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Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 92
Love the barcode scanner and ability to track multiple goals alongside weight.
Love the bar scan but it crashes way to much to use.
The program is easy to use and I love the barcode scan feature.
It is far and away THE best calorie counting app out there.
I do hope they keep adding more foods to the database.
I'd like to see more foods in the database.
Thank you LoseIt creators for helping me become healthy again :.
Lose It is the best calorie tracker app that I have seen.
The only improvement I would ask for is more restaurant options.
More restaurant choices would be nice.
This is the best diet app out there and it's FREE.
Fun & Engaging click me 77
I do hope they keep adding more foods to the database.
I'd like to see more foods in the database.
The only improvement I would ask for is more restaurant options.
More restaurant choices would be nice.
This app is easy to use and makes losing weight fun.
The bar code scanner is awesome for entering meals and snacks.
Thank you for the awesome weight management tool.
Usefulness click me 90
Helped me to count calories and track everything I eat and my workout.
It helps you keep track of everything not just calories.
Truly helpful and eye opening to see what you eat every day.
It helps so much I will recommend it to everyone I know.
Ease of Use click me 87
Makes it easy to stay on track anywhere you go.
Doesn't allow me to log anything.
It makes it easy to record foods with the barcode scanning feature.
no way to record body fat.
The barcode scanner makes it incredibly easy to add foods and serving sizes.
Easy to input any food including a great bar code entry method.
The app closes every time I am trying to input exercises.
The barcode scanner makes this diet really easy to stick to.
It makes it easy to track your weight and calorie intake.
This app is so easy to use and does most of the calculations for me.
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Lose It! helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal. We think it’s the best, most seamless weight loss system available.

Lose It! is based on the proven principles of calorie tracking and peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss.
We seamlessly connect you to the people, devices, and food information you need to achieve your weight loss goals.
We customize a weight loss plan that fits your life. Set your goals and achieve them on your terms.
All the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goal, all in the palm of your hand.
Getting started with Lose It! is easy. Simply download the app, tell us a little about yourself and your weight loss goal, and we'll create a custom weight loss plan for you. Then simply start logging your food and exercise!
Lose It! offers a simple, easy-to-use tool for tracking what you eat and do. Our robust food database has thousands of restaurant, grocery store, and brand-name foods, all researched and validated by the Lose It! Team. Log food and activity on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or online at
Tracking Features
-Comprehensive validated food and exercise database
-Easy to use calorie counter to stay within your daily budget
-Barcode scanner makes tracking a snap!
-Recipe builder
-Share foods with friends
-Meal & Exercise Planning helps you stay on track!*
-Track steps with your phone using our in-app step counter (iPhone 5S only)*
-Write about the things affecting your weight loss journey with Notes*
*requires premium upgrade
Lose It! helps you set goals for weight loss, exercise, macronutrient intake,* blood pressure,* sleep,* and more! You set the goals, we’ll help you with the plan to achieve them.
Goals available in Lose It!:
-Body Fat*
-Exercise (Calories, Minutes)*
-Nutrients (Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Fiber, Sodium)*
-Measurements (Neck, Hip, Waist, Bicep, Thigh, Chest)*
*requires premium upgrade
Lose It! makes tracking a snap. Our platform integrates with the most popular health and fitness devices and apps available (we're talking wireless scales, pedometers, workout apps, and more) to provide a truly seamless, connected experience.
Apps & Devices Supported:
-Lose It! Bluetooth Scale
-Withings Body Scale*
-Fitbit Aria Body Scale*
-Nike+ Fuelband
-Fitbit Tracker (One, Zip, Flex, & Classic)*
-Jawbone Up*
-Nike+ Running App*
-Withings Blood Pressure Monitor*
-CarePass by Aetna
*requires premium upgrade
In-person meetings are so last century. Access your support network from you fingertips through our social features. With Lose It!, you can connect to friends, family, and peers around the clock for the support you need, when you need it.
Peer Support Features:
-Connect with Friends
-Control Privacy
-Join Public Groups
-Join Private or Hidden Groups*
-Create Public, Private, or Hidden Groups*
*requires premium upgrade
We think health & fitness is more fun when you do it with others. Lose It!’s challenge feature unlocks your competitive side and helps you achieve your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, exercise, or total wellness, Lose It! offers head-to-head, team, and group-based challenges. Compete with each other or work together towards a common goal. Join a public challenge or create your own!*
Challenge Type:
-Weight Loss
-Days Logged
-Fruits and Vegetables
-Total Wellness Challenge
Join/Create Challenges:
-Join Public
-Join Private or Hidden*
-Create Public, Private, or Hidden*
*requires premium upgrade
Become a fan of Lose It! on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter @loseit (

has helped me lose weight fast where I couldn't before. found in 965 reviews
I've lost 20 lbs using this app and still losing. found in 503 reviews
Already lost 10 pounds and counting with this app. found in 551 reviews
I've already lost 15 pounds and still going. found in 491 reviews
Lose It is the best calorie tracker app that I have seen. found in 187 reviews
Other than that this is a great app for losing weight. found in 1181 reviews
This is the best diet app out there and it's FREE. found in 110 reviews
I've lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks I'm absolutely loving this app. found in 115 reviews
This app is easy to use and makes losing weight fun. found in 98 reviews
I use this app daily--it is a great weight management tool. found in 93 reviews
Great way to track calories and create a sensible weightloss plan. found in 332 reviews
Great way to keep track of daily calorie intake and exercise. found in 85 reviews
This app really keeps me accountable & I feel healthy again. found in 89 reviews
is by far the best fitness app currently available for the iPhone. found in 71 reviews
It has been a real eye opener and has helped me tremendously. found in 111 reviews
Keeps me honest and working towards my nutrition and fitness goals. found in 108 reviews
It's definitely the best health app out there. found in 51 reviews
Awesome and helpful tool in your weight loss journey. found in 74 reviews
Also a great motivator to exercise as you can eat more. found in 114 reviews
I can watch what I eat and lose weight at the same time. found in 55 reviews
It's super easy to log your food and track your calories. found in 538 reviews
I only wish the food and restaurants would be updated. found in 34 reviews
Database needs expanding and a barcode scan would help. found in 22 reviews
Even though I don't eat a lot of pre packaged foods. found in 54 reviews
Would be better if it could link w/ exercise log apps. found in 45 reviews
Only suggestion is that it needs more foods /brands. found in 440 reviews
however there is no possibility to use the metric system. found in 35 reviews
but they have all the junk food found in corporate restaurants. found in 28 reviews
It's a good app that's easy to log food. found in 58 reviews
I had no idea how many calories I was consuming each day. found in 33 reviews
Just needs more resturants and food options to be PERFECT. found in 29 reviews
It takes a long time to fill in the daily log. found in 71 reviews
You don't realize how many calories you are eating some days. found in 25 reviews
Four out of five because of no food updates. found in 19 reviews
This app would have been great if it supported metric units. found in 23 reviews
Needs more Restaurants in the Midwest but I'm losing weight. found in 118 reviews
With a larger food data base it would be perfect. found in 22 reviews
but interesting that certain foods aren't represented in the food database. found in 65 reviews
My only suggestion would be a larger database for restaurants. found in 22 reviews
but does not support metric system. found in 35 reviews
There is no international metric units. found in 23 reviews
rated better for fitness pal.   rated better for make better food.  
rated better for fast food.   rated better for food logging.  
"Helps me plan my activities & keeps me on track."
"Love keeping track my cycle and being able to plan ahead."
"I can plan ahead and fill it in the night before."
"plan ahead and check in with my routines and points tracker."
"It has helped me lose weight healthy by knowing my calorie intake."
"I'm pregnant and wanted a fast and easy to keep track of my water intake."
342,707 total
  • It's easy to use and a great weightloss tool.
  • Finally something that will help me achieve my weight loss goals.
  • So tell everyone about this life changing app.
  • Definitely helped me reach my weight loss goals in a healthy way.
  • and I've already changed my eating habits and started losing weight.
  • It's like having your own personal accountability partner in your pocket.
  • This app has everything you need to keep track of your weight loss goals.
  • Definitely helped me lose weight and stay motivated.
  • Really keeps track of things and allows you to hold yourself accountable.
  • Excellent tool for tracking progress of weight control and loss.
  • I have used to change my eating habits and it is really helping.
  • LoseIt is helping me stay focused and on track.
  • Keeping track of my caloric intake is helping me achieve my goal.
  • as this is generally a very important partg of weight loss programs.
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