Take the guesswork out of choosing interior paint colors. Use TapPainter as a tool of the trade or as fun way to explore and visualize rooms repainted in new colors. The app is designed to be your digital room color assistant. Tap. Paint. Love! TapPainter analyzes the change in lighting across interior walls, preserves the lighting as is, and adjusts the color brightness based on the rooms actual lighting within the image. This is far superior to simply adjusting the color within the image and allows you to see the difference between each color shade. This version includes 2 color fandecks. Additional color fan decks may be unlocked with In-App purchase. IMPORTANT NOTES: - Images are uploaded to a secure private server for processing. A server side glitch which intermittently caused the wrong image to be returned from the server has now been resolved. - TapPainter was released March 2014 and is the first App to tackle the challenging problem of accurate room color prediction. We are continually working to improve. Please email questions to mark.lichman@mditouch.com or use the contact form on our website. TapPainter has many complete color fan decks at your fingertips from such brands as Benjamin Moore, Behr, California Paints, Dunn Edwards, Dutch Boy, Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore and more! With TapPainter you can enter a color code from a paint swatch, choose a color from selected paint brand or mix your own custom color which can be converted to a closest available paint color in a brand you choose. The app repaints with respect to room’s natural lighting conditions and with no artificial rendering necessary. It allows easy comparison of re-colored images, selection of preferred color, paint brand and converting selected color into a paint code. TapPainter also comes with custom controls to define a shape to paint (for example when you want to paint different walls in different colors) and a starting tutorial. Since, the quality of the image re-coloring is directly proportional to the quality of your original image, for best results, we recommend to capture moderate to well lit rooms in their natural lighting conditions, dark rooms will require some additional lighting. TapPainter is the most accurate interior paint color visualizer. See our website for some before / after real painting projects compared with TapPainter repainting. The app is designed to: - identify the walls and lighting conditions on an interior space image - explore many colors using our color rings of Hue, Saturation and Lightness to create preferred color and convert to its closest match available in a paint brand - provide similar experience shuffling through color swatches on mobile device as with a physical paint swatch or complete color fan deck - compare repainted images in different colors with just a swipe of a finger - allow easy to share processed images via email or Facebook

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