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FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
JPay Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 52
Best way to keep in touch with loved ones.
Reliability click me 29
Updates & Support click me 34
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The JPay App lets you send money and email to inmates from your iOS device.

Your favorite JPay services – money transfer and email to prisons – now on the go! JPay Mobile email allows you to send photo attachments* and email multiple recipients. With the updated Send Money service, you can quickly transfer funds to inmate trust accounts with your credit or debit card. You can even manage your JPay account.
-Send money with your credit/debit card*
-Write and receive emails*
-Attach and send photos*
-Send emails to multiple recipients*
-Add/edit payment options
*Available in select facilities

This app is a great way to keep in touch with an inmate. found in 4 reviews
photos are easily sent and sending money is easy. found in 6 reviews
We of THE BODY OF CHRIST. found in 1 reviews
It makes talking to my boyfriend so much easier. found in 1 reviews
send emails to multiple recipients. found in 1 reviews
as well as our brothers and sisters who were involved as well. found in 1 reviews
Much faster and cheaper then mailing or calling. found in 1 reviews
It gives the option on the website. found in 1 reviews
Great efficiency app. found in 1 reviews
send money with your credit debit card. found in 1 reviews
Just wrote s message THEN the attachment button will activate. found in 1 reviews
This a great way to transfer money quickly on the fly. found in 1 reviews
HOLY GHOST. found in 1 reviews
Which interferes and confuses for the new emails. found in 4 reviews
The light purple is horrible. found in 3 reviews
Maybe his jail don't let you send pics. found in 3 reviews
It doesn't work when I try to upload a picture. found in 1 reviews
Could you please update your app to resolve this problem please. found in 2 reviews
Needs work done. found in 1 reviews
Still having issues. found in 1 reviews
Great but could use an I pad version. found in 1 reviews
Still needs a little work. found in 1 reviews
Time wasted it didn't save as a draft. found in 2 reviews
Deletes messages. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for fixing the iOS 6 issue. found in 2 reviews
however after the most recent update I do not receive notifications. found in 2 reviews
I store search doesn't pull app up for me. found in 1 reviews
I've uninstalled/ deleted and installed it again. found in 2 reviews
Fix the notifications bug. found in 1 reviews
until this recent update. found in 1 reviews
But when I check there is no new emails. found in 4 reviews
Goes to a black screen and closes itself out. found in 2 reviews
Thanks but no thanks unless you can fix it. found in 2 reviews
Please get this fixed. found in 2 reviews
rated better for sending pictures.   rated better for sending money.  
rated better for money online.  
"Makes it easy to send money to friends and family."
"Square Cash is by far the easiest way to send money."
"Very flexible and secure way to send money to my relatives abroad."
"It's the fastest and easiest way to send money to them."
"Cheapest most reliable way to send money internationally."
"Makes everything so easy send money pay bills whatever."
"Everything always loads fine and I can upload pictures and everything."
"I only use the real Instagram to upload pictures."
"I wish we could upload pictures from our desktop computer."
"I recommend this app to anyone who loves to upload pictures to Facebook."
"I use this app to upload pictures from my phone all the time."
"But you shouldn't have to pay just to upload a picture."
211 total
  • jpay mobile email allows you to send photo attachments.
  • It's nice getting text alerts when they write.
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