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ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner, Price Checker, QR Code Reader and Sale Search

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
ShopSavvy, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 85
The best shopping App that gives you the lowest price.
I recommend this scanner to everyone who wants to find the best deals.
Use it every time I shop to make sure I'm getting the best deal.
This is WAY better than RedLaser bacuse it actually has local stores.
This was better than Redlaser until the update.
Best money saving app out there.
This app has some real potential to be better than red laser.
This app is great and always helps me find the best deals.
Okay thanks Shop Savy for the barcode scanner.
Fun & Engaging click me 88
Totally awesome scanner.
Great app use it all the time.
Awesome money saving app.
Usefulness click me 69
I thought it was a good app it found everything I scanned.
This is a great app saves time and money for shopping around.
This app is great and always helps me find the best deals.
I went around scanning like everything in my house and it knew everything.
I think that Shop Savvy is really cool and helpful.
This is very helpful in finding the best price and local availability.
This is a very cool and useful Application.
Social Aspects click me 24
Reliability click me 11
Ads not Intrusive click me 33
Here 5 stars stop asking me to rate.
How many times do I have to rate app.
Updates & Support click me 35
The store's customer service matched the price showing in this app.
Very poor customer service.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

ShopSavvy is your one-stop app to save time, money and find all the best sales from your favorite stores!

With the most comprehensive product and pricing information of all shopping apps, ShopSavvy helps you make smarter purchase decision by finding and comparing all the best online prices, local prices and reviews.
Now, ShopSavvy saves you even more time and Money! All the sales from the top retailers and brands are in one place. You will never again have to check multiple shopping apps or retailer websites. Scan with a barcode, use a Matrix QR Code or search for the product or sale.
With just a few quick taps, you can narrow your search down to the exact types of deals you like to get– then sit relax and let the huge discounts come to you in real time!
Here are just a few of the ways ShopSavvy helps you be a smarter shopper:
- Scan UPC product barcodes, QR Codes, Data Matrix or search for products to quickly find the lowest prices.
- Price Match while in Store! ShopSavvy will do the hard work of figuring out if a store will price match any item you scan in a store, and display a screen you can show your cashier at checkout to get instant savings! Make sure you always scan any product with ShopSavvy before checking out, or you could be missing huge savings!
- Enable sale alerts on any search and get notified whenever there are new matching deals!
- Supports the latest in QR codes or Data Matrix Codes
- We look high and low for any new sales happening from hundreds of top retailers and big brands, and display them in an easy-to-browse timeline of all the latest sales, updated in real time.
Please Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

I recommend this scanner to everyone who wants to find the best deals. found in 82 reviews
It's a big time and money saver for price comparisons. found in 89 reviews
This is a great app and I used it for Christmas shopping. found in 45 reviews
Should have used it more often during Christmas shopping for bargains. found in 45 reviews
The best shopping App that gives you the lowest price. found in 102 reviews
Great shopping tool for online and offline deals. found in 40 reviews
then all the savvy shoppers can help each other out better. found in 27 reviews
Best money saving app out there. found in 18 reviews
Shopsavvy is clearly far better and very user friendly. found in 28 reviews
Great time saver and allows user to minimize their cost. found in 23 reviews
This app is great and always helps me find the best deals. found in 11 reviews
I saved over 70 dollars by using this scanner. found in 25 reviews
Great for shoppers who wants to find good deals. found in 13 reviews
Okay thanks Shop Savy for the barcode scanner. found in 64 reviews
but the latest version now requires users to create an account and login. found in 96 reviews
Pretty good scanner doesn't usually have local prices though. found in 8 reviews
the local search doesn't cover major retailers. found in 5 reviews
It keeps tell me network error every time I scan a barcode. found in 53 reviews
Doesnt scan most of the time. found in 5 reviews
but needs a little bit bigger database. found in 4 reviews
I wish that when I had NO Internet connection. found in 7 reviews
My credit card company stopped 2 out of state fraud charges. found in 8 reviews
but not the poor search results that the paid competition. found in 8 reviews
code was read before I made an attempt to " hold still. found in 31 reviews
Needs wi fi. found in 3 reviews
This app requires you to create an account to use it. found in 7 reviews
Consider this app tested and DELETED from my phone. found in 10 reviews
Lots of inaccurate information. found in 4 reviews
Still requires you to create an account. found in 4 reviews
The scanning performance is very weak compared to RedLaser. found in 2 reviews
I'm deleting it until/unless the forced login is removed. found in 4 reviews
but the online pricing is pretty spot on. found in 5 reviews
Don't like forced sign up. found in 4 reviews
Now I cannot scan without it crashing. found in 5 reviews
Great idea but prices for local stores are Inaccurate. found in 233 reviews
I resent being forced to create an account and put up a picture. found in 96 reviews
Upgraded version will not scan bar codes or qr codes. found in 63 reviews
Now it hard crashes every time I try to scan something. found in 60 reviews
What good is the app if I can't scan anything. found in 59 reviews
Now you can't get anything when you scan barcodes. found in 58 reviews
I find it doesn't work every time I scan a barcode. found in 53 reviews
and leaves no choice but to rate it. found in 29 reviews
when I go to scan an item the app just crashes. found in 27 reviews
New version requires registration and too much information. found in 26 reviews
I can't get Savvy to focus on the QR code. found in 23 reviews
I am going to uninstall it because the new version requires registration. found in 22 reviews
It takes couple seconds to read the barcode which is annoying. found in 21 reviews
The problem is it can't retrieve any product information. found in 21 reviews
app said 6 stores carried product but only listed one store. found in 19 reviews
Worst idea every to force us to have an account just to scan. found in 18 reviews
After upgrade requires an account and is unusable without one. found in 17 reviews
rated better for household items.   rated better for customer service.  
rated better for taking pics.   rated better for scanning barcodes.  
rated better for local retailers.  
rated better for scan a product.   rated better for comparison shop.  
rated better for taking pictures.   rated better for common items.  
rated better for nearby stores.   rated better for list feature.  
"Easiest way to compare prices on things when out shopping."
"Great way to compare prices and get your store to match the lowest price."
"Very easy to compare rates across websites and quickly book."
"This checks all major grocery chains to compare prices."
"This app is user friendly making it easy to compare prices on flights."
"Love the app and the ability to compare prices and products."
"Use the search feature to find the best deals on anything."
"Really easy to compare dates and times to find the best deals."
"I use it all the time to find the best deals out there."
"I use Frugal Flyer to find the best rates for airline reservations."
"now I nearly always find the best deals and most info on Kayak."
"Best deals and gives you many options to choose from."
"" Price Check " bar code reader alone worth the price of admission."
54,177 total

This app is popular with:
  • This app is a bargain shoppers dream come true.
  • Totally awesome scanner.
  • Perfect tool to use when Christmas/ Black Friday shopping.
  • Best Mobile Shopping Assistant on the Market.
  • This APP is very helpful with grocery shopping.
  • I find stuff that I wouldn't even think to search for.
  • location awareness makes this a must-have for bargain hunters.
  • Love using the My list feature for stuff we buy frequently.
  • It's the real deal finder.
  • Works great and it's 1 of the best free barcode scanner apps.
  • Nice to compare prices without drive from store to store.
  • "But forces you to enter credit card info for full functionality."
  • "Used it often until they required membership or access to my Facebook account."
  • "I detest apps that only allow social media login."
  • "then it forces me to take a pic."
  • "Keeps crashing and going back to home screen."
  • "The scanner doesn't work don't waste your time downloading it."
  • "We don't use this for social networking."
  • "No scan function."
  • "hate the unwanted price alerts."
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