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Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker

$4.99 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 96
Absolutely the best exercise /workout app i've used.
This is by far the best running app I've tried.
One of the best running apps available to you as a runner.
Love that it syncs with my other fitness and diet apps.
Fantastic fitness tracking and planning app.
Absolutely the best workout tracker on the market.
Better than map my run - nice stat functions and easy to share.
Way better than map my run for the same price.
Fun & Engaging click me 96
Once they fixed the bugs this quickly became an awesome running app.
Makes running that much better when you can track your progress.
It's an awesome training tool.
Useful and Inspiring.
Usefulness click me 95
I'm really enjoying this app and it helps me stay motivated.
Runtastic helps keep me motivated to exercise more frequently.
Tracks everything from iPhone and I have all music with me.
I use it for everything.
It provides useful feedback when I'm training.
Love how this app keeps me informed of miles.
Accurate useful.
gives helpful information /feedback.
Social Aspects click me 93
I love the social media integration.
I love the social network part.
Love the social integration.
Ease of Use click me 96
User interface is simple and self explanatory.
Easy to use and complete.
Reliability click me 38
Ads not Intrusive click me 82
Just writing a review to keep it from asking me to review.
Neat to review where you have been.
Gets one star for forcing me to review.
Stop asking me to rate this application every freaking time I use it.
so stop asking me to rate it.
Also I would appreciate not asking me to rate the app every month.
Updates & Support click me 54
Great versatile app well worth extra for Pro Version.
Worth the coat for pro version.
or upgrade from the free version to the paid version.
Battery click me 52
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Download Runtastic & take your fitness to a new level with our 4.5+ rated tracking app!

The Runtastic PRO app tracks cardio workout progress (time, distance, speed, elevation, calories & more) to help you best reach your exercise goals! Join our global fitness community today, whether you're looking to improve general health, build up cardio endurance, run your first 5k or train for a marathon!
- Voice Coach: Audio feedback for each mile or km completed
- Live Tracking: Show supporters where you are in your training session
- Cheering: Receive messages & cheers
- Auto Pause: Session paused automatically when you stop running
- Routes: Create or find exercise routes on & sync to phone
- Colored Traces: Colors indicate training changes, incl.: pace, elevation, slope
- Power Song: Activate to give workout a boost
- Training goals & analysis: Heart rate zone, calorie goal or pace goal to optimize training
- Interval training & coaching and dynamic split tables
- Geotagging: Take photos during workout & see pics online with map trace
- Weather, temp. & sunrise/sunset data
- Use for running, jogging, biking, skating, cross-country skiing & hand bike training
- Ad free
- Map workouts in real-time with GPS & monitor exercise progress
- Mapping: Detailed live mapping & historic mapping (Google Maps)
- Personal training diary & metrics
- Graphs: Elevation, pace, speed & heart rate info from your jog, run or walk
- Dashboard configuration: Display preferred training statistics
- Enjoy cardio workouts with the integrated music player
- Integrate Runtastic activities with MyFitnessPal
- Manual entry of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning & weight lifting workouts
- Monthly & overall metrics for distance, number of workouts, duration & calories burned
- Share exercise activities on Facebook, Twitter & Google+
Save all workouts on In the Runtastic online community, you'll get further data analysis, coaching & encouraging comparisons to friends! These benefits keep you motivated while striving to reach your fat burning, cardio training or overall health & wellness goals. You can also choose an expert training plan. Training plans provide coaching & inspiration for fitness goals, incl.: weight loss, building endurance, jogging a 10k, running a half-marathon, running a marathon or attaining a bikini body! Further health & fitness tips are provided by our Fitness Coach Lunden on the Runtastic Fitness Channel.
And, try out the Runtastic Workout Mix! Runtastic has partnered with Power Music, the world’s No. 1 workout music producer, to create scientifically-engineered music compilations. The first Runtastic Workout Mix is available NOW!
MASHABLE: “... people are choosing instead to download Runtastic, since the company just announced it's hit 25 million mobile users. That's as much as Nike+ (11 million as of February) and runner favorite RunKeeper (14 million) combined.”
“Love that this app syncs with My Fitness Pal! Great app!” @Bebu0611
TECHCRUNCH: “Thanks to MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Nike and many more, apps that keep track of your exercise and push you to drop those extra pounds are by no means novel. Nonetheless, bootstrapped European startup Runtastic is still managing to carve out a name for itself in a crowded space by offering a simple user experience, while still offering the deeper functionality of higher-end products.”
“Incredible app! I use it almost everyday and it’s motivated me to run an extra mile every time.” @Trcksy
NY TIMES: “I went ahead and downloaded it even though I was skeptical that it would go beyond the familiar territory of similar apps like Endomondo and RunKeeper. Like those two, Runtastic primarily maps and records your route. But Runtastic’s interface has some qualities the others don’t. is well designed, too.”
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

It keeps me motivated and tracks my progress accurately. found in 119 reviews
Hands down the best running/ fitness app I have come across. found in 77 reviews
It syncs with MyFitnessPal and keeps my accountabilabuddies in the loop. found in 52 reviews
Absolutely the best exercise/ workout app i've used. found in 62 reviews
Would highly recommend thus app for runners or walkers. found in 44 reviews
Love that it syncs with my other fitness and diet apps. found in 35 reviews
Absolutely the best workout tracker on the market. found in 28 reviews
Talk about a great motivation and way to track exercise. found in 28 reviews
This application helps motivate me to track my runs and monitor my progress. found in 29 reviews
Runtastic and MyFitnessPal have helped me lose 35 pounds. found in 20 reviews
Makes running that much better when you can track your progress. found in 21 reviews
Runtastic helps keep me motivated to exercise more frequently. found in 23 reviews
This is a great training partner for my triathlons. found in 27 reviews
Great run app - so much better than BB version. found in 22 reviews
Love everything about this app especially the ghost run feature. found in 21 reviews
I'm an avid runner and I DEFINITELY recommend this app. found in 12 reviews
and the cheers from the runtastic community are a great motivator. found in 37 reviews
Helps me stay on track and lets me listen to the music I love. found in 16 reviews
This app completely replaced my Garmin GPS watch during my runs. found in 10 reviews
I have been looking for a good interval running application. found in 13 reviews
but the GPS doesn't always track the correct distance. found in 9 reviews
Can't recommend it until they fix their gps issues. found in 9 reviews
Great app but please stop asking me for 5 star reviews. found in 10 reviews
I love runtastic but really stop begging for reviews that annoying. found in 9 reviews
I like this app but it doesn't save my user data. found in 4 reviews
I also am irritated by the prompts for 5 star rating. found in 10 reviews
Excellent app to log your runs. found in 23 reviews
No foot pod no use in the winter. found in 5 reviews
LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME WORK OUT. found in 10 reviews
When I pay for an app I don't expect to be harassed. found in 4 reviews
but my real- time speed readout never goes above six. found in 12 reviews
iOS 7 update doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
I don't run without it. found in 10 reviews
but its constant pop-ups asking me to rate the app are off putting. found in 10 reviews
Please stop asking for a review. found in 4 reviews
but enough with asking for 5 star rating. found in 8 reviews
Great app but annoying reminders. found in 3 reviews
Also needs to stop asking for ratings. found in 4 reviews
And they keep begging for 5 star ratings and I am getting annoyed. found in 10 reviews
No point in using the app since the GPS doesn't work. found in 9 reviews
Also have foot pod to validate steps. found in 5 reviews
Does not measure accurate data. found in 5 reviews
PLEASE just decrease music volume a bit. found in 4 reviews
Tons of annoying pop ups even after you pay full price. found in 3 reviews
No reason to upgrade from the free version. found in 3 reviews
rated better for same route.   rated better for calorie counter.  
rated better for listening to music.  
rated better for audio feedback.   rated better for garmin forerunner.  
rated better for calorie calculation.  
"Numerous metrics that monitor your progress and goals are easy to navigate."
"Very clear to read and monitor progress."
"History helps me monitor my progress."
"Great fitness app that helps to keep you motivated."
"Love the interface best Fitness app out there."
"Best fitness app I've used for creating and finding workouts."
11,634 total

This app is popular with:
  • A great way challenge yourself and keep track of your workouts.
  • Fantastic fitness tracking and planning app.
  • Tracks everything from iPhone and I have all music with me.
  • Really helping me track progress an get back in shape.
  • Absolutely the best exercise /workout app i've used.
  • Lots of customization options.
  • Has helped motivate me into getting back into shape.
  • It's like having your own personal trainer.
  • I love that I can track my stats and set goals.
  • Downloaded it on vacation to track walking and hiking distance.
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