Easy-to-use interactive wine and food pairing tool. JAMES! allows the restaurant visitor to consult digital and in a user friendly way, both the menu and the wine list. The added value is that the wines/beverages are linked to the dishes. This way the restaurant guest can easily choose the right wine with the appropriate course. This app also definitely works on the visual trigger for the restaurant guest. In the back office, where the restaurant manager only has access to, the menu and wine/beverage list are completed, prices determined and linked the right bottle pictures with the right wines. Here, the wines are also coupled to the dishes, whether or not by the glass. The restaurant manager describes briefly why this or that beverage perfectly suits the dish. So you can at any time adjust anything without having to print new menu and wine lists! When the content is completed, the host/guest opens the tablet JAMES! and he can easily order the dishes and recommended wines. This clearly enhances the total restaurant experience by the guest.

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