Periodic Table of Elements


Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements App With this application, one can look up information on 118 different elements. Information which can be found includes: * Element name in Japanese and English * Chemical symbol * Atomic number * Atomic mass * Family name * Classification * Period * Electron shell configuration * Physical state under standard atmospheric pressure. In addition to the basic data provided by the application, one can find more information on each element by retrieving data from a wiki. Also, by placing the screen in portrait mode, one can view the periodic table of elements in color, which is categorized by each element's classification. * Find information on an element * Find other elements in the same classification as the given element. * Compare an element to another element. One can obtain information necessary for learning chemistry without the need to look through a textbook. As the basic information is already included in the application, one can look up information on buses and subways where Internet access may not be available. By downloading this application, one can find out more about an element at anytime. It also will reduce the amount of time required to find information, so it can allow efficient utilization of one's study-time. works by redfox, Inc.

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