only)
•Book any of over 100,000 hotels around the world. Your search results are custom tailored to your booking preferences and can be filtered by price, locations and star ratings.
•Express Booking – WorldMate remembers your payment information making it a cinch to quickly and easily book your room.
•Hotel Price Alerts – Save money! WorldMate will let you know when it finds a cheaper price for your upcoming hotel stay… regardless of where you booked it.
•Counter Offers – Save even more! WorldMate also lets you know when it finds a better hotel deal nearby. It will automatically cancel your previous booking and get you the better deal in just a few clicks.
•Search direct and single-connect flight schedules from over 800 airlines worldwide to plan an upcoming trip or quickly find alternatives when your flight has been delayed or cancelled.
•Make limo, town car and van reservations with ease.
Travel Tools:
•Weather Forecast for all your trips’ cities and anywhere else in the world
•Tip Calculator with Global Tipping Guide
•Currency Converter with automatic Exchange Rate updates
•Local search powered by Yelp
Press Quotes:
“If you are serious about taking control of your business travel don’t settle for less”- TechCrunch
“9 million members can't be wrong. The upgrade to Gold is a one-time fee, not a subscription, and it's a must” – LA Times
“WorldMate is remarkably useful for keeping tabs on a travel schedule” - Engadget
“Best Apps for Organizing Travel Information” – Travel+Leisure
Download the WorldMate App now!
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It is a pretty nice app for travelers though. found in 36 reviews
World Mate works reliably and with a very clear interface. found in 65 reviews
Just an outstanding app for frequent travellers - highly recommend for the roadwarrior. found in 44 reviews
Just an excellent travel tool and perfect for the business traveler. found in 35 reviews
Outstanding travel companion on all continents. found in 19 reviews
It's the best of the best for travel planning and travel scheduling. found in 17 reviews
As a frequent traveler it helps me manage my trips completely. found in 20 reviews
Simply the best travel organizer app in the App Store. found in 7 reviews
they are delivering this world class application to the iPhone. found in 7 reviews
This is a great tool for the busy traveler. found in 7 reviews
Better than any other travel ap I've used. found in 7 reviews
Indispensable travel organizer. found in 5 reviews
Really depend on this app to track my travel. found in 4 reviews
I travel fairly extensively and use Worldmate to keep track of flights. found in 4 reviews
It gets better with each update. found in 3 reviews
Indispensable Travel aid. found in 7 reviews
Great product and easy to use. found in 2 reviews
has everything you need and even added option to book hotels. found in 9 reviews
automatic info transfer to flight tracker would make it ideal. found in 9 reviews
Please support iPhone 5 ASAP. found in 1 reviews
Good App but missing some features compared to Blackberry version. found in 2 reviews
Problem partners include United Airlines and Hotels. found in 3 reviews
Flight track integration would be nice. found in 6 reviews
Very annoying and difficult to manually add trip. found in 5 reviews
even if over several weeks with over 20 days in between. found in 3 reviews
No more papers to carry. found in 5 reviews
" Don't go anywhere without it". found in 4 reviews
Not as good as blackberry versions. found in 2 reviews
Updates also mean annoying notifications about unwanted input. found in 3 reviews
not a bad feature. found in 3 reviews
Just wish you could save your past trips. found in 8 reviews
emails to auto load flight details work most times. found in 6 reviews
However I still don't see the added benefit of going "Gold". found in 2 reviews
Terminal maps would be a nice thing to have. found in 4 reviews
Terrible flight change notification. found in 2 reviews
Neither work properly with flight times. found in 15 reviews
Flight schedule errors. found in 6 reviews
Cannot edit flight number without deleting entire flight and information. found in 5 reviews
Does not provide core functionality. found in 4 reviews
rated better for departure times.   rated better for trip information.  
rated better for flight schedules.  
rated better for essential travel.   rated better for road warriors.  
rated better for organizational tool.   rated better for useful travel.  
rated better for car service.  
"Such a greatest to organize travel plans and share them."
"Great way to organize your flights and all your travel details."
"Makes organizing travel plans much easier then doing it on your own."
"Great app to organize travel :."
"This is a great app for organizing your travel information into one place."
"finding the best flight option takes just a few clicks."
"This is how easy every flight search should be."
"Best flight finding app I have ever found."
"Better than most flight search engine apps that are currently out."
"a superior flight search engine provided powered by tripadvisor flights."
3,056 total

This app is popular with:
  • Thanks Worldmate for the perfect travel assistant.
  • I've tried many different apps to organize my travel.
  • In my opinion it's one of the best travel apps on the market.
  • Best app for the world traveler.
  • I also use it to keep track of travel for family members and colleagues.
  • It used to be such a hassle keeping track of everything.
  • Absolutely essential for the regular traveller.
  • Perfect trip planner.
  • Excellent program for frequent flyer especially tracking dates in past trips.
  • This is the must-have app for road warriors.
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