Party Time Madness


Party Time Madness

Get ready to party with the latest, most addictive & fun game app out there! Your goal is simple; find as many equal shapes connected and 'pop' them with a finger swap! They do not need to be in a straight line, just connected! (AT LEAST 3) So use your best tactical skills to figure out the best combinations for the highest scores. Your time is limited; so use it wisely in the best combinations possible! With vibrant color and graphics the fun never ends! Get ready to exercise your brain with this highly addictive and challenging game! Think you are the master at it? Prove it! With a multiplayer option now you can compete against your friends or the best players around the world! Are you up to the challenge? Start swapping and popping fun party objects now! Launching for the holidays! Warning: This game is extremely addictive, so be careful… Are you looking around for the coolest game that will have you hypnotized from the start trying to score the highest to break a record? This is it! "Persons under hypnosis are said to have heightened focus and concentration with the ability to concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory" Just kidding! We will not hypnotize you, but you will certainly be addicted to this game! We provide an amazing experience for you, please check the in-game instructions to learn all the details about this game BONUS: as you become a pro, you will earn more and more points. These points can be used to your advantage in one of these ways: - Freeze timer, neat booster! - Shrink - Extremely useful, you will need it to finish this hard to solve levels. - Expand - or implode according to your needs The main objective of these party themed game is to pop as many “pieces” as possible. In order to do so two or more of the same objects need to be touching. It can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally; as long as they are touching! But is going to cost you! And if that wasn't challenging enough; its all within a time limit! Trust us, this game is so fun, clever and addictive that your minutes will feel like seconds...and your hours too! Afraid of the Parties? Download now!

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