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Unblock Me FREE

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Kiragames Co., Ltd.
Overall Satisfaction click me 95
This is one of the best puzzle games I have ever used.
Really fun and addictive if you like puzzle games.
Really addicting passes time I recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge.
I do not recommend this game to anyone.
So many levels and it's just an amazing game.
It's so addicting and challenging I would recommend this to anyone.
Love unblock me so much play it throughout the day.
This is one game that never repeats.
This was my favorite iPhone game -- until the update.
I absolutely love this game keeps me entertained for hours.
Fun & Engaging click me 95
It's really quite a fun addictive game that's just fun.
Great challenging game with tons of levels.
My boyfriend is so addicted to this game he loves it.
This game is awesome and quite a wonder like my boner.
i play it all the time & there are so many levels to complete.
trying to figure out this puzzle reminds me of life sometimes.
don't like it because its hard to figure out.
This game is great for passing time and keeps me stimulated.
The game is so much fun and it is very relaxing.
Usefulness click me 98
keeps my mind healthy over summer and I play it everyday.
This game is so addicting and i play it everyday.
I freakin love this game I play it every day.
I play it every day and never get tired of it.
Family Friendly click me 96
Our whole family enjoys this game.
My whole family enjoys this game.
The whole family plays this game.
Everyone in my family plays it.
me and the kids play it all the time.
Great game for kids and adults.
Good for kids and adults.
Replay Value click me 95
It's a great brain teaser and a great addition for puzzle lovers.
Great challenging game with tons of levels.
Went through 300 beginner levels before going on to intermediate.
I can't even beat the first beginner level.
This game never gets old and there are thousands of puzzles.
Couple hundred more levels and I'm done.
Any game that makes your brain work is good.
Puzzle after puzzle of never ending & challenging PUZZLES.
This game provides hours of entertainment and thousands of unique puzzles.
Ease of Use click me 91
proof that simple game design lends itself to addictive gameplay.
it has a very simple concept that can be endlessly challenging.
This looks easy.
Reliability click me 96
Very fun and helps you think and solve problems.
My finger accidentally hits the reset button one two many times.
though the reset button is so easy to hit on accident.
Ads not Intrusive click me 60
It's a great way to occupy your mind during commercials.
during commercials or on flights.
Updates & Support click me 75
Quite impressed with the number of levels available for a free version.
For a free version of an app this games addicting and awesome.
I'm 17 and beat all 800 and am debating buying the paid version.
I love it and will be buying the paid version too.
Battery click me 73
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Happy birthday to Unblock Me!! Unblock Me is now celebrating it's 5th year anniversary.

Featured in the App Store's "What's Hot" list
Featured in the App Store's "Highly Addictive Games" list
Unblock Me™ FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unblock Me™ FREE comes with 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 9,600 puzzles in total worth hours of playing to keep you challenged.
4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert
9,600 puzzles in total for you to enjoy
Two game modes, Relax Mode and Challenge Mode
Ranking system to keep you more challenged
Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
Hint system that will guide you through the puzzle
Undo system
Unlock the achievements
Hours of enjoy for FREE!
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It's a great puzzle game that teaches spatial relationships and strategies. found in 269 reviews
It's really quite a fun addictive game that's just fun. found in 162 reviews
This is also a great brain exercise type of game. found in 86 reviews
Great challenging game with tons of levels. found in 133 reviews
This is one of the best free games out there. found in 160 reviews
Good fame to waste time at the doctors office. found in 40 reviews
Best game to see how good you are at problem solving. found in 67 reviews
It's ok kinda boring and frustrating after a while2. found in 3 reviews
The new ads get in the way of the game. found in 2 reviews
The only downside is the hint button doesn't work. found in 19 reviews
I wasn't too far in an the update wiped my progress. found in 4 reviews
Great game except the pop-up advertisements. found in 4 reviews
This is a nice way to waste time. found in 40 reviews
don't like the ads after every round. found in 4 reviews
Love the game hate the ads. found in 3 reviews
Don't give up. found in 4 reviews
But I can't figure out level 1 on beginner for my life. found in 6 reviews
It's good to waste some time with. found in 5 reviews
I hate the new update. found in 3 reviews
And it still shuts off after I finish a level. found in 6 reviews
Peices don't move well. found in 5 reviews
It is so freaking hard and I can't get past the first level. found in 46 reviews
You can't move the blocks from side to side. found in 20 reviews
Worst game in the world. found in 9 reviews
Crappy Game in the World. found in 6 reviews
So hard i cant beat the second level gets me anngryyyyyy. found in 6 reviews
it crashes after I finish a level. found in 6 reviews
We both got so annoyed that we just wont play it anymore. found in 6 reviews
can't even get passed lvl 1 -___-. found in 5 reviews
This game is hell I can't even pass the 1st level. found in 5 reviews
Update wiped out my records on games already played. found in 4 reviews
Ads block the game. found in 2 reviews
rated better for thought provoking.   rated better for puzzle fans.  
rated better for entire game.   rated better for finish a level.  
rated better for hint button.   rated better for past time.  
rated better for complete a level.  
rated better for entire game.   rated better for bored i play.  
rated better for part of the game.  
"I think these type games are awesome."
"One of the best puzzle type games I've played on iOS."
"A simple puzzle type game."
"Its like a puzzle type game."
"children can enjoy learning the alphabet through a puzzle type game."
"This is excellent way to exercise your brain and to improve your memory."
"This is a quick and easy way to exercise your brain every day."
"This is a great way to exercise your brain without the stress."
"Fun and affordable hints great way to exercise your brain and pass time."
"This game is a great way to exercise your brain and increase your knowledge."
"This is very smart and creative app to exercise your brain."
"Helps me calm down and shut it down at night."
"It calms me down after a crazy day of work."
"Love this game calms me down at the end of the day."
"Really helps me calm down and de-stress."
"It calms me down and when I'm bored I am always entertainedd."
296,965 total

This app is popular with:
  • It is the best strategy game ever that makes you think.
  • This is a great stress reliever that will drive you crazy.
  • This game provides hours of entertainment and thousands of unique puzzles.
  • I real brain stimulator.
  • Not mind numbing like others out there.
  • Awesome fun free game recommend it highly.
  • Unblock Me is a strategic addictive puzzle game.
  • Makes your mind work figuring the steps to do.
  • Keeps my brain busy and great mental workout.
  • Unblock Me should be #2 right after temple run.
  • I play one game go to finish and the game crashes.
  • Great quick game to fill in spare moments.
  • I enjoy playing this game when I have a few minutes to waste.
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