Ticwow 2 – Learn English Irregular Verbs


Ticwow 2 – Learn English Irregular Verbs

The most important and most widely used verbs in the English language are the "irregular verbs". There are no firm rules about the way they form, which is why they just need to be memorized by rote. In order for this process to be effective, quick and pleasurable we created the Ticwow 2 app. It uses a combination of mnemonic principles and is based on the classic Tic-Tac-Toe, where everything has its designated place and the result is a perfect internalization of the English grammar. The memorization of irregular verbs happens regardless of your desire (or lack thereof), using the principle of automaticity, as you play a game. A week of game playing will load your brain with those irregular verbs forever! Try this innovative method completely free! + Every verb in this application is presented in three forms, corresponding tenses + infinitive (with "to") + All verbs are translated (tap the infinitive field). All verb forms are voiced (you need Internet connection). Playing the game, while online, is considerably more interesting ("competition" mode) + Practice with a limited number of irregular verbs is absolutely free. To unlock additional sets of verbs you must make an in-app purchase. (See information about built-in purchases.) An in-app purchase is a single purchase, where you get all future, to-be-made-available sets as free updates. Those who have mastered all irregular verb forms and would like to test their knowledge, there are group practices according to the tenses: "simple" (first and second forms of the verb) and "perfect" (third form of the verb). Purchasing sets from all three tables, you will save 30%. Using these tables you could bring to automaticity the full set of irregular verbs, depending on the tense or the action/result. MODES – Training – Game mode “Tic-Tac-Toe” – Fill more cells – Exam – Competition in multiplayer mode KEY FEATURES – iOS8 design, customizable – Select difficulty level – Grammar reference – Text to specch (offline) – Translating phrases upon answering (online) – Voice chat in multiplayer mode – Consecutive adding of new words simultaneously with level growth Please send your comments and ideas to appdev@ticwow.com, since there are no possibilities to receive personal feedback when you leave a comment. Information about new updates and materials on learning English is available on facebook.com/Ticwow и vk.com/Ticwow, as well as Twitter @Ticwow accounts

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