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Notefuly (Free) - Reminders & Notes w/ Alarms

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 79
this sticky note app is so cool it helps alot.
that's how i keep my notes at work with post it notes.
It takes off on IOS 6.
I love this app it's amazing.
Best substitute I found for reminder widgets I had with droids.
It was love at first sight:.
Fun & Engaging click me 78
The notes are easy to set up.
I like it very much and it's fun to play around with it.
plus it's just fun to mess around with.
It's so fun and easy to use.
Sooo awesome I lov it.
This is a good app it is fun and creative.
Taking a pic for my lock page is a little tedious.
Sticky Notes is awesome.
Usefulness click me 84
It's great and helps me remember things that I would normally forget.
For quick notes and numbers this app is perfect.
it is a great checklist and and helps u remember everything.
u can't exapect me to remember everything.
Best substitute I found for reminder widgets I had with droids.
I use this app for reminders and it helps so much.
The stickies app is so helpful - before.
I love this app- it helps me keep track of everything.
I found the sticky note app extremly helpful.
Repeat Value click me 91
The notes are easy to set up.
a little tedious to set up.
Taking a pic for my lock page is a little tedious.
Ease of Use click me 73
Simple to create lists and use as lock screen stickies.
I am unable to create time reminders.
Love this app very handy and easy to use.
It's easy to use and convenient also.
I love that simple note taking is so easy.
Easy peasy lemon squeezee.
Functional and easy.
Security & Privacy click me 94
but also one that allows you to password protect folders.
I like that you can password protect your sticky notes.
Updates & Support click me 66
I'm upgrading to the full version.
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Now three apps on one:
Notefuly isn't just a note taking and organizing app - it's a versatile tool to create fun and creative notes and reminders. Add alarms to the notes. Use our "task" notes for checklists. Select from our dozens of visual note styles. Organize your notes into an unlimited number of sortable category folders. Password protect your notes. Share and collaborate on notes with others. The list goes on! Use Notefuly to create personal reminders, shopping lists, school notes, special notes to your loved ones, and more.
Add notes to your lockscreen so you'll never forget a thing. How is this different from other apps? Putting notes on your lockscreen positions them up front so you don't have to unlimitedock your phone to view them.
Notefuly now gives you access to over 10,000 wallpapers. Use them as your iPhone/iTouch wallpaper, or put them behind your Notefuly notes and reminders. (Upgrade required)
√ Notefuly is a Top 100 Paid Utility in over 40 Regions, with over 3 years of over 3 million satisfied users
√ 41/2 out of 5 Stars - "Notefuly is a visually stunning sticky notes app which will never let you forget anything!"
√ 41/2 out of 5 Stars, Utility of the Week - "Notefuly is extremely customizable. You can do basically anything you like with your notes. You can’t beat the price for such a useful and versatile tool."
√ Dozens of styles of notes and objects you can add text to ranging from multi-colored sticky notes, a variety of scrap papers, speech bubbles, signs, calendars, task notes, and more.
√ Dozens of backgrounds to choose from including beautifully designed textures such as corkboard, wood, metal, and paper, as well as solid colors, and the ability to use any photo from your Camera Roll or take a new one! Also access a library of over 10,000 backgrounds (internet connection required).
√ Full customization of your notes with numerous font styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Even scale and rotate your notes!
√ (NEW) Task notes for creating checklists of to-do's (Upgrade required)
√ (NEW) Add photos to your noteboard (Upgrade required)
√ (NEW) Set location-based reminders to your notes (Upgrade required)
√ (NEW) Add alarms to your notes, with the option to make them recurring (Upgrade required)
√ (NEW) View your notes in List View for a more traditional list format (Upgrade required), or your Noteboard for a full visual experience
√ Organize your notes into an unlimited number of customizable and sortable category folders (Upgrade required)
√ (NEW) Share and collaborate on notes with others via Wifi or Bluetooth
√ Password protect the entire app or just a category of notes (Upgrade required)
√ "Quick Note" feature to quickly create checklist tasks while on the go (Upgrade required)
√ Preview feature which allows you to preview your lockscreen with your current Notefuly layout to give you an idea of how it will look without having to leave the app
√ Email your notes directly from the app
√ Post your notes on Facebook directly within Notefuly
√ Note Store now open! Browse and download new styles of notes
Stay tuned, we're constantly listening and working to improve Notefuly! Please email us with any suggestions
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Very handy for reminders and organizing thoughts. found in 71 reviews
It provides the necessary resources to stay organized and to multitask. found in 36 reviews
Awsome comes in handy to keep track of stuff on your phone. found in 64 reviews
It definitely helped me remember important things. found in 10 reviews
Love this app very handy and easy to use. found in 5 reviews
but also one that allows you to password protect folders. found in 7 reviews
It is fun all my friends write on the stick it notes. found in 19 reviews
it's a great reminder tool for me thanx. found in 6 reviews
Please update fixing the bugs with iOS 6. found in 7 reviews
Would be better if you could delete your old notes. found in 14 reviews
since you don't have to open the app to view the notes. found in 29 reviews
But maybe one day it'll be updated to fix that. found in 7 reviews
I just wish there was more on the free version. found in 3 reviews
I normally use this app as a constant reminder or. found in 5 reviews
"It's a cute idea that needs to be cuter". found in 1 reviews
It'd help if you could change the size of the notes. found in 4 reviews
just wish the free version hand alarms with it. found in 4 reviews
Wish it could go straight to screen saver from app. found in 15 reviews
Impossible to delete notes. found in 2 reviews
Can't figure out how to delete old notes. found in 2 reviews
I wish there were more backgrounds for the free version. found in 16 reviews
App keeps closing out when I try to do anything. found in 3 reviews
but I DON'T need anymore options than the free basics. found in 2 reviews
Missing ONE feature. found in 2 reviews
Can't edit notes. found in 3 reviews
in this version I can't see what I'm typing. found in 3 reviews
I think that if maybe the creators of the app could add something. found in 3 reviews
What if I forget to open the app and I won't be reminded. found in 29 reviews
wish there were more backgrounds for the lite version though :. found in 16 reviews
I wish the app didn't delete the notes when you close it. found in 11 reviews
Every time I try to edit my note it crashes. found in 9 reviews
Used to work fine but now everytime I try to edit a note. found in 9 reviews
Loved it and used it almost daily until iOS 6 update. found in 7 reviews
Just updated to fix issues and lost all my notes and info. found in 7 reviews
Sadly I upgraded to the full version before I realized this. found in 6 reviews
Please fix so its compatible with the new iOS. found in 4 reviews
Froze on first use on new iPhone 5. found in 4 reviews
rated better for note pad.   rated better for cork board.  
rated better for use post.  
rated better for list person.   rated better for keeping me on track.  
rated better for simple note.  
rated better for teachers.   rated better for taking pics.  
rated better for alarm feature.  
"Definitely the best free sticky note app out there."
"This is by far the Best Sticky Note App in the Apple store."
"I've been trying different sticky note apps to organize my notes."
"The sticky note feature for all-day events is a neat feature."
"Best and easy to use interface of any note app."
"More sticky note upgrades like ones with pins or paper clips."
"I downloaded this app initially to help me remember things throughout the day."
"Extremely useful productivity tool to help you remember things & keep organized."
"it is definitely helping me remember things even my dreams."
"This may actually help me remember things in the future."
"It helps me remember things that I normally get too busy and forget."
"people all around the world are using slapshot to remember things."
"Cozi calendar has really helped my family stay organized."
"It is very easy to use and a great way to stay organized."
"Great way to stay organized and informed of account balances and due dates."
"Great way to stay organized and increase productivity."
"Great way to stay organized and have everything at my fingertips at all times."
"A great way to stay organized and keep your inbox clear."
27,668 total

This app is popular with:
  • Love this program great to remind me of my grocery list.
  • it's great for shopping and remembering what u want.
  • Short term memory loss.
  • This a cool app for writing notes to yourself or even secrets.
  • It's great and helps me remember things that I would normally forget.
  • It's pretty useful to help me remember stuff.
  • use it often to keep track of everything from grocery lists to passwords.
  • Like putting notes on the lock screen to remind me.
  • Perfect Fit.
  • I use often to jot notes and reminders to myself.
  • It is very useful and user friendly.
  • I'm enjoying this application to post daily reminders on my wallpaper.
  • sticky notes is actually VERY fun to play with.
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