Paleo Dessert Recipes


Paleo Dessert Recipes

Eat delicious mouth-watering desserts without veering off your fat-melting, muscle building, and health optimizing Paleo eating lifestyle? Yes! With these amazingly scrumptious dessert recipes containing no grains, pasteurized dairy, or health-robbing sugar products. You will simply not believe that it’s possible to enjoy such tasty treats until you take your first bite of one of 40 well selected healthy recipes you can create to reward yourself for living the Paleo Lifestyle! -40 awesome easy-to-make recipes with full color pictures -Simple explanations of why we should stay away from grains, dairy, and sugar -Full explanations of the commonly used Paleo Dessert ingredients and their health benefits -Recommendations and resources for where to get ingredients for Paleo Dessert Recipes -All about healthy substitutes for sugar -Using nut and coconut flours as substitutes for flours made from wheat and other grains Delicious dessert recipes include those for cakes, donuts, cookies, parfaits, muffins, ice cream, cheesecake, snack bars, pie, fruit bakes, tarts, mousse, berry shortcake, whipped cream, popsicles, crisps, bon bons, cobbler, sorbet, fudge, and other amazingly delicious treats. All Paleo, all healthy! Paleo Dessert Recipes was created by Dr. David Ramsey from his experience consulting with his weight loss patients at his clinic, Functional Medicine Center, in California’s Central Coast. A huge advocate of the Paleo Dietary Lifestyle, Dr. Ramsey was amazed after testing and tasting these scrumptious dessert recipes that people who follow the Paleo Diet could enjoy such delicious desserts, guilt free! To your health!

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