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RL Classic

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Occipital, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 79
Quickly scans items and finds online and local price comparisons.
Not a single local price found so far.
This is the best barcode reader /shopping assistant I've used.
but the barcode reader works 1/10.
Easily the best barcode scanner available on the iPhone.
Need more local results.
When you want to buy something cheaper or find the best deals.
it does not help me find the best deal.
Possibly the best bar code scanner out there for the iPhone.
It's amazingly fast and finds the cheapest deals across the web.
Went to best buy and scanned a blu ray that was $30.
Fun & Engaging click me 69
Quickly scans items and finds online and local price comparisons.
Not a single local price found so far.
Need more local results.
It fun to scan stuff around the house and see what comes up.
Fun and useful for saving money on products.
Red Light Laser is Awesome.
Works like it says and it's extremely fun to mess around with.
Awesome money saving tool.
It's really fun too.
Usefulness click me 86
I am afraid I got addicted to scan everything though.
Either doesn't scan or scans and provides no information.
I think I've scanned everything in my house that has a barcode.
Fun and useful for saving money on products.
Great app easy to use and saves time and money.
Amazingly useful and easy to use app.
has lived without this is beyond me.
Value for Money click me 100
A real money saver.
Real money saver.
Ease of Use click me 100
Very easy to use and saves you $ how much better can it be.
Great app easy to use and saves time and money.
Reliability click me 90
Good idea but doesn't work all the time.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

RL Classic ―― Impossibly accurate barcode scanning.

We have changed the logo and name of the app to RL Classic to reflect the launch of our updated RedLaser Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader app. The new app is available for download in the app store now. To experience the latest and best scanning yet, simply search for RedLaser – Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader in iTunes and download the best RedLaser yet.
► Now part of the eBay Mobile family & free to download!
✓ Shop smarter. RL Classic searches for low online and local prices from hundreds of thousands of retailers. Features product results from Google, TheFind, SDC, eBay,,, and more!
✓ Scan faster. Even without autofocus! RL Classic uses state-of-the-art barcode recognition that can readvirtually any product barcode. Works great on the iPhone or iPod Touch!
● Features ●
✓ Scans UPC, EAN, UPC-E and EAN-8 barcodes!
✓ QR code scanning including URLs, contact info, calendar events, emails and more!
✓ Searches for prices with Google, theFind, SDC, eBay,,, and
✓ Keyword search and Voice search functionality to find the best deal when you don’t have a barcode handy
✓ Local search powered by and TheFind
✓ Local search locates books in nearby libraries
✓ High-res Retina display support for iPhone 4
✓ iPhone 4 LED light option during scanning
✓ Send scanned products as email attachment ― great for inventory!
✓ Automatic search localization for USD, EUR, and GBP
✓ Create a QR Code from your contacts, a URL, or text
● Tips ●
► ATTRIBUTION: RL Classic uses two separate algorithms for recognizing barcodes. One is part of the ZXing Project: which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Full:

Red Laser has always given me good results. found in 590 reviews
This is the best barcode reader /shopping assistant I've used. found in 100 reviews
Easily the best barcode scanner available on the iPhone. found in 98 reviews
It's nice when an iPhone app pays for itself when you use it. found in 87 reviews
It's already paid for itself in saving me money and is still doing so. found in 35 reviews
Stress free & Eco-friendly & paid for itself many times over in only one use. found in 23 reviews
Perfect for bargain hunters and good move by eBay to acquire it. found in 24 reviews
This will be the must have app for holiday shopping this year. found in 29 reviews
scans quickly and provides many price and supplier choices. found in 19 reviews
It's great and makes for a great application for shoppers. found in 17 reviews
This App saved me over a hundred dollars this Christmas. found in 24 reviews
and they matched the price on the spot and save me $250. found in 21 reviews
This app instantly helped me save money on my college books. found in 13 reviews
00 the first time I used it and twice that the first two weeks. found in 8 reviews
which is really popular for electronics and computer equipment. found in 11 reviews
Just like it says " impossibly accurate " it really is. found in 10 reviews
I used it all the time around Christmas and saved alot of money. found in 8 reviews
The information provided by Red Lazer is excellent. found in 40 reviews
scans barcodes and quickly looks up sources and comparative prices. found in 11 reviews
Works exactly as advertised and makes brick-and-mortar shopping a breeze. found in 7 reviews
Although it's local price checking needs a little work. found in 132 reviews
it just needs more local results then online. found in 85 reviews
It recognizes almost all bar codes but doesn't always find the price. found in 18 reviews
Scans but doesn't give local pricing so kinda worthless. found in 25 reviews
Needs local stores then it will be worth five stars. found in 13 reviews
Proprietary items don't seem to be in the database. found in 11 reviews
It doesn't scan some codes that other scanners can. found in 30 reviews
Although it doesn't find everything I scan. found in 11 reviews
as others have said it needs better local store prices. found in 12 reviews
Cool app I recommend it to my friends doesn't have everything though. found in 9 reviews
Doesn't pull up 50 percent of items. found in 5 reviews
That makes no sense for groceries unless you have them delivered. found in 21 reviews
Easily reads barcodes but doesn't search as many sites as others. found in 8 reviews
Product is but sometimes won't read certain items. found in 8 reviews
It's ok but need more store prices not online prices. found in 14 reviews
The web were lower but the other local places were higher. found in 16 reviews
It scans and all but not many items in the database. found in 36 reviews
Fast but doesn't find local comparisons or use google search. found in 14 reviews
Works good but needs bigger database for search results. found in 9 reviews
Not a single local price found so far. found in 132 reviews
Just the annoying "please align barcode" and " hold still " messages. found in 73 reviews
it really doesn't give many local searches like shop savvy does. found in 73 reviews
it doesn't seem to find local results very well at all. found in 68 reviews
Either doesn't scan or scans and provides no information. found in 30 reviews
your iPhone won't be able to focus that close. found in 26 reviews
Impossible to hold my iPod steady enough to scan a barcode. found in 25 reviews
but no price info is EVER found. found in 22 reviews
apparantly I am unable to hold still enough. found in 22 reviews
This app does not read barcodes well. found in 22 reviews
Impossible to scan a barcode and get a correct reading. found in 22 reviews
rated better for scanning barcodes.   rated better for fast scanning.  
rated better for common items.   rated better for household items.  
rated better for during christmas.  
rated better for product database.  
rated better for money saver.  
"I use this app to compare prices on items prior to buying."
"Love to compare prices and getting my every penny's worth."
"great way to compare prices & track flights for specific travel dates."
"Makes life easier to compare prices in different cities."
"Great app to check prices before buying at regular store."
"Great way to check prices & fns better deals nearby or online."
"It helps check prices on a large number of airlines."
"Great reviews and great way to check prices in the store."
"Helps with holiday shopping so you can find the best deals."
"This app makes it SO easy to find the best deals on airfare."
"now I nearly always find the best deals and most info on Kayak."
77,451 total

  • Its the best money saving app in the itunes store.
  • Awesome fun.
  • I think this is absolutely the best app for bargain shoppers.
  • This UPC scanner blows the others out of the water.
  • "It had not a single item in Target in its bank."
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