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KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 94
This is by far one of the best travel apps in the iTunes store.
Love kayak - best organization of info out there.
Love kayak but this app needs a lot of work.
I use it for all my travel arrangements and love it.
Thanks KAYAK for the hasslefree extra hour.
It made searching and selecting flights simple and helped find the best rates.
The app runs smooth and always finds the best rate for me.
This search engine provides all the best fares available.
Kayak is the best airfare search tool on the iPhone.
Fun & Engaging click me 93
Kayak- awesome travel tool.
Kayak is awesome and their app is so easy to use.
Use kayak all the time to quickly check other flights when traveling.
Usefulness click me 89
This is a great app for travelers on the go.
Kayak is the most useful travel tool yet created.
And the fact that it keeps EVERYTHING in one place is fantastic.
It can do everything the website can.
Very helpful and convenient to use :.
Super helpful and user friendly.
Production Values click me 98
Great app great user interface easy to use.
intuitive user interface as well overall experience.
Ease of Use click me 88
Very easy to compare rates across websites and quickly book.
Couldn't have been easier to search flights and make reservations.
Can't search flights.
is the inability to purchase insurance when buying airline tickets.
Makes travel planning from my phone completely practical.
This site was very easy to use and navigate around.
They are easy convenient and they find the best rates.
Fast and intuitive interface make this one of my favorite apps.
Reliability click me 27
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The smart travel search engine. Hotel, flight, and car search and booking, flight tracker and itinerary management.

This is by far one of the best travel apps in the iTunes store. found in 718 reviews
Makes travel planning from my phone completely practical. found in 49 reviews
Super easy to use and a great travel tool at your fingertips :. found in 140 reviews
All that you need to plan your business or family travel. found in 60 reviews
This is a great app for travelers on the go. found in 83 reviews
This is the best all around travel booking app bar none. found in 35 reviews
Additionally the plane tickets prices are the best around. found in 28 reviews
This app is my preferred app for vacation planning. found in 12 reviews
Has all that you would need for booking travel arrangements. found in 17 reviews
Kayak is the best airfare search tool on the iPhone. found in 13 reviews
Very pleased with this app and feel its the best travel app on the market. found in 10 reviews
Nothing more you could ask for in a free travel app. found in 11 reviews
Helped me find the best and cheapest plane tickets and hotel room. found in 16 reviews
Have gotten the best deals using the kayak mobile app. found in 23 reviews
Kayak is the most useful travel tool yet created. found in 12 reviews
this app also provides information on baggage fees for each airline. found in 13 reviews
Love this site for my vacations always gives me the best rates. found in 10 reviews
Great app easy to use could have better filter options. found in 11 reviews
This application is good for last minute air and hotel booking. found in 12 reviews
save time and money on travel plans by using this. found in 6 reviews
but please add multi -city flight search. found in 2 reviews
Missing selection for children as passenger. found in 4 reviews
The hotel search needs improvement. found in 3 reviews
Car rental search needs work. found in 2 reviews
but does not remember last search. found in 2 reviews
Great app but missing vacations. found in 2 reviews
this latest update keeps crashing and renders the app unusable. found in 2 reviews
Excellent but for the time filter slide bars. found in 3 reviews
as it doesn't even let you select multiple airports. found in 5 reviews
The app is good but missing list of amenities. found in 2 reviews
Crash crash city. found in 2 reviews
BUT they have GOT to fix this crashing problem. found in 4 reviews
but needs Explore option that's available on kayak full website. found in 2 reviews
but please add multi- city flight search. found in 2 reviews
but the latest version crashes when you try to use filters. found in 4 reviews
App crashes as soon as it is opened in iOS 7. found in 20 reviews
but I can't search pet friendly hotels. found in 6 reviews
But in tes of food drinks departure time delays is nuts. found in 8 reviews
this one has some issues updating then flight details. found in 10 reviews
especially if you try to filter by things like star rating. found in 34 reviews
Latest updated App will not even start on iOS 7. found in 20 reviews
Terrible one way vs round trip organization. found in 20 reviews
What happened to " search nearby airports " and all these damn ads. found in 15 reviews
Keeps crashing when trying to put in flight details. found in 10 reviews
Please bring back the search history for flight searches. found in 10 reviews
Not as good as the old Kayak HD. found in 8 reviews
The kayak pro app updated today crashes seconds after opening. found in 7 reviews
Crashes every- time I search for a vehicle rental. found in 7 reviews
Kayak redirects you to the airline's website. found in 5 reviews
App doesn't help much for finding accurate prices on flights. found in 5 reviews
Trying to search for flights and it keeps crashing on me. found in 5 reviews
rated better for hotel rates.   rated better for make reservations.  
rated better for nearby airports.   rated better for flight details.  
rated better for flight alerts.   rated better for useful travel.  
rated better for use tripit.  
"So much easier and more flexible than a traditional car rental service."
"They even got the hotel and car rental to waive cancellation fees."
"Kayak is definitely the best travel search engine."
"This app far and away outshines other clunky travel search designs."
"The best travel search tool I've seen."
"what's new with the bookme travel search app."
"Very useful to know where to find the best deals on gas."
"I recommend this scanner to everyone who wants to find the best deals."
"Really easy to compare dates and times to find the best deals."
"Helps with holiday shopping so you can find the best deals."
"When you want to buy something cheaper or find the best deals."
"Helps to find the best deal all over town without wasting gas."
56,345 total

This app is popular with:
  • Using Kayak has made finding the best travel deal so easy.
  • I definitely use this as a travel resource for business.
  • Great tool for planning a trip and comparing prices.
  • Fastest way to check flight status and compare flight options.
  • A must for a frequent flyer looking for the best prices.
  • Good tool to determine options for business travel.
  • Kayak is the best travel site and this app rocks.
  • Almost as good as desktop version which is best travel application.
  • Makes trip searches easy and quick from my iphone.
  • Better than the web version and as fast.
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