Kat'it Kounter Basic


Kat'it Kounter Basic

How fast can you add under pressure? New alien invaders from a logical world came to rule the earth. Be a champion and borrow the special galactic machine "Kounter" from Kat. (this is optimized for iphone4 or ipad2 version) You must multiply or divide with your head to launch a split missile that matches the right number of fragments from the alien bombs. A challenge for everyone who wants to exercise the brain, both educational and fun! Simple game and rich in videogame history, integrates the same concepts that came from early arcades like Galaxy Game, Invaders, Missile Command or Tetris. Be careful and get your math right or else the fragments might hit your Kounter and damage it. You can improve your Kounter and change Kat's appearance, check the Market for upgrades and accessories.

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