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YES or NO Tarot - Instant Answer - by

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 90
So far it's the best tarot - horoscope ap I've tried.
it's a powerful little App that delivers amazingly accurate readings.
I love playing with this app.
I love this aps.
I really love this apps.
Love Match it's EXACTLY accurate.
Fun & Engaging click me 73
It's fun to play with and the answers are pretty acurate.
With tarot you have to ask specific questions.
A fun little app.
Lot's of fun.
a fun app for when you're bored :P.
It's easy to use and just plain fun.
Usefulness click me 87
Helps me follow my bliss.
I like to check out this app everyday.
Ease of Use click me 80
Simple efficient to the point.
Simple yet satisfying.
Intuitive and beautiful :.
great graphics and easy to use.
Ads not Intrusive click me 34
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Need an instant answer to a question? Get your free "yes" or "no" Tarot answer plus a Tarot reading right at your fingertips!

Select the category your issue relates to – love, career, money, or life in general, ask your question, shake the deck, and tap the card of your choice… in an instant, your answer appears!
>> Four types of Tarot readings to choose from: love, career, money, and general.
>> Get a "yes" or "no" answer and 1-card Tarot reading.
>> Choose between three beautiful Tarot decks and read about the meaning of each card.
>> "Extras" tab features free and fun astrology and tarot activities that regularly change. It's just for our users, and it's all for FREE!

Plus it's so accurate it's scary. found in 9 reviews
Try it and you will be hooked. found in 1 reviews
This app really hits the nail on the head at times. found in 1 reviews
This app really tells you the truth and makes your confidence level increase. found in 3 reviews
One of my daily apps. found in 1 reviews
I love it and my friends love it. found in 1 reviews
best app i have download. found in 1 reviews
it's fun and good quality for a free app. found in 1 reviews
The answer was so right on target and specific. found in 1 reviews
Always seems dead on accurate to me. found in 2 reviews
Really fun and interesting. found in 1 reviews
I really love this apps. found in 1 reviews
Lord and master of the universe. found in 1 reviews
I love the different decks of cards to choose from. found in 2 reviews
My daughter lives this app. found in 1 reviews
I enjoy the simplicity of this one -question-one answer tarot read. found in 1 reviews
Even my 8 yr old loves to ask it questions. found in 1 reviews
Best Tarot Card App everrrrr. found in 4 reviews
but the "yes or no" answers contradict themselves sometimes. found in 2 reviews
Yes or no tarot cards. found in 18 reviews
but overall it's just fun to mess around with. found in 3 reviews
but what's with the ads. found in 1 reviews
Okay but was forced to rate it. found in 1 reviews
If you want a yes or no answer it's better to draw straws. found in 6 reviews
Not bad if you believe in reading cards :. found in 2 reviews
I do not usually do reviews. found in 1 reviews
Don't take it too seriously though. found in 2 reviews
but overall it's cute and fun to ask at times. found in 2 reviews
Bad ads. found in 1 reviews
Dont take everything to heart. found in 2 reviews
but now it won't shuffle the cards when I shake the device. found in 2 reviews
Sometimes I use when I can't decide between two things. found in 1 reviews
but it's definitely fun to see what the outcome is. found in 1 reviews
I don't put much stock in Tarot. found in 1 reviews
This is a good app if you're bored. found in 2 reviews
Makes absolutely no sense and doesn't apply to anything. found in 2 reviews
Boring same answers for 4years already how about changing the answers. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't always function …. found in 1 reviews
This app needs to be fixed. found in 1 reviews
This app lies. found in 1 reviews
it doesn't ask for your name or anything. found in 1 reviews
rated better for tarot app.  
"Have tarot app and upgraded to this latest version."
"Fool's Dog is the best Tarot app I've used."
"Allow custom meanings and I'll throw all other Tarot apps away."
"Give your opinion and ask questions for raw honest answers."
"Feel free to ask me questions I'm here to help."
"You can also talk to the designer themselves and ask questions."
"Especially the ability to ask questions and get real answers."
"but I'm finding that it's better to not ask questions."
"I love you can ask questions and see notifications."
4,650 total
  • Pretty nice app for a quick tarot reading.
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