Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & night sounds recording


Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & night sounds recording

*THE MOST ADVANCED ALARM CLOCK ALGORITHM TO DATE* *10, 000, 000 USERS CAN’T BE WRONG* All the coffee beans in Colombia won’t make you a morning person? Waking up seems like a drag? We created Smart Alarm Clock because mornings should suck less. HOW IT WORKS STEP 1. Select the time range when we want to wake up (e.g., 7am-7:20am). STEP 2. Drift to sleep happily tuning in to some amazing sounds. STEP 3. See colorful dreams with the phone next to our pillow, spying on all our movements and recording all sounds. “the part where magic happens* The smart algorithm of Smart Alarm Clock starts to track our sleep cycles. The alarm will only go off in the lightest sleep phase in our selected time range, when our body is naturally ready to wake up. STEP 4. Wake up to see cool graphs of our sleeping patterns and cycles. Listen to the recordings of us snoring, giggling, or calling out Jessica Biel’s name in our sleep. WHAT REAL USERS SAY “...wake up and not feel like a zombie is soo nice” “Great sounds for the alarm” “...almost scary hearing the noises that go on while you’re sleeping” “ far the best on the market” “Worth the money” “…PHENOMENAL” FEATURES: *6 sleep tracking modes *Power nap mode *Weather forecast *Customizable sleep screen *Great tunes for waking up and falling asleep (or add yours from iPod) *Cloud data backup From the creators of All-in Fitness and Studio. apps are featured by Apple every year and loved by over 10,000,000 users all over the world. Ready to start tracking? Download now!

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What you should know about Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & night sounds recording app

  • Highligths
    This is deffinatly the best clock app on the app store”
    I love the recording feature And the variable volume with chill out”
    One of the best sleep study based apps on the market”
    Lets you see sleep patterns and helps you sleep better
    Yet this provides a great sleep graph”
    The night tones are very relaxing and help me fall asleep faster
    This is the best way to wake up early and peacefully”
    I used this app to monitor my sleep patterns and noises”
    Works great for me especially since I have sleep apnea
    I also like falling asleep to relaxing sounds
  • Keep in mind
    Mine won't load past the "optimizing sleep stats " page”
    You can't adjust the chill out volume and isn't user friendly
    Don't spend your money on this”
    Sporadically crashes before my wake up time
    It's a good function but it takes too much storage space
    Can't set the white noise volume and wake volume separately”
    Alarm sounds broken”
    No more binaural beats

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