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OLX Classifieds

Start using the #1 Free Classifieds App! The best way to buy and sell 'on the go' and in your local area. OLX allows you to easily post your ads for free and search for classified ads in your local area. Whether it is a flat screen TV, mobile phones, electronics, used cars, an apartment to rent, or a second-hand piece of furniture, OLX provides you with millions of buyers and sellers to connect to, all for free! • Super simple ad posting: take a picture with your phone camera, describe your ad and sell it. • Easily search and browse for classifieds around you using your phone's location. • Manage your ads, favorites and messages on the go with "My OLX" • Share your ads with everyone through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Download it now!

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What you should know about OLX Classifieds app

  • Highligths
    User friendly app that helps sell everything you dont need anymore”
    Excellent website for shoppers
  • Keep in mind
    The "use current location " function doesn't work either”
    It says it cannot auto detect location”
    No way to see sent messages

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