Kids Math Grids - Decimals


Kids Math Grids - Decimals

A great app for 7 - 12 year old kids to practice the basic math skills of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with decimal numbers and help them improve their mental calculation accuracy and speed. These grids are extremely popular in Japan. The questions are presented in a grid format (5X5 cells) with unlimited number of combinations and multiple levels. Each grid can be printed if needed, thus eliminating the need for buying workbooks. The app uses a randomly generated sequence to pick the cells to answer allowing the kids to find it engaging and interesting. Also there is a timer to measure the speed of calculations to bring in some competitiveness amongst the kids. The app can store the Top 3 Best Completion Times and the previous ten Completion Times with names. It is also a great app for adults to engage and compete with kids and to exercise the brain with some fun speed math. Have fun…

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