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Overall Satisfaction click me 85
Love love love Living Social really easy and reliable Thanks.
Living Social causes headaches in the long run.
I love LivingSocial and have been using it for years.
We love livingsocial but the app crashes all the time.
I love to save money and living social helps me with daily deals.
There are amazing deals available for my city.
I think living social is a much better than groupon.
Love the escapes options and the daily deals are getting better.
Have experience alot of cool & new places thanks to living social.
App does no justice to Living Social's mission.
I love Saving the memories in shutterfly canvas.
Fun & Engaging click me 90
Awesome deals that the everyday person can use.
Have experiences many fun things while saving money.
Great deals all the time weather traveling or going out somewhere close to home.
Livingsocial is awesome and the advertising amazing.
Provides good deals on fun activities I wouldn't have thought of.
Totally addicted to the savings.
Great AND fun way to save money.
Usefulness click me 77
I think they should run new deals everyday for variety.
And the app doesn't notify you when there's a new deal.
You will save a ton of money on useful deals.
I use living social everyday and it is great.
I find useful items almost daily.
It helps me save money and have opportunities to try new businesses.
Family Friendly click me 80
super savings for family deals and also personal pampering.
especially deals for kids :.
I've also enjoyed the escape packages and the new family edition.
Can't get it to show anything but family edition.
Value for Money click me 100
Great way to try new restaurants without spending a lot.
Social Aspects click me 73
Love love love Living Social really easy and reliable Thanks.
Living Social causes headaches in the long run.
I love Living Social deals and look forward to using this app daily.
Ease of Use click me 75
Awesome way to save money and experience something new sometimes too.
The app makes it pretty easy to purchase deals without so many steps.
The savings are great and it's pretty easy to redeem my vouchers.
Michael Todd items are difficult to redeem.
Otherwise it's easy to use and convenient.
The app is so easy to use and there are all kinds of wonderful deals.
Good variety of deals and app is super easy to use.
Efficiently organized and easy to use.
Clean easy and rocking.
Reliability click me 10
Security & Privacy click me 26
it's safe and secure with password protection to buy a deal.
Updates & Support click me 17
Miss old version.
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Want to save 50%-90% at restaurants, spas, gyms, and more? Download our free iPhone / iPad app to access LivingSocial's daily deals. Each day, we'll introduce you to a new, cool thing to do in your city -- and give you a HUGE discount while we're at it. Always traveling? With our app, you'll see every deal we're running in every city. Call us your United States of Savings. your pocket
Why check email? With our free app, deals are pushed to your iPhone every day. Just click to view the deal and buy directly on your phone. It's that easy!
Share the love
When you buy a deal, tell your friends. Email or tweet your deals in one easy click. Why? If three of your friends buy the deal, you'll get yours for free.
Save the earth
No more printing. Simply access a deal on your iPhone or iPad and show it to the merchant. No paper; no hassle; no trees being felled in the forest.

I love LivingSocial and have been using it for years. found in 538 reviews
I think living social is a much better than groupon. found in 119 reviews
Such a great way to try new places and support local businesses. found in 365 reviews
Good ideas for new places and at great savings. found in 99 reviews
Great discounts on lots of stuff you've wanted but couldn't afford. found in 57 reviews
Love the escapes options and the daily deals are getting better. found in 50 reviews
Got great deals already & some of these deals also make great gifts. found in 31 reviews
Keep the great deals coming living social. found in 53 reviews
This is an easy to use app that provides access to great deals. found in 24 reviews
It allows me to experience things I could not otherwise afford. found in 29 reviews
Good date night /day adventures and family time ideas. found in 24 reviews
I have been able to find some really cool deals here. found in 27 reviews
Living Social has high quality products and services at drastically discounted prices. found in 15 reviews
Gives me the opportunity to try new places that I wouldn't ordinarily fraternize. found in 20 reviews
Love the getaways easiest cheapest vacations we've ever had. found in 11 reviews
There is always something for everyone at a super discounted price. found in 24 reviews
they have a ton of great quality deals near me. found in 8 reviews
and I have made several purchases at ease without any problems. found in 8 reviews
I love having all of my deals at my fingertips. found in 9 reviews
I am always excited to see what new deals they have everyday. found in 6 reviews
App is very user friendly but definitely need more deals. found in 351 reviews
The deals don't get lost in my inbox somewhere. found in 20 reviews
Wish they had more local deals but escapes look great. found in 179 reviews
I just wish the deals were offered a bit longer. found in 14 reviews
Great app but needs more offers for Triad locations. found in 30 reviews
Needs more variety and more options. found in 14 reviews
Just wish they offered more deals in the suburbs of Philly. found in 9 reviews
I just wish there were deals closer to where I live. found in 19 reviews
App doesn't work when I try to sign in with facebook. found in 8 reviews
I would love to see more daily deals but it's pretty neat. found in 86 reviews
This app crashes and now I can't view my vouchers. found in 8 reviews
Good app but has not many deals as Groupon or others deal website. found in 11 reviews
Only wish it had more locations closer to me. found in 10 reviews
Please add more family activities and restaurant deals. found in 8 reviews
Living social needs to do categories like groupon: goods vs services. found in 8 reviews
The passcode lock doesn't work in the latest update. found in 3 reviews
Living social needs more adventure deals in my city and surrounding area's. found in 13 reviews
I don't live in Orange County or Los Angeles. found in 11 reviews
Only downside is the deal isn't ready til next day. found in 8 reviews
Wish there were more than one deal per city. found in 138 reviews
I won't purchase unless I see expiration dates. found in 33 reviews
It would be nice to see more daily deals and options. found in 24 reviews
Sold out deals should b removed. found in 23 reviews
but now all of my favorite cities are gone. found in 21 reviews
it doesn't give you nearby deals. found in 21 reviews
Also the deals don't seem to be as good as groupon. found in 20 reviews
Just no deals close to me to take advantage of. found in 19 reviews
It's annoying that I cannot delete Washington DC from my cities. found in 17 reviews
Difficult to change your home city once you set it. found in 15 reviews
and have a more detailed options menu that living social doesn't have. found in 14 reviews
It forces me to use the facebook login. found in 13 reviews
doesn't work with facebook connect when I tried using it. found in 12 reviews
What happened to Los Angeles and Orange County. found in 11 reviews
I can't access my vouchers either since the latest update. found in 11 reviews
rated better for one deal.   rated better for deals near.  
rated better for small business.   rated better for spa deals.  
rated better for miss a deal.   rated better for share deals.  
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"So many great deals for Houston to many fantastic places."
"They always have amazing deals and adorable clothes."
"amazing deals sent directly to ur phone that u can customize."
"Great deals and great cloths for awesome prices."
"A great way to try new restaurants and services without paying full price."
"and a fantastic way to make it easy to try new restaurants."
"Must have app for anyone adventurous enough to try new restaurants."
"It's awesome to try new restaurants and see what's out there."
"Great way to save money and find new things in your area."
"The best saves money and time when you are running low."
"Saves money for texts and calls is its biggest plus."
70,126 total

This app is popular with:
  • I love saving money and checking out new places.
  • They have great getaway deals and everyday some new daily specials.
  • Always has wonderful deals and allows me to discover new places.
  • great discounts and great incentive to try out new places around town.
  • but so far I've seen a lot of great gift ideas.
  • Nice application foe the bargain shopper.
  • So many awesome deals at great discount prices.
  • This is definitely a great deal finder.
  • Hoping that more local places start listing more often.
  • Cheap & easy way to explore new places & fun activities.
  • Great App for travelers.
  • Great variety of deals including many restaurants that I haven't ventured to yet.
  • "They have awesome customer service and a great return policy."
  • "but determined that its impossible to turn off push notifications."
  • "The app stopped and didn't take my credit card information."
  • "No multiple locations."
  • "Mothers day flowers joke."
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