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iPeriod Period Tracker Free - Menstrual Calendar

FREE 12+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
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Overall Satisfaction click me 85
Love being able to look at year ahead and plan vacation accordingly.
I love being able to track different characteristics of my period also.
It also has a handy feature for documenting " love connections ".
Also love the forums very entertaining and helpful.
I love the alerts and symptoms you can track on the calendar.
An awesome app I recommend to all women I love it:.
I love the reminders it gives for the countdown each month.
Fun & Engaging click me 84
I think it's awesome.
awesome for keeping track.
Usefulness click me 81
Great way to keep track of everything going on with your body.
It really helps me to plan ahead and know what's coming.
Really helpful in keeping track of things especially when life gets too hectic.
Great app very accurate and helpful lots of support from the forum also.
Best app ever and I love how it helps me remember everything.
it does what it says and it is extremely useful and accurate.
This app really helps me stay on top of my cycles.
Family Friendly click me 82
I find it very useful for our natural family planning decision.
Great planning tool should you want to do family planning.
Ease of Use click me 79
It's simple to use and easily helps me keep track of my cycle.
Super convenient and easy to use.
This app has been so helpful and convenient to use.
Overall pretty simple and user friendly.
It's reliable and easy to use.
This app makes it super easy without much effort.
Reliability click me 46
Ads not Intrusive click me 27
Security & Privacy click me 87
Very user friendly and I love the option of password protection.
I figure that if your going to offer password protection.
Very helpful especially when u can set a password.
and that you are able to remove the name for privacy.
Updates & Support click me 81
I use the free version and am happy w it.
even when you use the free version.
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"A must-have Personal Assistant" - GLO.MSN.COM

"Top iPhone App for Busy Women" - FORBES
"...a simple yet ingenious application"- POPULAR SCIENCE
"Health Rules for Every Woman: Use a tracking app like iPeriod Ultimate" - GLAMOUR
"Allows smartphone users to fastidiously track their monthly cycles" - THE HARVARD CRIMSON
"I highly recommend the iPeriod app..." - MOMMY TOO! MAGAZINE
"What's Hot" - APP STORE
Now with Touch ID!
Celebrating 6 years in top Healthcare and Fitness apps!
Let iPeriod® keep track! The most customization with more than 80 symptoms and 28 free themes and colors!
iPeriod's beautiful VISUAL CALENDAR makes it easy for you to view your menstrual cycles at a glance!
•DISCREET icon name "iP"
•Track periods, symptoms, notes, moods, weight and more (80+)!
•Let iPeriod predict periods, ovulation, and fertility (great for trip planning!)
•Extensive customization (customize symptoms, choose from 26 free skins, 4 calendar styles, choose which icons appear on the calendar)
•View graphs of your data
•Receive alerts for when your period is expected!
•Password protection
•Export and print your data to take to your doctor appointments
•Breast exam reminders
•Community Forums
Enter your period for at least two consecutive cycles, and iPeriod® calculates your average duration, cycle length and estimates the dates of your next expected periods, fertile days and ovulation! Each time new data is entered, statistics are updated.
The only app that truly graphically displays your data on the calendar... other apps simply place a single symbol to represent all symptoms.
• The MOST accurate: predictions are based on your cycles (not averages) and improve over time
• The MOST customization: adjustable luteal phase, hide symptoms not used by you, manage which icons appear on calendar
• The MOST personalization: 4 calendar styles, 28 skins
• Customizable icons to better suit your needs
• Breast exam reminders
• Searchable note history (including freeform notes, moods and symptoms)
• Email alerts
Do not rely on iPeriod® to prevent pregnancy.
Be sure to also check out iPregnant (iPeriod's Pregnancy Tracking Companion)!

Extremely helpful app that helps keep track of my cycles. found in 89 reviews
This is perfect for tracking period & planning ahead for it. found in 18 reviews
This app takes the guesswork out of keeping track of your cycles. found in 15 reviews
It really helps me to plan ahead and know what's coming. found in 24 reviews
This app is awesome to reference at doctors appointments as well. found in 18 reviews
Great app for women and helpful with planning around periods. found in 9 reviews
I find it very useful for our natural family planning decision. found in 14 reviews
Love this it really helps me stay on track cuz I'm so forgetful lol. found in 10 reviews
Also love the forums very entertaining and helpful. found in 12 reviews
ovulation and breast exam check reminders are invaluable. found in 22 reviews
It's always right on point when it says I'm going to get my period. found in 4 reviews
I like that it lets me keep track of my moods and weight too. found in 9 reviews
loud video ads that can't be closed immediately. found in 9 reviews
I gave it 4 stars because it needs more mood options. found in 12 reviews
This is very user friendly but the fertility days are wrong. found in 7 reviews
I wish it had a little more user friendly interface. found in 4 reviews
Please optimize for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. found in 1 reviews
Unfortunately there at way too many ads. found in 3 reviews
Besides the annoying pop up adds at the beginning. found in 4 reviews
It's nice not having to calculate this on a calendar anymore. found in 6 reviews
It's one thing to put ads with sound on apps with sound. found in 3 reviews
It won't let me post anything :. found in 3 reviews
but putting noisy ads on an otherwise soundless app is wrong. found in 1 reviews
really annoying ads. found in 12 reviews
but the password feature doesn't work. found in 3 reviews
Wish it had a place to track weight and more symptoms. found in 3 reviews
Get rid of the video ads. found in 2 reviews
and know when the next one is coming. found in 3 reviews
I always have my phone and never remember when my last period happened. found in 5 reviews
Leaving this app because of the annoying ads. found in 12 reviews
Great until this new update with video ads. found in 9 reviews
I don't have the time to watch that stupid same ad. found in 9 reviews
Too many pop up ads and just really annoying to use now. found in 6 reviews
After update the program doesn't want to run. found in 6 reviews
Too many pop up ads. found in 6 reviews
way too many ads. found in 3 reviews
rated better for expected period.   rated better for password protection.  
rated better for ask questions.   rated better for basal body.  
rated better for avoid pregnancy.   rated better for tracking weight.  
rated better for body temp.   rated better for young women.  
rated better for pop up.  
rated better for pop ups.  
"Helps me keep track of my moods without anyone knowing."
"This app has helped me keep track of my moods."
"Sometimes I get motivated & plan ahead which is even better."
"Helps me plan my activities & keeps me on track."
"Love keeping track my cycle and being able to plan ahead."
"plan ahead and check in with my routines and points tracker."
"I can plan ahead and fill it in the night before."
"it works beautifully when we plan ahead as well."
"Atleast now I can schedule vacations around my future periods."
"Helpful for planning vacations around being bloated and moody."
"Makes it easier to plan vacations."
"I can now plan vacations accordingly."
"I've used it to plan my vacation & make meal reservations."
"Easiest way I have found to plan vacations and make reservations."
30,216 total

This app is popular with:
  • I plan my vacation around what it is telling me.
  • Excellent way to keep track of your monthly cycles and symptoms associated.
  • This App gets used every month to plan trips.
  • Great app for guys.
  • It helps me to organize my life.
  • Great for Ladies on the go.
  • It helps me keep up with everything so great :.
  • Super handy tool.
  • Especially the notes section and all included since the recent update.
  • I especially like the ability to track moods and write notes.
  • I would never know when to expect my period or when I had it last.
  • "I figure that if your going to offer password protection."
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