Verbs Game Lite


Verbs Game Lite

Do you want to learn English irregular verbs? "Verbs Game Lite" will help you memorize the most popular of them. The more you play, the better you know! All verbs are sounded. Therefore, besides spelling you can practice listening comprehension. Memorization occurs gradually: new verbs are added as the previous are learned, from the most used. In this case, already learned verbs are still used in the game for better memorizing. There is displayed in the main game menu how many verbs are already learned. That allows visually monitor the progress in the study. !!! The game comes with a sounded dictionary of irregular verbs. Rules of the game You must type on the keyboard specified form of the verb while the verb is falling down. If you are wrong the word is crashed into letters and they fall on the playing field. These letters can also be used to input words. The game is over when the fallen letters fill the playing field to the top. Supported native languages: - Russian - German - French - Italian - Spanish - Dutch - Japanese - Chinese - English

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