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NYTimes – Breaking National & World News

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The New York Times Company
Overall Satisfaction click me 79
I think this is one of the best news apps available on the iPhone.
they totally screwed up one of the best news apps with the latest update.
Probably the best newspaper app for the best newspaper on earth.
It is by far the worst newspaper app I have used.
I love being able to read the entire article from my phone.
I have to re -install every time I open it up.
I love the content arrangement and ease of navigation.
Thanks NYT for the great reporting and easy access.
Thank You NYT Just read a steamy story on Carol Anne Ridell.
No thank you NY Times.
I will willingly pay to support quality journalism.
Now I have no problem paying for quality journalism.
Fun & Engaging click me 67
Awesome news app has hi res pics and good stories.
This is now what a news ap should be.
Usefulness click me 81
This is a great way to stay informed of recent and popular news.
It provides up to date news when I'm on the go.
I love the NY Times and read it every day.
Love the iPhone app version of the NYT & read it everyday.
- - - - - - - I read multiple sections of the NY Times every day.
but this app crashes a few times every day.
Social Aspects click me 44
Just need the ability to post direct to social media.
Integrating instapaper & some social media.
Production Values click me 90
Very easy interface and well put together application.
Easy interface and good quality text layout.
Ease of Use click me 70
it does provide easy to read and navigate access to that NYT appeal.
I have to re -install every time I open it up.
The app provides an easy to read format with well written.
Very easy interface and well put together application.
Stories are logically organized and easy to browse and select.
Simple app with quick news.
Clear easy to read format.
Reliability click me 48
Occasionally have to reset the app from settings.
I attempted to reset the app through the settings.
I am having some minor technical problems.
Still has intermittent problems updating the cache.
and happy NYT finally fixed the bugs from the last version.
Ads not Intrusive click me 21
Updates & Support click me 52
Very convenient when the print version is not available.
I'm not the type to subscribe to the print version.
It almost feels like you really are reading the paper version.
beautiful app and superb customer service.
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Get the news you need at a glance with The New York Times on Apple Watch.

Catch up quickly with one-sentence stories crafted specially for the small screen. Receive alerts when big news breaks. Use Handoff to continue reading on your iPhone, or touch Save for Later to build a personal reading list.
Plus, enjoy all of our award-winning journalism with the NYTimes app for iPhone.
iPhone App Features:
• Breaking news alerts: Get notified of major developing stories, and tailor alerts to topics of interest
• Morning briefings: Start your day with a tip sheet compiled by Times journalists
• Save articles to read later on any of your devices
• Today widget: Top headlines are always just a swipe away
• Pick up where you left off on another device with Handoff
• International edition: Global news and coverage from dozens of bureaus around the world
• Exclusive videos and award-winning photography
• Customize your list of favorite sections and blogs
The NYTimes iPhone app is free to download, and all users can access up to 10 free articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections, plus unlimited access to, with a Times Digital Subscription.
Subscribe now and your first week is free.*
Subscription Options:
• Unlimited access to this app + for $14.99 per month. Cancel anytime.
• All Digital Access (including the NYTimes apps for iPhone and iPad + for $34.99 per month. Cancel anytime.
• Times Premier (including All Digital Access) for $44.99 per month. Cancel anytime. Times Premier members also receive access to the Times Insider blog, TimesTalks videos, TBooks, special Times crosswords, complimentary access for family members and three gift subscriptions per year.
Your subscription will automatically renew each month, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.
Questions Concerns? Please contact us at or (800) 591-9233. We respond to every inquiry.
* Promotional offers for new subscribers only. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. + Smartphone Apps, + Tablet Apps and All Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions, Times Premier content, or The New York Times Crossword. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

Probably the best newspaper app for the best newspaper on earth. found in 995 reviews
it is updated much more frequently than other news applications. found in 89 reviews
This is a wonderful way to keep up with the news in the NYT quality way. found in 344 reviews
It works great and it is the best news app I've seen so far. found in 40 reviews
The app works well and has accurate well written articles. found in 39 reviews
They really make it unique among my reliable news sources. found in 32 reviews
Very easy interface and well put together application. found in 26 reviews
The newer versions seem much faster and more stable than the early. found in 18 reviews
Love the most emailed section for a quick overview. found in 14 reviews
Having the ny times in the palm of my hand is incredibly convienent. found in 15 reviews
Consistently presents a wide variety of news in a great format. found in 15 reviews
today widget top headlines are always just a swipe away. found in 22 reviews
This App provides the great information that you expect from NYT. found in 9 reviews
Op Eds and analysis easily accessible on the go. found in 43 reviews
By times on I touch has revolutionized my news reading habits. found in 20 reviews
Just like the you one will read over a cup of coffee. found in 19 reviews
Long live intelligent reporting. found in 13 reviews
As close to fair and balanced journalism as there is. found in 9 reviews
Lots of interesting news posts on the headlnes page. found in 12 reviews
they are much better than previous versions. found in 10 reviews
Search function is unsophisticated and outdated. found in 92 reviews
Lately it fails to update after downloading new data. found in 53 reviews
just please get rid of the annoying pop up ads for paid subscribers. found in 108 reviews
Honestly I am quite surprised how crash prone it is. found in 59 reviews
If I'm paying for the paper I shouldn't have annoying ads. found in 67 reviews
The only problem I have found is that is prone to crashing. found in 30 reviews
Frequently freezes while updating news or crashes all together. found in 21 reviews
no more full- screen ads for paying customers. found in 46 reviews
Used to Crash occassionally but hasnt lately with recent updates. found in 23 reviews
App still frequently hangs and crashes. found in 19 reviews
Invaluable tool but occasional crashes causes frustration. found in 20 reviews
Prior to this I was trying to rationalize paying for a digital subscription. found in 89 reviews
I like to read the news but don't have time to read the newspaper. found in 39 reviews
but it crashes at least once for every story I read. found in 16 reviews
but the app tends to be slow and crashy. found in 21 reviews
Things to work on: remove ads for subscribers. found in 42 reviews
NYT needs to take this out of Newsstand. found in 27 reviews
Then it freezes frequently and shuts itself down randomly. found in 16 reviews
the app still crashes upon startup and during scrolling of articles. found in 13 reviews
I love reading the times but this app crashes way too much. found in 10 reviews
Thought this would be a better way to read the NYT. found in 183 reviews
Looses my saved articles and login credentials all the time. found in 151 reviews
and forces my screen back to the top of the article. found in 124 reviews
difficult to read articles when it constantly stops sliding. found in 110 reviews
Too many crashes and what's with the ads for paid subscribers. found in 108 reviews
NYT content was incomplete and navigation was cumbersome. found in 101 reviews
" The upload freezes and I cannot refresh with new news articles. found in 98 reviews
You can't read comments and there's no search function. found in 92 reviews
I've signed up for a digital subscription but it won't recognize it. found in 89 reviews
They take up precious real estate with advertisements. found in 78 reviews
The news update process is slow: ads load before content. found in 78 reviews
95 monthly subscription price for online access to NYT. found in 74 reviews
it crashes back to the home screen. found in 72 reviews
Difficult to navigate and I used to read this for free. found in 70 reviews
it's because some of sincerely cannot afford $ 15 a month. found in 68 reviews
I keep getting annoying ads to become a subscriber. found in 67 reviews
Nothing Like Print Edition - Articles are there for weeks. found in 67 reviews
This app isn't working with my home delivery subscription. found in 67 reviews
and suddenly you have to pay to read any of the stories. found in 61 reviews
If there is no internet connection - there is no content. found in 60 reviews
rated better for fluent news.   rated better for reading an article.  
rated better for news sections.   rated better for get local news.  
rated better for full screen.   rated better for web browser.  
rated better for checking news.   rated better for interesting articles.  
"One of the best newspaper apps out there - I use it every day."
"Visit WaPo app multiple times each day - one of the best newspaper apps out there."
"This app is simply the best newspaper app I've ever seen."
"This is the best newspaper app I've seen for the iPhone."
"Pocket makes reading articles on the web easy and enjoyable."
"Instapaper is the best for reading articles in the subway."
"Best way to read articles and discover great content."
"I read articles from publications I'd never see otherwise."
"I don't want to be "sent" somewhere else while reading an article."
"I still go online to read articles too hard to read."
"Hands down the best app for NYC food delivery."
217,232 total

This app is popular with:
  • Very informative and world news at your fingertips.
  • Best app for news junkies and NY Times fans.
  • Easy navigation and nice large size print good for iPhone.
  • Love the app great for quick news updates.
  • This is a great way to stay informed of recent and popular news.
  • Provides excellent news coverage with easy and stable app.
  • Very convenient- i'm always reading interesting articles on the go.
  • Awesome for a quick read while waiting for something.
  • Just watch what overpricing does to the arrogant Dallas Morning News.
  • I highly recommend to anyone looking or daily news.
  • I think this is one of the best news apps available on the iPhone.
  • Wonderful news resource on a reliable platform.
  • "Beware if you give these people your credit card number."
  • "Best paper in US and the absolute worst customer service."
  • "Flashing ads make the articles unreadable."
  • "I'm now forced to read mediocre apps like the huffington post."
  • "a shame you cannot share with facebook like my Washington post app."
  • "Update Aug 24: still crap now stuck in offline mode."
  • "I'd expect this sort of pathetic farce from Fox News."
  • "Even with a solid 3G or Wifi connection update can fail."
  • "If you can't make money off of adverts."
  • "I never have this problem with the Wall Street Journal app."
  • "Constant crashes and instability makes me revert to the USA Today app."
  • "so PLEASE stop sending out news alerts about it."
  • "Please stop Olympic push notifications."
  • "and it lacks NY/NYC local news."
  • "This is the worst case of an increasingly annoying reading experience."
  • "can't read stories."
  • "This let's me read my beloved Gray Lady anywhere--however."
  • "Great content of course but the ap is awful."
  • "Thus only needs to be a branded RSS reader."
  • "Can no longer read in bed."
  • "Content volume has improved but still doesnt match the online version."
  • "Slow buggy intrusive ads no night mode."
  • "Missing a Search option."
  • "I'd really like to see sharing options like twitter integration."
  • "but then I can't get it to wake up again."
  • "the digital all access doesn't include the crossword puzzle."
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