LetterSounds was designed by parents and teachers.  It uses the same learning-to-read techniques found in our classrooms which emphasizes the sound of the letters, not the name of the letters.  LetterSounds will help your children recognize letter sounds and learn new words at the same time.  Series 1 focuses on the first letter of words using short vowel and hard consonant sounds.  Watch for future series which will expand to long vowels and soft consonants. Targeting 2 to 4 year olds, Letter Sounds allows the child to select a letter from the Alphabet,   hear the sound of the letter,   then pick images for which the word begins with the same sound as the letter selected.   This application focuses on the first letter of words, and allows the child to compare the sounds of letters,  hear the word, and see a number of colorful and engaging photographs of the word. The letter sounds of the words and the associated meaningful pictures coupled with fun, kid friendly interface really keeps the child engaged while helping them learn. Letter Sounds is a very interactive application using images and sounds to keep a child wanting to try it again and again as they learn the sounds of letters. Try out letters A through C in this free release. If you and your child like it, upgrade to the full version from within the application. Features: - Hundreds of photographs so that the child is always surprised by something different - Clear/professional audio clips - Smart audio play back so that parents & child do not hear the same sound over and over again while having the option of the play back on-demand - Letter and Word sounds only play the first time an image is selected.  If the images are clicked on more than once,  the audio will only play on request - Kid friendly cues to teach the child right and wrong answers further enhancing learning experience  - Extremely simple, colorful interface that will keep the child's attention     Instructions: Have the child choose a letter from the alphabet.  They will then be presented with six images and hear the sound of the letter.  Choose the image that starts with the same sound as the letter.   Each image will indicate if it was right or wrong, and present photographs of the image, playback of the letter and its corresponding letter sound.  The child can also click on the picture to see all the colorful photographs of that word, and can click on the letter or word to hear them again. In addition, both the chosen letter, and the first letter of the image can be clicked on so that the child can hear if they are different or the same. ############################ There are two versions of LetterSounds on the App Store: 1) LetterSounds: This is the best choice if you want to try it out before buying. This is a lite version, free to download, that provides access to letters A, B, and C. Access to letters D-Z requires the full, unlocked version via the In-App purchase. 2) LetterSounds VPP: This is the full, unlocked version of LetterSounds that provides access to all letters. This is the best option for educational institutions which would like to purchase the application in volume, using the Volume Purchase Program. ############################

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