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LivingSocial - Deals on Restaurants, Spas, Hotels, Concerts and more

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 86
Love love love Living Social really easy and reliable Thanks.
I love living social but the app won't let me use it.
I love LivingSocial and have been using it for years.
We love livingsocial but the app crashes all the time.
It puts amazing deals at your fingertips - literally.
Love not having to print the vouchers- works right from the phone.
Living social has great customer service much better than groupon.
Have experience alot of cool & new places thanks to living social.
App does no justice to Living Social's mission.
I love saving money and checking out new places.
Love the escapes options and the daily deals are getting better.
Fun & Engaging click me 90
Awesome deals that the everyday person can use.
Thank you for making fun things cheaper for the "99%" :D.
Great deals all the time weather traveling or going out somewhere close to home.
Same "Weak" Deals All The Time.
Living social is awesome and having the app makes it even better.
Allows you to browse multiple cities more conveniently than Groupon.
Fore closes everytime I try to browse.
Get for planning fun activities and services on a budget.
Totally addicted to the savings.
Usefulness click me 79
I look forward to seeing new deals every day.
And the app doesn't notify you when there's a new deal.
I check it everyday and find awesome deals almost everyday.
You will save a ton of money on useful deals.
I check living social everyday and love the value.
Saves time vs going to the website.
Family Friendly click me 79
super savings for family deals and also personal pampering.
I love the family deals as well as the regular deals.
I have found great deals for family friendly activities.
Used it for lots of family friendly events.
Value for Money click me 100
It allows you try new restaurants without spending a fortune.
Great way to try new restaurants without spending a lot.
Social Aspects click me 78
Love love love Living Social really easy and reliable Thanks.
I love living social but the app won't let me use it.
I love Living Social deals and look forward to using this app daily.
Ease of Use click me 68
The app makes it pretty easy to purchase deals without so many steps.
Great deals & easy to redeem on iPhone w/o need to print.
the app makes deals easy to buy but impossible to redeem.
Super convenient to use and I've found some great deals.
Simple app makes buying or uses purchases fun and never stressful.
the easy navigation between cities and deals.
Security & Privacy click me 45
it's safe and secure with password protection to buy a deal.
It will blow your mind and not your bank account.
Happy Bank Account.
Updates & Support click me 66
Amazing deals and great customer service when you need it.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

Hey, explorers! Save up to 80% on great local restaurants, tickets and events, relaxing spas, unique products, luxurious hotels, and more with LivingSocial’s free app for your iPhone or iPad. The deals on our app will help you discover, share, and save on the best things to see and do in your city.

Local Experiences & Events
Tasting menus at local restaurants, spa massages, live concerts, and other popular businesses and can't-miss events.
Hotels & Travel Packages
Amazing travel packages and hotel deals from all-inclusive vacations abroad to relaxing weekend breaks nearby.
Products Shipped To You
Huge deals on electronics, home décor, fashion, jewelry, makeup, fitness gear, and more shipped directly to you.
How Does It Work?
DISCOVER: To find deals near you, just check the map, filter by category, search, or browse.
BUY: Purchase a deal quickly, easily, and safely on the app with the tap of a finger.
REDEEM: Access any purchase under Vouchers, follow the instructions, and enjoy!

Living social is a great way to try new places at a discounted price. found in 629 reviews
I love LivingSocial and have been using it for years. found in 954 reviews
Living social has great customer service much better than groupon. found in 188 reviews
I've gotten some great discounts on my favorite things. found in 96 reviews
Always full of great savings and amazing destinations. found in 160 reviews
It's a money saver n has good deals. found in 94 reviews
Great money saving deals and great way to try new businesses. found in 62 reviews
Amazing deals and great customer service when you need it. found in 52 reviews
I have found a lot of great deals on Living Social. found in 45 reviews
Love the escapes options and the daily deals are getting better. found in 66 reviews
Got great deals already & some of these deals also make great gifts. found in 46 reviews
Thanks living social keep the great deals coming. found in 82 reviews
Great for exposure to local businesses and great bargains. found in 45 reviews
Living Social has high quality products and services at drastically discounted prices. found in 30 reviews
Get for planning fun activities and services on a budget. found in 33 reviews
Great deals around your neighborhood and even travel deals too. found in 78 reviews
LivingSocial is the best discount app around. found in 20 reviews
Gives me the opportunity to try new places that I wouldn't ordinarily fraternize. found in 32 reviews
A great way to discover new places to try and at half price. found in 37 reviews
I especially like the Fandango $9 for two movie tickets deal. found in 28 reviews
App is very user friendly but definitely need more deals. found in 511 reviews
I just wish the deals were offered a bit longer. found in 21 reviews
Wish there were more local deals rather than on line deals. found in 331 reviews
Great but won't push notifications to my iPhone. found in 92 reviews
A lot of stupid things listed still think groupon is better. found in 61 reviews
LivingSocial needs to add a search feature. found in 16 reviews
but needs more variety and better deals. found in 19 reviews
Just wish they offered more deals in the suburbs of Philly. found in 14 reviews
Overall great app except it doesn't have as many deals as groupon. found in 18 reviews
Wish they had more local deals but escapes look great. found in 9 reviews
But there is no search function nor any categorization per deals. found in 18 reviews
I am very disappointed by their customer service and refund policy. found in 15 reviews
App doesn't work when I try to sign in with facebook. found in 11 reviews
Their return policy is much worse than Groupon though. found in 14 reviews
This app crashes and now I can't view my vouchers. found in 8 reviews
I agree- password protection would make me feel better. found in 7 reviews
More frustrating is lack of search option. found in 11 reviews
I like it just wish you offered more than one deal a day. found in 141 reviews
I just wish there were more deals closer to me though. found in 37 reviews
Needs better deals and to expand to more location. found in 165 reviews
Wish there were more than one deal per city. found in 141 reviews
Haven't seen one deal I would be remotely interested in. found in 141 reviews
It crashes when I enter my Credit Card info. found in 98 reviews
Push notifications reset when the app is reloaded. found in 92 reviews
Sold out deals should b removed. found in 32 reviews
I hate that it only has 1 deal per day. found in 31 reviews
The app for iPad and iPhone do not show deal bucks. found in 21 reviews
but now all of my favorite cities are gone. found in 21 reviews
Needs more variety and more options. found in 19 reviews
You can't even access already purchased vouchers. found in 19 reviews
Needs better offers. found in 17 reviews
Difficult to change your home city once you set it. found in 17 reviews
directions link opens minimal map w/o current location controls. found in 16 reviews
it would be nice if there was a search feature. found in 16 reviews
I can't access my vouchers either since the latest update. found in 16 reviews
rated better for search feature.   rated better for one deal.  
rated better for bargain hunters.   rated better for deals around town.  
rated better for share deals.   rated better for deals via.  
rated better for small business.   rated better for coupons app.  
"It makes it so easy to get great local deals."
"A great way to find deals and new experiences."
"They always have amazing deals and adorable clothes."
"Great deals and great cloths for awesome prices."
"Great deals and the customer service is AMAZING."
"This is a great way to try new restaurants and businesses in the area."
"Indispensable for any foodie looking to try new restaurants."
"The deep discounts are a great incentive to try new restaurants."
"and a fantastic way to make it easy to try new restaurants."
"I almost won't even try a new restaurant without checking yelp first."
"I use it to try new restaurants and to reserve my favorites."
"Great money saving app with the gas prices these days."
"This is the best money saving app around."
"Ibotta is hands down the best money saving app on the market."
"It's absolutely the best money saving /coupon app out there."
"This has been a fun and money saving app to have."
"This is a great money saving app."
71,399 total

This app is popular with:
  • Always has wonderful deals and allows me to discover new places.
  • I love saving money and checking out new places.
  • They have great getaway deals and everyday some new daily specials.
  • Scored a great deal on LASIK surgery for my husband.
  • Just show my phone.
  • Great way to try new restaurants and also love the hotel deals.
  • This is definitely a great deal finder.
  • Super user friendly and they work with QUALITY businesses.
  • Great gift ideas for those living out of town.
  • I love the savings and opportunity to explore new places.
  • Hoping that more local places start listing more often.
  • Nice application foe the bargain shopper.
  • Simple and straightforward - just pay attention to the details.
  • "Return policy and customer support has left me dissatisfied."
  • "doesn't work with facebook connect when I tried using it."
  • "No multiple locations."
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