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ShopSavvy Classic (Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader)

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
ShopSavvy, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 82
Probably the best scanner app avilable and its FREE.
This is the best barcode scanner ever and it is really fast.
Deleted along with the other crappy code scanner app I tried.
Best barcode reader and local/Internet product pricing I have ever used.
It tries to simulate a real barcode reader this way.
This is WAY better than RedLaser bacuse it actually has local stores.
This was better than Redlaser until the update.
Use it every time I shop to make sure I'm getting the best deal.
Great practical money saving app.
This app is great and always helps me find the best deals.
Okay thanks Shop Savy for the barcode scanner.
Fun & Engaging click me 92
Totally awesome scanner.
Awesome money saving app.
I'm Obsessed with this App.
Usefulness click me 82
I thought it was a good app it found everything I scanned.
This is a great app saves time and money for shopping around.
This app is great and always helps me find the best deals.
I went around scanning like everything in my house and it knew everything.
This is a very cool and useful Application.
Helps me decide weather to buy online or at the store.
Very helpful tool to find the best prices.
Value for Money click me 100
This app is a real money saver.
It has been a real money saver.
Ease of Use click me 87
Great app & great way to save money on products.
Easy to use and saves money when used correctly.
Fantastic app so easy to use.
Thanks for making my life easy.
Simple fast effective.
Reliability click me 14
Ads not Intrusive click me 41
Here 5 stars stop asking me to rate.
How many times do I have to rate app.
Security & Privacy click me 10
Updates & Support click me 10
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ShopSavvy is making shopping simpler, easier and more fun than ever before!

With a super sleek design and more merchants and products than any other app, ShopSavvy can help you find the best and local prices, reliable product info, and allow to shop anywhere you want.
Be the first to see cool products from your friends and other shoppers by following them and their lists, or be a shopping superstar by creating lists of your own for other users to follow.
With ShopSavvy, you'll be able to:
- Scan or Search to find the lowest prices guaranteed
- Create and share lists of your favorite products with your favorite people!
- Discover awesome items from the Popular Products page and Featured Lists
- Set price alerts and never miss a good deal again
- Read comprehensive product descriptions and customer reviews

This is a great app and I used it for Christmas shopping. found in 41 reviews
Should have used it more often during Christmas shopping for bargains. found in 41 reviews
Best barcode reader and local/Internet product pricing I have ever used. found in 45 reviews
then all the savvy shoppers can help each other out better. found in 25 reviews
Probably the best scanner app avilable and its FREE. found in 101 reviews
This app has helped me find the lowest price around many times. found in 36 reviews
This app is great and always helps me find the best deals. found in 11 reviews
Okay thanks Shop Savy for the barcode scanner. found in 62 reviews
I saved over 70 dollars by using this scanner. found in 24 reviews
It's already saved me money and I've only been using it a week. found in 6 reviews
It scans quickly and gives u an accurate price. found in 8 reviews
This has been the best app for all my holiday shopping. found in 9 reviews
location awareness makes this a must-have for bargain hunters. found in 8 reviews
I use this app all the time and have saved 5. found in 11 reviews
I always use shopsavvy when comparing prices for high priced items. found in 8 reviews
Easy to use and great for shopaholics. found in 5 reviews
and the information it returns has saved me a bundle. found in 4 reviews
This app is very handy and accurate. found in 6 reviews
This app has made shopping for electronics so much easier. found in 7 reviews
Can't wait to exercise it on my next shopping trip. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't scan good needs auoto focas pay "red laser ". found in 35 reviews
but the latest version now requires users to create an account and login. found in 95 reviews
Pretty good scanner doesn't usually have local prices though. found in 7 reviews
the local search doesn't cover major retailers. found in 5 reviews
It works perfectly but sometimes takes long to recognize the barcode. found in 12 reviews
It keeps tell me network error every time I scan a barcode. found in 46 reviews
Doesnt scan most of the time. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't have everything on its database but it sure is helpful. found in 6 reviews
but needs a little bit bigger database. found in 4 reviews
Very often local store prices don't come up. found in 7 reviews
Needs wi fi. found in 3 reviews
but it takes forever to scan or it doesn't scan at all. found in 28 reviews
code was read before I made an attempt to " hold still. found in 26 reviews
Sometimes it even freezes up after you try and scan something. found in 44 reviews
Its good but sometimes it gets the wrong item. found in 14 reviews
This app requires you to create an account to use it. found in 7 reviews
Consider this app tested and DELETED from my phone. found in 10 reviews
Lots of inaccurate information. found in 4 reviews
Still requires you to create an account. found in 4 reviews
I resent being forced to create an account and put up a picture. found in 95 reviews
but provides very little feedback on store prices. found in 81 reviews
Upgraded version will not scan bar codes or qr codes. found in 57 reviews
Now you can't get anything when you scan barcodes. found in 52 reviews
I find it doesn't work every time I scan a barcode. found in 46 reviews
Now it hard crashes every time I try to scan something. found in 44 reviews
Doesn't scan very well with 3G's lower res camera. found in 35 reviews
and leaves no choice but to rate it. found in 29 reviews
I am going to uninstall it because the new version requires registration. found in 22 reviews
It takes couple seconds to read the barcode which is annoying. found in 21 reviews
The problem is it can't retrieve any product information. found in 20 reviews
app said 6 stores carried product but only listed one store. found in 19 reviews
I can't get Savvy to focus on the QR code. found in 18 reviews
After upgrade requires an account and is unusable without one. found in 17 reviews
Worst idea every to force us to have an account just to scan. found in 17 reviews
It does not show any local grocery store chains -primarily online stores. found in 16 reviews
Half of the time it will not even scan the barcodes. found in 16 reviews
Update 9/25/12 Still can't scan items. found in 15 reviews
rated better for online shopping.   rated better for comparing prices.  
rated better for qr code.   rated better for checking prices.  
rated better for taking pics.   rated better for taking pictures.  
rated better for shopping tool.  
"Easiest way to compare prices on things when out shopping."
"I use this app to compare prices on items prior to buying."
"great way to compare prices & track flights for specific travel dates."
"Makes life easier to compare prices in different cities."
"Great app to check prices before buying at regular store."
"Great way to check prices & fns better deals nearby or online."
"Used this to check prices and to negotiate in-store."
"It helps check prices on a large number of airlines."
"Great way to save money and find new things in your area."
"The best saves money and time when you are running low."
"Saves money for texts and calls is its biggest plus."
53,711 total

This app is popular with:
  • Great practical money saving app.
  • This app is a bargain shoppers dream come true.
  • Perfect tool to use when Christmas/ Black Friday shopping.
  • Great at helping me find good deals with just a simple search.
  • Best Mobile Shopping Assistant on the Market.
  • I find stuff that I wouldn't even think to search for.
  • Love using the My list feature for stuff we buy frequently.
  • Great app- always my first stop for price comparison.
  • It's the real deal finder.
  • Great time saver and allows user to minimize their cost.
  • App is easy to use and the bar code scan is great.
  • This APP is very helpful with grocery shopping.
  • "Except for the forced picture of yourself."
  • "The scanner doesn't work don't waste your time downloading it."
  • "Now they want all your personal info AND total access to your Facebook."
  • "It doesn't find anything for me lately."
  • "No scan function."
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