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Pimp Your Screen

$0.99 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 91
I love being able to change my style with my mood and season.
I love being able to customize my phone to make it look unique.
There are many different backgrounds & app shelves to choose from.
I hope they continue to add more backgrounds and wallpapers.
Has great quality wallpapers and more variety than other apps.
Overall it is one of the best wallpaper apps on the app store.
Clear high quality graphics and always a variety of subject matter.
amazing pictures to chose from love the variety sweet deal.
Fun & Engaging click me 91
Lots of options to play around with your backgrounds.
Awesome app makes your screen look awesome totally 99 cent.
Gives you an endless supply of awesome backgrounds.
I hope they continue to add more backgrounds and wallpapers.
They are always adding new stuff so you never get bored.
It's loads of fun and you can really make cool creations.
lots of content and new content added all the time.
Great fun and useful too.
Usefulness click me 82
Wish I could search them rather than scrolling through EVERYTHING.
Great fun and useful too.
so many choices you can change your screen every day.
Repeat Value click me 76
Love this app I use change it everyday never gets old.
App that never gets old.
Hours of fun.
Production Values click me 100
and they have some cool graphics to choose from.
Awesome graphics and there's always new choices.
all of which are visually stunning.
Ease of Use click me 93
A very simple app to use and awesome content.
A simple app with lots of options.
Easy breezy.
Simple Idea Excellently done.
Simple idea.
Reliability click me 24
Ads not Intrusive click me 100
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SALE! 50% OFF! Enjoy the new content! Download NOW!

Pimp Your Screen is an award-winning app that helps you customize the look of your device by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed backgrounds, icon skins, app shelves, neon combos and many other eye candies.
You no longer have to set the image you prefer first and then go back to the Home screen and see how it looks with the icons on it. Pimp Your Screen has an instant preview feature that allows you to quickly preview your new background or app shelf.
* Retina resolution images for iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod touch 4th/5th gen and the new iPad/iPad 4th gen
* Standard resolution images for iPhone/3G/3GS, iPod touch and iPad/iPad 2/iPad mini
* Icon Skins/App Shelves/Neon Combos
* A million different combinations, variety is the spice of life
* Categorized view
* New and Popular tabs
* Landscape and Portrait images available for iPad
* Share your screens on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email
* Lock Screen Themes
* Home Screen Themes
* Universal application, install once, use it across all devices
Bring some color and glow into your everyday life and change the look of your device every single day. It's time to Pimp Your Screen!
We add new eye candies daily. Just tap 'New' to see updates.

Pimp your screen has many amazing app holders and backgrounds. found in 599 reviews
Lots of options to play around with your backgrounds. found in 58 reviews
Great way to personalize your phone without jailbreaking. found in 107 reviews
Great way to customize frequent updates and great choices to put together. found in 227 reviews
Gives you the customization you want to make your phone stand out. found in 34 reviews
Eye candy always keeps people interested and happy. found in 26 reviews
The colors and art work are completely out of this world. found in 29 reviews
I love the cool choices and the eye catching colors and designs. found in 29 reviews
New to iPhone - beautiful pics & user friendly app. found in 38 reviews
These are some pretty Cool designs in a pretty cool app. found in 28 reviews
Great images that look stunning on a retina display device. found in 44 reviews
Please exotic cars and babes would make awesome wallpapers. found in 30 reviews
No search option in such a wonderful app with beautiful images. found in 22 reviews
sharp and clean - some of the skins don't line up tho. found in 17 reviews
This one needs categories and a search function desperately. found in 5 reviews
Needs more content or updates. found in 7 reviews
Very handy but needs more choices. found in 4 reviews
It's just ok needs more. found in 4 reviews
Lots of options but no way to search anything. found in 30 reviews
The home screen backgrounds do not work in both portrait AND landscape mode. found in 5 reviews
On my older 2- gen iPod it won't work. found in 41 reviews
I hope to see regular updates with more selections. found in 11 reviews
but when saving a lockscreen the Slide to Unlock is saved also. found in 12 reviews
There needs to be a search feature. found in 14 reviews
I feel that this app should be free with ads. found in 9 reviews
I don't know people are complaining that you can't change the icons. found in 13 reviews
but I am a graphic designer & digital & non digital artist. found in 5 reviews
Wish it would have a thumbnail view as well. found in 5 reviews
I like animals and nature and this update is stupid. found in 2 reviews
If u just want cool backgrounds download them dont buy this app. found in 4 reviews
Only get with 3rd generation or later or it doesn't work. found in 73 reviews
If you have an ipod touch 3rd generation don't get this app. found in 62 reviews
not realizing it's not totally compatible with a 2nd generation ipod touch. found in 42 reviews
So I have the 2nd gen iPod and It won't work. found in 41 reviews
In the description it says its compatible with all iPod touches. found in 39 reviews
I have the iPod touch 2nd generation and nothing happened. found in 29 reviews
For people who don't have the new iPod touch. found in 18 reviews
The wallpaper squares or shelves don't line up with the icons. found in 17 reviews
If u have a 4th generation iPod don't get this app. found in 17 reviews
Screen was frozen what a waste of a dollar. found in 16 reviews
Most disappointing is you can't change the icons themselves. found in 13 reviews
the info says it works for all iPod touches but it doesn't. found in 11 reviews
error no internet connection detected help me. found in 10 reviews
rated better for collection of wallpapers.   rated better for search feature.  
"This app is a cute and fun way to customize your phone."
"This is the best app ever to customize your home screen."
"This app is a great way to customize your phone using pictures you already have."
"this way you can customize your phone without jail braking."
"This is an awaome way to customize your phone and change the border colors."
"Customize your phone backgrounds to what you like."
"This is absolutely the best app there is to personalize your iPhone."
"to personalize your iphone with various backgrounds and enjoy."
"I love all the cute ways to personalize my iPhone."
"A way to personalize my iphone."
"This is by far the best wallpaper app I've seen."
"It really is truly one of the best wallpaper apps I've see."
"This app has one of the best wallpaper selections I have ever seen."
"I soon searched up girly wallpaper apps and found cuptakes."
"This is seriously one of the best wallpaper apps ever."
"This is the best wallpaper app that I've ever downloaded."
54,364 total
  • The graphics are sharp and crisp with vibrant colors.
  • Has great quality wallpapers and more variety than other apps.
  • Cool screens with bright vivid colors.
  • Clear high quality graphics and always a variety of subject matter.
  • Very high quality images almost very one fits with your icons.
  • Virtually endless possibilities for screen customization :.
  • Very good app lots of options good quality pics.
  • My favorite part is it always has holiday themes backgrounds.
  • Wonderful app to really dress up your phone.
  • I love the variety and HD pics that this app offers.
  • Easy to use and so many cool choices.
  • "So if you like your background picture as is."
  • "No search engine."
  • "Don't pay your $2 for this false advertisement of " Icon Skins "."
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