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iVerbs Norwegian

iVerbs Norwegian helps you learn Norwegian verbs; especially irregular verbs. The most frequently used Norwegian verbs all in your device. No internet connection required. Each verb is presented with its full forms. Each verb comes along with its complete Norwegian conjugation system: Infinitiv, Presens, Preteritum, Presens perfektum, Preteritum perfektum, Presens futurum, Preteritum futurum, Presens futurum perfektum e il Preteritum futurum perfektum. You can also find the Norwegian Imperativ and the Partisipp. Easy search mode entering both Norwegian and English. iVerbs Norwegian is an app designed with one aim in mind: helping students learn Norwegian irregular verbs. And one of the best thing in learning is the cooperation. For this reason, if you should not find the verb you need, you can send me an in-app email suggesting the verb you did not find. In this way, the app will grow and improve according to the real learning needs of all the people around the world. -- if you find the app useful, please consider sharing what you think, writing a review on the App Store. Thanks! Ha det!

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