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USA RoadAtlas | United States Road Atlas with Offline GPS Navigation

$11.99 4+ iphone & ipad
Hema Maps

Discover the US with USA Road Atlas, the real-time GPS navigation app designed for travelers undertaking everything from interstate RV touring to backroad camping.

USA Road Atlas tracks your exact location on the map as well as allowing you to navigate, plot and save your route. The maps are already preloaded with the app, which means you don’t need any cellular coverage for navigation purposes and to know exactly where you are at all times on your iPad* or iPhone.
The app features the award-winning seamless mapping from Hema’s Ultimate United States Road Atlas book, containing coast-to-coast mapping at an ideal driving scale of 1:1Million with the busy Northeast Corridor shown at 1:250,000. Major cities are also covered with an overview map of their major roads and suburbs at a detailed scale of 1:250,000.
With a simple user interface, relevant touring symbols and detailed mapping nation-wide, USA Road Atlas is an appropriate offline GPS navigation app to guide those interested in touring or discovering the US’ backroads using their iPhone or iPad.
GPS navigation made easy
Moving map display
Displays and records breadcrumb trail as you move
Simple creation and editing of waypoints and routes
Placename search
Displays Position, Course, Speed, Heading, Altitude and Averages
In-built Wikipedia search function for nearby locations
Name marks as locations of interest (eg Great hiking trail)
Use the Digital Map Shop to purchase more specific maps
Screen orientation lock option (portrait or landscape)
App will continue to track and store data in the background while using other iPad or iPhone features
Note: the app does not do automatic routing or turn-by-turn directions.
Navigation for touring
Driving scale mapping
Points of interest symbols such as campgrounds, hiking, national parks and historic sites on every map
Detailed city maps
Highlighted Route 66
Note: the maps are exactly what you would expect to find in a good national road atlas. City streets and smaller backroads are not shown.
Complete coverage
Continuous 1:1Million coast-to-coast driving scale mapping
USA overview map
Northeast Corridor 1:250,000
City maps 1:250,000
No instructions needed
USA Road Atlas uses simple and user-friendly layout and icons
Intuitive map rollover when scrolling and zooming in and out for seamless navigation
Offline maps
Know where you are offline on your iPhone and iPad with the app
Preloaded offline maps means no 3G or WiFi coverage is needed to view entire maps on your iPhone or iPad
Share your off-road adventure
Email tracks, routes and marks (such as camping spots, hiking trails, or great scenic spots) to your friends and family to share your trip (in open GPX format)
*Although you do not need a SIM Card installed or cellular coverage to utilise the GPS tracking functions on iPad for the app, a 3G-enabled iPad (as opposed to a WiFi only iPad) is necessary to discover and track your location. A WiFi-only iPad does not contain the in-built GPS that a 3G iPad does, however external Bluetooth GPS receivers can be purchased for use with a WiFi-only iPad.
Battery Use Disclaimer: “Continued use of GPS tracking can dramatically decrease battery life.”

usa road atlas uses simple and user friendly layout and icons. found in 10 reviews
Specifying downloads for USGS maps depends on entering geo-coords. found in 1 reviews
Very useful and a great value. found in 1 reviews
I have had this app for a year and I love it. found in 1 reviews
I want to look ahead and see alternative routes. found in 1 reviews
Perfect for off roading or coast to coast. found in 1 reviews
Great Map for offline use. found in 1 reviews
USGS maps aren't entirely free — you get one state. found in 2 reviews
Fills a Need for Me. found in 1 reviews
you can use a navigation app to plan your trip. found in 1 reviews
name marks as locations of interest eg great hiking trail. found in 2 reviews
city maps 1 250 000. found in 1 reviews
Microsoft streets is much better but doesn't work on an iPad. found in 2 reviews
The maps don't have any side streets only shows main roads. found in 2 reviews
Needs more detail. found in 1 reviews
This nothing like a paper road map. found in 1 reviews
You can't even download the maps you need for a particular route in advance. found in 1 reviews
No ability to include or exclude items shown on the map. found in 1 reviews
Difficult to impossible to use. found in 1 reviews
rated better for gps navigation.  
rated better for street navigation.  
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"This GPS navigator is better than on my Lexus-factory installed."
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"voice guided gps navigation for driving biking and walking."
"It is simply THE BEST GPS navigator out there."
"Hear turn by turn directions before you pass through intersections."
"Gives you turn by turn directions with live voice guidance."
"the app does give turn by turn directions in adequate time to react."
"Thank you for finaly coming out with a turn by turn direction app."
"the maps and the turn by turn directions are excellent."
"I like this even without the turn by turn instructions."
"I never plan a trip without extensive research on trip advisor."
"Super convenient way to plan out a trip and itinerary."
"Amazing way to plan and get excited for the trip."
"Would absolutely never plan another Disney trip without it."
"Amazing way to plan a weekend trip or find interesting local places."
"Help to plan in visiting places of interest in other countries."
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