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Tic Tac Toe Free

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Optime Software LLC
Overall Satisfaction click me 86
I think tic tak toe is one of my favorite games.
My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this game.
It's a really amazing game because you can play by yourself.
old loves to play against me or by herself.
I would definitely recommend this game everyone.
One word I can say for this game is wonderful.
The gameplay is good it keeps me entertained during classtime.
Update made the game alot better.
I hate this game alot.
Fun & Engaging click me 84
This is a awesome game I play like everyday.
I play it all the time with my family and friends.
Great game to play when your bored or not bored.
Super fun and like the different levels of difficulty.
Tic tac toe is awesome :.
It's very fun and entertaining it keeps me busy for hours.
Good clean fun to clear the cobwebs.
Play this with my daughter and it is loads of fun.
Usefulness click me 97
Tic tac to is the best I play it everyday.
It's fun and I play it everyday.
I love this game I play it every day win I have time.
I love this app and play it every day.
Family Friendly click me 83
It's a great game to play with your kids we love it.
amazing what a little kid game could do :.
Great family game I play it with my grands.
Grandkids love to play this app.
Every one who plays it in the family loves it.
Replay Value click me 76
This game is very entertaining especially when your waiting for the train.
This game is very boring.
More challenging than the real tic tac toe… total addiction.
The game needs to be more challenging.
Old game that never gets old and it's ALWAYS entertaining.
Boring after awhile.
Difficulty levels allow everyone in the family to play.
A little too easy.
Social Aspects click me 84
This game is so awesome to play with friends and family.
It's str8 it's good to play when yuh bored as hell.
CPU can actually challenge you and multiplayer mode simple and fun.
Challenging and fun on 1 player mode.
Production Values click me 87
Wonderful image and sound effects along with a worthy computer opponent.
Love the sound effects - just like being a kid again.
Cool graphics.
Ease of Use click me 71
the computer is really easy to beat even on the hardest difficulty.
It's impossible to beat the computer at any difficulty.
Great for teaching the strategy to win tic tax toe.
I figured out how to win everytime which is annoying.
Its a simple game and they perfected this version.
There are three levels easy medium and hard.
Simple to play and computer's response time is good.
A little too easy.
Reliability click me 54
Updates & Support click me 86
It's a very good version.
Good version of the game.
School version.
Customer Service.
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Put away your pencil and paper - now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free.

Tic Tac Toe Free supports one player and two player gameplay, so you can play against another human or against your iPhone.
The AI for one player mode includes three difficulty levels, so you can play against a computer player that matches your skill level. A move randomization engine ensures that your iPhone won't keep making the same moves over and over again.
Our new turn-based network play feature allows you to play up to 16 simultaneous network games against your Game Center friends or random network opponents over Wi-Fi or 3G.
Tic Tac Toe Free offers a host of exciting features, including:
* Turn-based network play over Wi-Fi or 3G
* Great graphics and exciting sound effects
* Configurable player names and score tracking
* Undo function
* Automatic save when you get a phone call or exit the application
Tic Tac Toe Free is supported by unobtrusive banner advertising. Tic Tac Toe Pro is the same great app as Tic Tac Toe Free without the ads.

This tic tac toe free is awesome I love it. found in 2482 reviews
This is a awesome game I play like everyday. found in 159 reviews
Tic tax toe catch this this game with friend or foe. found in 180 reviews
This classic game is welcome on a hand held. found in 65 reviews
Tic tac toe free is awesome and a great way to pass time. found in 184 reviews
Fun free game plus links to other free classic games. found in 54 reviews
Gets a little boring after a while but other than that. found in 10 reviews
Fun and easy way to waste time. found in 18 reviews
No need to waste paper anymore. found in 18 reviews
on long trips or when I can't sleep. found in 4 reviews
It needs to be harder. found in 5 reviews
but it gets boring after awhile because there's no challenge. found in 5 reviews
Cool but wish you could play other people on different divices. found in 3 reviews
no need for a pen and a piece of paper anymore :. found in 3 reviews
its very fun but needs to be more creative. found in 3 reviews
Very poor AI. found in 1 reviews
Tic tac toe has kept me entertained during boring times. found in 3 reviews
It teaches them to use their problem solving skills. found in 2 reviews
I figured out how to win everytime which is annoying. found in 7 reviews
no need for a pen and a piece of paper anymore:. found in 6 reviews
Great but it is always a tie. found in 6 reviews
Great but needs Bluetooth & Wifi 2 Player. found in 1 reviews
A no brainer game. found in 2 reviews
needs to be a little harder. found in 3 reviews
If you play one player the other guy NEVER loses. found in 34 reviews
Network play won't work anymore. found in 15 reviews
I think this app is terrible cuz u can never win. found in 10 reviews
Just a little boring. found in 10 reviews
Hate it worst game ever no wonder it's free so laim. found in 7 reviews
It's pretty gay because u can't play online. found in 6 reviews
Boring after awhile. found in 5 reviews
The game is horrible and in poor condition. found in 3 reviews
Needs to be more creative. found in 3 reviews
This game crashes soooo much. found in 3 reviews
But after so many games. found in 2 reviews
This game should be called the lame game. found in 2 reviews
rated better for waiting rooms.   rated better for play anytime.  
rated better for family game.   rated better for quick game.  
rated better for easy game.   rated better for enjoyable game.  
rated better for one player mode.   rated better for bored i play.  
"This is the best tic tac toe game ever."
"Think twelve moves ahead and still play tic tac toe."
"Great way to play tic tac toe with friends without wasting paper."
"The trivia combined with the tic tac toe strategy is awesome."
"tic tac toe pro offers a host of exciting features including."
"Great way to entertain kids and older people alike."
"I downloaded this app to entertain a toddler."
"This app is so entertaining for the kids."
"highly entertaining for kids boys and girls."
"Greatest classic cocktail app there is hands down."
"There are lots of bartender/ cocktail apps out there now."
"This is hands-down the best cocktail app."
"This is the coolest cocktail app period."
257,627 total

This app is popular with:
  • Who knew tic tac toe could be a great stress reliever.
  • Keeps my 8 yr old busy during long car rides.
  • graphics are good Game Center Multiplayer support is sweet.
  • It's an old school game that still is fun and challenging.
  • Great time passer while waiting in long checkout lines.
  • Every one who plays it in the family loves it.
  • Want free $10 iTunes gift card.
  • I'm 4 and I love to play with my mom and my brother.
  • I really enjoy playing late night it's like relaxing and it's calming.
  • It's a great game to play with your kids we love it.
  • It's an awesome classic game.
  • finally a good cocktail app.
  • This game is so awesome to play with friends and family.
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