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Overall Satisfaction click me 77
Best hotel app I have used in along time.
Now it's of no more use than any other hotel app.
Love to travel and use it to find the best local deal.
Helps me find the best deals when i am on vacation.
This is by far the best hotel booking app in the world.
Worst hotel booking app I've ever used.
Easy to use and I love the rewards program.
Fun & Engaging click me 75
Use it all the time and have received awesome deals.
Awesome new app - really.
This app comes in handy all the time.
Usefulness click me 81
Very easy to use and very convenient when traveling a lot.
This app it's really helpful.
This really useful app for travellers.
Great app very useful.
Awesome app saves time and money.
I love this app it helps me find great deals aneyware.
Family Friendly click me 74
Helped us find a great deal for a family vacation.
Really help with my family vacation.
With two kids traveling with us.
Ease of Use click me 74
Absolutely easy to use and all around wonderful app.
or tried to use it today and crashed multiple times.
Use it all the time to search out hotel options.
Easy to look up and compare hotels in the area.
Great and easy to use app to find hotels in the best locations.
Developer needs to use app.
com account so its super fast and easy to book.
I use this app about once a week to find hotel rates.
Great to use and extremely easy to navigate through.
need a bit more flexibility to pick and choose locations & resorts.
Reliability click me 61
App crashes when trying to add a reservation to Passbook in iOS 7.
Updates & Support click me 25
Customer service is great when you reach even the silver level.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

The app is the simple, fast and secure way to book your perfect hotel.

- Easily discover your perfect hotels with our in-depth sort and filter options.
- Get exclusive deals for hotels in your area tonight by using our “Tonight’s Local Deals” feature.
- Save all your favorite hotels to easily compare between features and prices.
- Easy-to-use map view to discover all the hotels around you.
- Collect 10 nights with us and get 1 free with our Welcome Rewards®.
- Choose when to pay. Either when you book or when you stay at the hotel.
- Securely store your payment details for fast, easier and safe bookings.
- Save your booking to your Passbook for whenever you need it.
- Sign in once and our app will keep you logged in every time, so you can search and view your bookings straight away.
- Use Facebook to sign in or register. Create one account for all of your devices with just a touch of a button.
- See your past, current and future hotel bookings, even when you don’t have access to the Internet.
- Call our customer support from within the app 24/7 for help making or managing bookings.
*The maximum value of your free night is the average daily rate of your ten nights. Your free night does not include taxes and fees. Account Summary Balance updates after stay has been completed.

Best hotel app I have used in along time. found in 68 reviews
Just amazing there are some really good deals on this app. found in 44 reviews
I use it all the time to find the best deals out there. found in 27 reviews
easy to navigate & find great deals wherever you're planning on traveling. found in 9 reviews
Used to use a competitors rewards program for hotels & flights. found in 12 reviews
I'm Just doing this for that's for a game. found in 10 reviews
Still issues with adding reservations to passbook. found in 28 reviews
Can't seem to add reservations to Passbook on iOS 7. found in 28 reviews
To register they require password without anywhere to enter it. found in 15 reviews
Add to Passbook option does not work in iOS 7. found in 10 reviews
App crashes when trying to add a reservation to Passbook in iOS 7. found in 4 reviews
Please add more filter options like price range. found in 5 reviews
Great App but needs improvement. found in 2 reviews
Needs better mapping system. found in 7 reviews
hard to figure out how to cancel a reservation. found in 11 reviews
At this mediocre and missing some important features. found in 1 reviews
Slow app but overall decent info. found in 2 reviews
And customer service is the worst i have ever dealt with. found in 64 reviews
I am now unable to book a room on my phone at all. found in 41 reviews
without being able to search hotels the whole thing useless. found in 38 reviews
Seems to me that if you are looking for a hotel. found in 23 reviews
Clicking on the phone number to call the hotel did nothing. found in 23 reviews
There is no discernible way to download this app in English. found in 22 reviews
I can't search for any locations or current location. found in 21 reviews
DO NOT USE HOTELS. found in 19 reviews
Plus they charged $15 more than booking directly through hotel. found in 15 reviews
Don't try to change or fix a booking. found in 14 reviews
Can't eliminate hotels that aren't pet friendly like the website. found in 12 reviews
I had to change my travel schedule and tried to cancel. found in 11 reviews
App is not working with PassBook in iOS 7. found in 10 reviews
rated better for front desk.   rated better for hotels near.  
rated better for pet friendly.   rated better for personal travel.  
rated better for make a reservation.   rated better for departure date.  
rated better for confirmation numbers.  
"Helps me find the best deals around the local stores as well as online pricing."
"Really easy to compare dates and times to find the best deals."
"Really helps you organize your trips and find the best deals."
"I use Frugal Flyer to find the best rates for airline reservations."
"Use the search feature to find the best deals on anything."
"now I nearly always find the best deals and most info on Kayak."
34,353 total

This app is popular with:
  • This really useful app for travellers.
  • Use it all the time and have received awesome deals.
  • This app gives you good prices even last minute deals.
  • U can find great hotel rooms and compare prices and such.
  • Great for planning a vacation.
  • Very useful in reserving a hotel for my family get together.
  • Best application anybody could possibly use to find some place to stay.
  • com has a great rewards program too.
  • Helps me find what I need /afford in a timely manner.
  • Different things are a priority when traveling for work.
  • Great when you travel together local deals.
  • What an awesome time saver.
  • Great to for planning trips.
  • "Don't give these folks your credit card number."
  • "everytime after even after closing search results come back price expired."
  • "Update 4/11/2012: the search function doesn't work at all."
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