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Viber Media, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 89
just a decent speed is good for a very good call quality.
The best app for international and texting calls for free.
I Love love love viber is the best App EVER.
Good voice quality when there is a good internet connection.
Thank You Viber team for coming out with this cool app.
Viber team fix that and I will give my comments.
The new version works much better than Skype and other communication Apps.
Viber became without a doubt the best VoIP app.
Thanks Viber for reaching love ones thousand miles away.
Fun & Engaging click me 96
I travel worldwide a lot- viber is awesome all the time.
Use it and find out how good viber is awesome quality.
Use it all the time to call Australia and text with friends all over the world.
I use it all the time to talk to my family back in the middle east.
Usefulness click me 96
Helps me keep in touch with my daughter while she's traveling internationally.
It helps me keep in touch with my husband during his deployment.
It helps me save lots of money cause I usually call abroad.
It helps me save with international calls.
We literally use Viber every day - to send free texts.
I used viber every day to talk to my family.
I can talk to my family everyday without paying any money.
Allows me to talk to my family everyday.
Beats everything else.
it beats everything.
Family Friendly click me 94
Able to talk to my family overseas whenever I want.
Really useful app especially when you have friends and family overseas.
Value for Money click me 95
Good for international chatting without spending money.
I call my friends overseas without spending a dime.
Social Aspects click me 91
Used this app to keep in touch with friends in Europe without having to use minutes.
What a great way to stay in touch with my granddaughter who is studying abroad.
This app is amazing perfect to communicate with friends and family without complications.
Ease of Use click me 90
Reliability click me 100
kinda and lots of network issues.
Security & Privacy click me 60
Preferably the same viber account for all here devices.
it said i need to change the privacy settings.
Privacy settings.
Updates & Support click me 68
Need iPad version.
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With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 200 million Viber users text, call, and send photo and video messages worldwide over Wifi or 3G - for free.

Viber is available for many smartphones. On Viber, your phone number is your ID. The app syncs with your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber.
• Text with your friends
• Make free calls with HD sound quality
• Groups with up to 40 participants
• Send stickers and emoticons, making messaging fun!
• Share photos, videos and locations
• Create and send doodles
• Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a call or message, even when Viber is off
• No ads and 100% free*
Localized to: Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (TR), Chinese (SP), Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR), French, Turkish, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Indonesian, Croatian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, and Ukrainian
Viber is completely free with no advertising.
We value your privacy.
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(*) Network data charges may apply

The new version works much better than Skype and other communication Apps. found in 262 reviews
Thank You Viber team for coming out with this cool app. found in 456 reviews
I Love love love viber is the best App EVER. found in 623 reviews
Viber became without a doubt the best VoIP app. found in 143 reviews
The BEST app for FREE calls and TEXTS around the around. found in 546 reviews
Makes a long distance relationship a little less stressful. found in 70 reviews
Excellent tool for international travelers and budget callers. found in 49 reviews
Good voice quality when there is a good internet connection. found in 516 reviews
Very clear reception on international calls to Japan--and texting is free. found in 59 reviews
The perfect app for communicating with friends and family across the world. found in 46 reviews
Exelent app great sound quality when used with wifi. found in 85 reviews
international calls are free with loud and clear voice. found in 34 reviews
Got viber to talk to my son while he studies in Spain. found in 34 reviews
been calling and its clear and crisp sound/ voice that i hear. found in 19 reviews
Text messages delivered fast & calls are clear as a bell. found in 28 reviews
Awesome app and keep up the good work viber team. found in 17 reviews
It's amazing to be able to talk to friends and family overseas for free. found in 32 reviews
It's much better than whatsapp and messages get delivered instantly. found in 26 reviews
It's allowing me to stay in better touch with friends in Europe. found in 31 reviews
This appointment is the best invention to talk from faraway places. found in 14 reviews
Sometimes calls get dropped due to poor network quality. found in 73 reviews
Just quality needs to improve due the heavy competition out there. found in 14 reviews
Sometimes it has network issues and easily drop calls. found in 11 reviews
The voice quality isn't quite up to Skype or google voice. found in 17 reviews
Occasional network quality issues and deterioration in voice quality. found in 9 reviews
Great app but should have ipad support. found in 12 reviews
It says that the Viber needs something of connection. found in 14 reviews
Doesn't ring when phone in sleep mode tho. found in 18 reviews
The connection isn't that stable and needs a bit more improvement. found in 18 reviews
Good but needs video call to be awesome & superb. found in 13 reviews
I can barely hear the other person speaking when calling. found in 16 reviews
not always functional but still better than paying long distance. found in 9 reviews
Voice calls often u get poor audio quality. found in 8 reviews
The only problem is you cant hear if someone is calling. found in 15 reviews
ill give full stars if it will support iPad screen. found in 8 reviews
It's not perfect but hey it's free. found in 9 reviews
It can not send my the sms code to active. found in 12 reviews
The viber doesn't show missed calls or msg sent to me. found in 13 reviews
How come I can't call people that don't have Viber. found in 11 reviews
The only problem is that when the phone is locked. found in 8 reviews
This app is useless as I cannot receive the access code. found in 65 reviews
Now I cannot call any of my other Viber contacts either. found in 48 reviews
but there is no way to block irritating persons' calls. found in 46 reviews
Lots of missed calls & messages for the barely there default sound. found in 41 reviews
Having problem after updating iOS 6. found in 39 reviews
Didn't even get to call anyone it's a huge ripoff. found in 35 reviews
I do not receive the activation code. found in 26 reviews
I wish that you could please make an Ipad version of Viber. found in 26 reviews
Will not sync my contacts and won't send messages. found in 21 reviews
after the new update I couldn't open Viber it's keep crashing. found in 20 reviews
No iPhone 5 support in the last update :. found in 19 reviews
Phone doesn't ring tested with friend side by side. found in 18 reviews
If you update Viber to the newest version. found in 17 reviews
I can barely hear my friend on the other line. found in 16 reviews
everytime i try to call someone the number just disappears. found in 16 reviews
But sometimes cant hear each other. found in 15 reviews
Can't believe there's no option to block people. found in 14 reviews
THE QUALITY IS BAD PLEASE FIX IT. found in 13 reviews
rated better for sending pics.   rated better for texting friends.  
"Best VoIP app on the app store."
"One of the best VOIP apps in the market."
"Skype is definitely now the best VOIP app in the app store."
"The best VoIP program from the world-known developer."
"Whatsapp is so far the best communication tool for instant messaging worldwide."
"3 best smart phone communication APP KIK Me: SubZero_TOS."
"I use it to send personal memoirs when I'm traveling."
"I've used this twice to send photos from my phone to a Walgreens nearby."
"Super convenient to upload photos to be printed right from my phone."
"We send photos and videos frequently and it works seamlessly."
88,576 total

This app is popular with:
  • I like the cross platform connectivity and clarity.
  • A few changes like saving videos directly to camera roll.
  • Found this app very useful and convenient to keep in touch with friends and family.
  • unavoidable app to stay in touch with friends and family all around the world.
  • It's the best communication app that's I have come across.
  • Don't need to worry about international charges on a good wifi connection.
  • Free calling any mobile using viber unbelievable money saving.
  • I can chat with my friends anytime and anywhere.
  • Great to put long distance phone companies out of business.
  • Awesome way to talk to my friends in different countries :D.
  • Best voice call app in comparison with other apps.
  • Really useful app especially when you have friends and family overseas.
  • "that says go to settings to allow push notifications but doesn't work."
  • "Wont sync my contacts from my phone book."
  • "Time stamp malfunction / Slow."
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