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NEW: Download popular Power Music Hour songs directly from the Charts view! Just tap on a row! ★★ Thank you everyone for making Power Music Hour the #1 Music Hour App on the iPhone & iPod Touch! ★★ Over 120 5-star reviews & featured in TechCrunch! Check out powermusichour.com for playlists statistics, top songs, and more... Note: to get the whistle sound, make sure your device is *NOT* set to silent! ───────────────────── ♫ Some of our reviews... ───────────────────── "A perfect app for the weekends or a party" - Jeffpfoster (★★★★★) "Used this app during my runs, works perfectly" - RunLover2 (★★★★★) "Where was this when I was in college?" - MuscLvr22 (★★★★★) ───────────────────── ♫ What is it? ───────────────────── Power Music Hour is a fun new way to listen to music from your iTunes library! Just select a playlist and Power Music Hour will play a different song each minute! Power Music Hour can play the middle minute, or a random minute of each song and has an optional whistle noise to let you know that the song is changing (sometimes those remixes can fool you!). Just in case an hour isn't the perfect length, you can optionally choose to play for 30 or 100 minutes, or set your own durations instead! ───────────────────── ♫ Features ───────────────────── ✔ Choose any of your iTunes playlists, or create a custom playlist from inside the app! ✔ Choose a duration (30, 60, 100, 120, or customize them!) ✔ Select whether to shuffle songs, or play them in order if you've created the perfect playlist ✔ Saves the state of your session just in case it's interrupted by a call or text ✔ Works with your stereo over the headphone jack or dock connector ✔ Optional whistle noise to notify you that the minute is up ✔ Sleek interface keeps you up-to-date on the hour's progress, the current song and artist, and even their album artwork! ✔ Didn't choose a long enough duration? Drop back to the main menu, change your settings, and hit resume! ✔ Facebook & Twitter integration. Share your experience with your friends! ✔ Social playlists. Share your playlist, check out stats, and discover the most popular Power Music Hour playlist songs from around the world! ───────────────────── ♫ Additional Info ───────────────────── To find out more about the app and upcoming releases be sure to: ✔ Follow us on twitter: @proximalabs ✔ Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/PowerMusicHour ✔ Need more help? Check out our website for more: proximalabs.com ───────────────────── ★★ Be sure to leave us positive feedback if you enjoy our app! ★★ ───────────────────── ♥ Proxima Labs http://proximalabs.com/

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