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With Slacker Radio, you get free access to highly curated music programming that you simply won’t find anywhere else—and you can customize to fit your distinct tastes. We have stations that are hosted by major artists, countdowns that will make you question our sanity, along with comedy, news and sports. Plus, Slacker provides more than the power to download and listen to your favorite stations. Our patented offline mode gives subscribers dynamic personalization while listening data-free. • Free access to the music you love • Hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations • Exclusive hosted music shows every week • The power to create and share your own custom music stations • Available on mobile, web, home and car platforms • Unique interactive news and sports programming • On-demand access to millions of songs with subscription • Offline playback on mobile available with subscription If you’re still wondering why you should download this app, here’s the answer: Slacker gets you. The very fact that you’ve found us indicates that you’re looking for something different. You could have just opted for a bigger brand, but you took the time to dig deeper….and that’s why we’re perfect for each other. You’re going to find what you’re looking for because we’re different. Like you.

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  • Highligths
    It's like iTunes for online music with on demand artists”
    Hardly any buffering great song choices easy to navigate”
    Overall slacker is one of the best music apps out there”
    I find myself not only getting a consistently great mix of music
    It's got a very good interface and large selection of music”
    Slacker gets me through my day and long hours of studying”
    The music is fresh and the station selection is good”
    Hands down the best streaming radio music service available”
    Easier to create stations and better variety of songs
    Great app for music lovers and new music seekers”
  • Keep in mind
    Awful Customer Service and now Awful Application”
    Now I can barely get through a single song without interruption”
    All you get is the home screen and then it crashes”
    My gripe is with this awful color scheme
    I try and play songs and it just constantly buffers”
    And even if you try to play music on another application”
    Abuses push notifications with ads”
    The pause button doesn't work anymore since I updated to 4”
    Sick of Slacker telling me there's no internet connection
    He doesn't think he has his dance music

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Appcrawlr Editor

Alex Beech

Slacker Radio is a great choice if you want a huge catalog of ready-made free playlists - but the ability to create your own lists will cost you. ”
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