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Mint Bills & Money

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Intuit Mint Bills, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 91
This is the best way to manage your finances and investments.
It is one of the best financial apps that I have seen.
This app is hands done the best finance app out there.
It's a great app - much better than Mint in many ways.
was hoping that it would be better than mint.
I love being able to see all my accounts in one place.
What happened to being able to see multiple accounts at banks.
Love the bill reminders and ability to pay with a few button clicks.
Really helps to keep track of finances and bills to be paid.
Secondly broader support for more banks and businesses in general.
Would be a five if they added more banks.
Fun & Engaging click me 81
Secondly broader support for more banks and businesses in general.
more banks to be added example credit union banks.
Would be a five if they added more banks.
Pageonce is AWESOME.
Awesome financial app with a wide range of accounts to link.
It's an awesome financial management tool.
Usefulness click me 92
Helps me manage my bills and not forget to pay them on time.
The alerts help me keep track of everything in one easy refresh able app.
It's great to have everything in one place and I really like the different notifications.
It helps me stay on track of all the bills and then some.
Saves time and keeps you from forggrting to pay bills.
Keeps me informed quickly when it comes to finances.
Up to date information of your financial accounts.
I have trouble getting up to date info.
It is very helpful in keeping me up to date on my finances.
Ease of Use click me 77
Easy to pay bills and fairly easy to set up accounts to track.
Three attempts to pay bills resulted in three error messages.
I love it and it's very easy to setup and use.
and this app makes it easy to pay bills quickly and on time.
Super convenient and easy to keep track of everything.
It simplifies all my financial information into one convenient package.
extremely straightforward and easy to set up and use.
This is a simple app that is packed with great abilities.
Reliability click me 100
All I get is a message for "temporary connection issues ".
but since I was already leary of security issues.
Security & Privacy click me 77
Only problem I have had is refreshing my bank account balances.
versus going to each website and checking each due date individually.
Monitor up to date bank account information and transactions.
but EVERY SINGLE bank/credit account information is out of date.
The support is amazing and it's very secure.
I feel safe and secure transmitting my information to them.
Took my login information and immediately disabled my account.
Updates & Support click me 50
My apologies and thanks to Customer Service and Pageonce.
Very good app and awesome customer service.
"Matthew" in customer service must not work there anymore.
and lose the gold version.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

Mint Bills (formerly Check) is an award-winning app that stays on top of your bills & money for you, so you never miss a bill or get hit with overdraft & late fees again. Just set it up once and the app goes to work – proactively staying on top of your bills and monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards, all in one place. When bills are due or funds are low, the app will let you know so you’re never caught off guard.

Featured in the iTunes App Store:
• Enhanced for iOS 8 (Nov 2014)
• Great Free Apps (Jan 2014)
• Best New Apps (Dec 2013)
• New Year, New You - Personal Finance (Dec 2013)
• New Year, New You (Dec 2012)
• 10 Finance Essentials (2012)
Loved by the Press:
• CNBC: The best financial apps of 2014
• CNN Money: "Cadillac of money management apps" (May 2012)
• PC Magazine: The Best Personal Finance Apps (2012)
• Fox News: 10 Apps to Save Money & Help You Take Control of Your Finances (2012)
How our app keeps your bills & money in check:
• See all your bills & accounts in one centralized place
• Get reminders when bills are due: Receive emails, push messages, and even see your bills due list from the Today Extension in you Notification Center so you can see what’s due in one swipe
• Pay on the spot and schedule bill payments for free
• Conveniently pay bills with a bank account or credit card*
• Pay your bill within a day with our Expedited Payments feature*
• Pay small billers for free (rent, gym, etc.), and easier than ever with direct access to your address book (iPhone only)
• Receive alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near
• Fast, anytime access to bill statements from inside the app + free bill statement storage (for supported providers only)
The Mint Bills app pays your bills on time so you never stress about missing a bill again – we’ll remember so you don’t have to. Get reminders when bills are due, then pay them on the spot or schedule the payment for later. No stamps, no phone calls, no hassle. The app keeps it all together in once central place. With multiple credit cards, bank accounts, and numerous bills to keep track of, it’s too easy to overdraft, miss a payment or exceed credit limits. With our app, you never have to worry because you’ll always know exactly where you stand.
Our Triple Layer Security ensures your information is safe & secure.
1. Bank-Level Security: Our app is armed with the same 128-bit encryption and physical security standards as your bank. The app is also verified and monitored by third party security experts such as TRUSTe, McAfee, Hacker Safe and Verisign.
2. In-App Security & Remote Data Destruct: Safeguard app access with a Touch ID or a 4-digit PIN , so only you can view your account. If your smartphone is ever lost or stolen, delete all your account information remotely.
3. Real-Time Alerts: If the app notices any large purchases or unusual charges in your account, you’ll be notified immediately via real-time push messages and emails.
It’s easy to get started:
1. Download the Mint Bills app
2. Securely connect all your accounts to get reminders & alerts
3. Relax, while the app stays on top of it all, for you!
* Paying bills using your bank account is free; paying with your credit or debit card includes a transaction fee.
Mint Bills is provided by Intuit Mint Bills, Inc., an authorized delegate of Intuit Payments Inc. in Washington state.

Hands down the best money management app out there. found in 163 reviews
It's a great app - much better than Mint in many ways. found in 210 reviews
Helps me manage my bills and not forget to pay them on time. found in 112 reviews
This app is hands done the best finance app out there. found in 406 reviews
Great financial tool for keeping up with monthly bills. found in 180 reviews
Really helps to keep track of finances and bills to be paid. found in 67 reviews
It is one of the best financial apps that I have seen. found in 551 reviews
Huge time saver and money saver by helping avoid missing bills. found in 129 reviews
Well I gotta say I've been looking for a great bill tracker. found in 74 reviews
Great way to stay organized and informed of account balances and due dates. found in 408 reviews
Performs my bill tracking and paying very well. found in 60 reviews
Keeps me informed quickly when it comes to finances. found in 48 reviews
Best financial tracking app out of the several I tried. found in 39 reviews
Highly recommended to keep tabs on all of your accounts. found in 46 reviews
Better than any other money manager app out there including mint. found in 47 reviews
This app conveniently consolidates chronologically all my financials in one place. found in 21 reviews
This app is the best financial organizer I have used. found in 26 reviews
I love the clean and simple interface of the Pageonce app. found in 57 reviews
It's a great one stop shop to keep an eye on my finances. found in 21 reviews
Great app keeps me on my toes & up to date on all my bills. found in 20 reviews
Wish I could pay bills without a monthly fee. found in 18 reviews
I do wish that the bank information would update quicker. found in 11 reviews
you don't have the ability to mark a bill as paid. found in 63 reviews
If you schedule a payment it always clears my bank days before. found in 17 reviews
Other than a few connection issues with some of the accounts. found in 15 reviews
Please add Dover Federal Credit Union to your list of financial institutions. found in 28 reviews
Also should include auto refresh on startup in the next update. found in 40 reviews
Wish it had an actual budget feature though. found in 21 reviews
Just wish they could add more banks and accounts sooner. found in 81 reviews
without having to manually track them or log into each company's website. found in 144 reviews
I do wish they'd let you classify an individual account differently. found in 40 reviews
No local credit unions in my area are available on pageonce. found in 25 reviews
You can briefly see acct info before it asks for pin. found in 15 reviews
my chase bank account doesn't always refresh on its own. found in 14 reviews
I have experienced no security issues whatsoever so far. found in 14 reviews
Still needs more banks and FCUs but great app so otherwise. found in 81 reviews
Service fees are a little ridiculous BUT still a great app. found in 37 reviews
although it still isn't compatible with one of my credit card companies. found in 23 reviews
It will be even better if you would add my credit union. found in 19 reviews
Just need to fix some of the account needs review errors. found in 15 reviews
"Matthew" in customer service must not work there anymore. found in 205 reviews
Still unable to access my GE capital accounts or Charles schwab. found in 89 reviews
Cannot mark bill as paid unless you pay using the app. found in 63 reviews
since there is no " Mark as paid " button for automatically tracked bills. found in 40 reviews
I was charged a 4% service fee for my first. found in 37 reviews
Of course I ended up getting charged with overdraft fees. found in 36 reviews
Now I constantly have to re enter user names and passwords. found in 36 reviews
My one problem with this app is with certain accounts. found in 34 reviews
Wells Fargo account doesn't work. found in 31 reviews
They killed Pageonce Pro. found in 26 reviews
I don't have much faith in their tech support. found in 24 reviews
I tried chase and capital one with errors on both. found in 23 reviews
Useless items for credit card offers is visible. found in 18 reviews
The latest update with Touch ID makes the app unstable. found in 18 reviews
Can no longer add bills manually. found in 18 reviews
Took my login information and immediately disabled my account. found in 16 reviews
Seems like if an account needs updated credentials. found in 15 reviews
rated better for car payment.   rated better for online bill.  
rated better for federal credit.   rated better for wells fargo.  
rated better for card transactions.  
rated better for auto pay.  
rated better for account balances.  
rated better for small business.  
"Having tried most of the personal finance applications available for iOS."
"The best finance app I have used and an even greater UI."
"Best finance application because most thorough."
"but without a doubt this is the best finance app."
"though other finance apps are more polished and visually pleasing."
"Easy to pay bills and transfer money between accounts."
"Helps me pay my bills on time and manage a tight budget."
"I've been using this app to pay my bill and it works great."
"this app makes it soooooooo easy to pay my bill thanks."
"It's easy to navigate around to pay bills and etc."
"I use it to pay my bill every month and for my I'd cards."
"Kinda like a personal assistant withe navi capabilities."
"Easily the most useful and intuitive personal assistant app out there."
"I recommend personal assistant along with this app."
101,385 total

This app is popular with:
  • This app is life changing for me.
  • Extremely useful and user friendly.
  • Excellent App to keep your finances organised at a single place.
  • Great for keeping all my bills together and keeping track of my spending.
  • One of the best money managing apps I have come accross.
  • This makes it so easy to keep up with everything in one place.
  • Saves time and keeps you from forggrting to pay bills.
  • It's the only way I remember to pay everything on time.
  • The alerts help me keep track of everything in one easy refresh able app.
  • App still works just fine and delivers quicks & accurate snapshot of your finances.
  • The best bill organizer I've ever used.
  • The easiest way to keep track of my accounts from my phone.
  • Ability to see all my finances in one place is awesome.
  • I use it daily to quickly check balances across multiple accounts.
  • Better than any online banking and just as secure.
  • "Cannot link with my credit union account."
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