Forget the wine list, ignore the sommelier and tell the store clerk to go wait on someone else. Everything you need to make an informed and relevant wine buying decision is right in the palm of your hand. We’ve captured hundreds of descriptors, categorized thousands of grape varietals, identified tens of thousands of wineries and mapped hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine and squeezed all of that knowledge into this tiny little device. Ah, the miracles of modern science. How does winepicks work? Simple! RATE a few wines you’ve consumed. We’ll know what you did (or didn’t) like about them and we will build a profile of your taste preferences. The more wines you rate, the more we’ll know about you. When you’re ready to PICK a wine, our app will find where you are, provide you with some search tools (type, price, food pairing) and then give you a list of wines that you will enjoy that from available inventory. Looking for that perfect match? Then SEARCH our extensive database. We’ll not only help you find that bottle, we’ll tell you exactly where you can get it. Be Picky.

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