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Mega Photo: 100+ Free, Real-Time Camera Effects

FREE 9+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 94
One of the best photo apps I've downloaded yet.
I think this and instagram are the best photo app out there.
Best camera effect app I've ever used.
funny and cool effects to take pictures.
This app is so freaking awesome way better than camwow.
Better than cam wow by far.
Me and my friends love mega photo :.
It has so many amazing effects.
Fun & Engaging click me 90
There are a lot of fun effects to play with.
Really fun to play with when you're bored or being silly.
This app is so much fun me and my friends love it.
Well I have the upgrade and It's so fun.
I have had too many hours of fun with this app.
It's helpful to edit pics.
it's super fun with so many options.
This app has a ton of awesome effects.
Family Friendly click me 100
Have kept my family laughing their heads off.
Way fun for the kids.
My kids really enjoy playing with all of the effects.
Repeat Value click me 100
I have had too many hours of fun with this app.
It gives you hours and hours of fun.
It never gets old for me.
Hours of Laughs.
Production Values click me 86
Has way more effects and you can take videos with this.
This app needs more effects available for the free download.
also i think u guys should add more effects that arent moving.
Unbelievable graphics.
Ease of Use click me 75
The effects are amazing and the program is so easy to use.
I was not able to use the upgrade anymore.
Simply a simple amazing app.
This app is so easy to use and it's for everyone.
Easy and creative.
Very fun easy to use.
Updates & Support click me 100
check out the free version and see for yourself.
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Mega Photo is the #1 app for transforming your photos and videos into fun and inspiring masterpieces with 100+ of FREE effects!

Twist, morph, pinch, and warp your photos into outrageous designs! You can even spin your images in 3-D. There are over 100 free effects to choose from and you see them all in real-time. You can take videos with the effects too! You can pause the recording to switch effects in the middle of your video. Make a music video by selecting a soundtrack from your music library!
Effects include: tunnel, mosaic, puzzle, hue shift, motion blur, tile, emboss, spinning cube, x-ray, collage, night vision, halftone, light tunnel, and many more. There's also 40 vintage camera effects for a retro feel.
Mega Photo will transform your photos and videos with amazing effects you won't find in other photography apps. It's the most fun you can have with your photos!
Mega Photo makes your photos and videos as unique as you are. Over 100 free effects are shown to you in real-time. You can play a tile puzzle with a live camera feed, go through a wormhole tunnel, view a spinning globe, and much more!
The app can switch from the front to rear facing camera with the touch of a button. You can use the live camera or a still image - just choose a favorite picture from your library or take a new picture.
Many of the photo effects are interactive so you can personalize it even before taking your picture or video. Tap and drag, zoom with two fingers, rotate, and more to make it your own.
Photos are more fun with your friends, and Mega Photo makes it easy. Share your zany and funny photos (like you as the Mona Lisa!) easily. Just tap to email your photo or post to Facebook or Twitter.
Are your friends nearby? Snap a photo with all of you using the helpful timer. Set the timer for up to 30 seconds so all your buddies can get in the picture. Don't forget to choose your favorite photo transformation to amaze your friends.
• Transform Your Photos - Distort, pinch, and change colors of your photos and videos
• 100+ Free Effects - Apply eye-popping effects to your images with just a tap of your finger
• Interactive Adjustable Filters - View and change your photo effects in real-time
• Share with Friends - Easily post your photos to Facebook or Twitter, and email to friends and family.
• Use Existing Photos - Snap a new photo or use your existing pics on your camera roll.
• Play Games - Take your photos and play classic arcade games with your photos.
• Take Video - Mega Photo can be used for video too with effects that would make Michael Bay jealous.
• Add Music to Videos - Add music to your videos and become the next Justin Bieber with Mega Photo... or not.

I love photo booth I you download the mega photo booth. found in 108 reviews
Finally a smart photo effects app that earned every star in review. found in 27 reviews
I've never come across a camera effects app this good before. found in 25 reviews
This app is so freaking awesome way better than camwow. found in 13 reviews
I could sit here for hours just taking funny pictures. found in 10 reviews
Better than photo booth that is automatically downloaded on the iPad. found in 11 reviews
This app is so much fun me and my friends love it. found in 10 reviews
it's super fun with so many options. found in 7 reviews
Export Horrible Quality. found in 2 reviews
I can't save videos to my camera roll please fix ASAP. found in 2 reviews
Then sorry Charlie. found in 1 reviews
This app needs more effects available for the free download. found in 2 reviews
Some of the effects don't work on the front camera. found in 2 reviews
Needs TV out option. found in 1 reviews
My kids love this app but how do you restore purchases. found in 5 reviews
Great but kinda upset. found in 1 reviews
Just One Slight Problem. found in 1 reviews
I just wish you could add music. found in 3 reviews
I don't think it's worth two dollars. found in 5 reviews
I wish the full version didn't cost so much. found in 2 reviews
Pretty good but needs more photo and effects. found in 4 reviews
Fun but needs more. found in 1 reviews
Wth happened. found in 1 reviews
fix fix fix. found in 1 reviews
Please make it possible to restore purchases. found in 5 reviews
but horrible quality. found in 2 reviews
Happy until I went to use videos. found in 2 reviews
I don't like getting ripped off. found in 2 reviews
Meh to megaphoto. found in 2 reviews
With no way to contact the developer. found in 1 reviews
Nice But I Can't Use My Filters Anymore. found in 1 reviews
rated better for cool filters.   rated better for picture perfect.  
rated better for cool effects.  
"It's just like photo booth for your ipod."
"This is the greatest 1D photo booth ever made."
"This is the best photo booth ever it's so funny and creative."
"It really is out right the best photo booth app available."
"This app is the best photo booth app ever."
"insta booth is not an ordinary photo booth app."
"this is the best camera effect app out there."
"Perfect photo effects app for the casual user."
"I think this is the best camera effect app that anyone can use."
"It is definitely the best camera effects app out there."
"Probably one of the best camera related games I have."
"I've got lots of other camera and camera effects apps."
"Perfect for music videos and cut clips great app."
"Would I be able to make a music video out of this app."
"I'm really enjoying this app I can make music videos."
3,489 total

This app is popular with:
  • Best camera effect app I've ever used.
  • This app has a ton of awesome effects.
  • One of the best photo apps I've downloaded yet.
  • Better than cam wow by far.
  • I love this app because it has so many different effects.
  • This is an awesome app to use for cool pics.
  • make a music video by selecting a soundtrack from your music library.
  • best photo editor app yet to be made in my opinion.
  • The best camera program.
  • Great to keep kids busy.
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