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Hipmunk Hotels & Flights

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
Overall Satisfaction click me 86
finding the best flight option takes just a few clicks.
clearest and quickest way to book hotels and flights.
I love hipmunk and I really liked this app.
This is the best and last booking app you'll ever need.
Always had the best prices as well.
I LOVE the ability to sort by 'agony' and shrink my flight window times.
and Hipmunk has become our travel site of choice.
No flexible dates.
Fun & Engaging click me 89
Awesome travel planning app.
This application is very clean and UI is awesome.
Travel all the time -.
Fun and good.
Usefulness click me 80
Essential Travel App.
Really Useful and Helpful.
Everything I could ask for.
saves time and money.
Production Values click me 100
Best user interface of any travel app.
The graphic interface is awsome one.
Ease of Use click me 81
compare and book hotels airbnb rentals hostels and homeaway rentals.
Very easy to compare flights with graphical view.
This makes it very easy to make travel decisions without scrolling through a hundred choices.
Difficult to make changes.
So much easier to navigate and view flight options.
intuitive design that's optimized for tiny keyboards.
Makes reservation so easy.
Reliability click me 10
Updates & Support click me 77
and stellar customer service.
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Hipmunk is the fastest, easiest way to plan travel. We compare all the top travel sites so you don’t have to. Plus, save up to 60% off hotels with Tonight Deals.

***** “Best hotel and flight app!”
***** “Love it!”
***** “Awesome travel app”
· “50 Best iPhone Apps” – Time
· “Don’t leave home without Hipmunk” – MacWorld
· “The new gold standard in hotel and flight searches” – Forbes
· FAST and EASY flight and hotel booking
· Find the LOWEST PRICES on airfare
· See flights sorted by “agony” to SAVE TIME by minimizing duration, layovers and price
· Unique layout makes it easy to find flights with Wi-Fi
· BOOK HOTELS directly on Hipmunk within the app
· Need a LAST MINUTE hotel room? Get up to 60% OFF with TONIGHT DEALS
· See TripAdvisor reviews, star ratings, and easily COMPARISON SHOP HOTELS
· Hotel heat maps show how close lodging is to shopping, dining & more
· “Verified by Hipmunk” shows, at a glance, if your hotel has Wi-Fi, parking or resort fees
· COMPARE and book hotels, Airbnb rentals, hostels and HomeAway rentals
Whether you want cheap flights and a perfect hotel room for your vacation or fast, Wi-Fi enabled flights for your business trip, Hipmunk’s goal is to make it fast and easy.

finding the best flight option takes just a few clicks. found in 65 reviews
that really helps with my business travel planning. found in 8 reviews
Hipmunk is a great travel tool which lays out many options clearly. found in 12 reviews
I love hipmunk and I really liked this app. found in 24 reviews
clearest and quickest way to book hotels and flights. found in 35 reviews
Last minute hotels: great addition to an already great app. found in 3 reviews
I love that you can easily view departure and arrival times. found in 5 reviews
So much better than kayak. found in 3 reviews
SO much info presented in a very easy to understand fashion. found in 3 reviews
Love the new app update. found in 1 reviews
Innovative and easy to use. found in 1 reviews
and use Hipmunk to quickly determine the best option. found in 6 reviews
Last minute hotels : great addition to an already great app. found in 4 reviews
has always found me the best airfare. found in 3 reviews
Best fight travel research tool. found in 2 reviews
This application is very clean and UI is awesome. found in 3 reviews
and number of stops. found in 4 reviews
Top of the class. found in 1 reviews
Really Useful and Helpful. found in 1 reviews
Great flow that cuts to the chase. found in 1 reviews
This really needs a multiple city search feature. found in 9 reviews
And since there is no option to search with flexible dates. found in 7 reviews
missing major airlines makes this app useless. found in 2 reviews
the mobile version is lacking in functionality. found in 2 reviews
Missing airlines are because you can only get them Via web. found in 3 reviews
Needs a multi- city flight search function. found in 3 reviews
but needs enhancement. found in 1 reviews
Lacking too many features of the full site. found in 1 reviews
Can't do multiple legs. found in 2 reviews
it does not give you the ability to dive into more information. found in 1 reviews
however recently after an update it crashes every time I press search. found in 2 reviews
No option for premium economy class. found in 1 reviews
Missing ability to show only non- stop flights. found in 3 reviews
The app is useless if you wish to save searches. found in 2 reviews
Needs to access more data. found in 1 reviews
Good but why include Train itineraries. found in 1 reviews
Fantastic UX / boo hoo on Orbitz full web booking. found in 1 reviews
but takes up some space. found in 1 reviews
New hipmunk app has no round trip fare options. found in 16 reviews
I am unable to do multiple cities or round trip flight searches. found in 13 reviews
No flexible dates. found in 7 reviews
No Southwest Airlines for example. found in 5 reviews
I deleted it & tried to re -load it. found in 4 reviews
Failed to find non- stop flights. found in 3 reviews
Hotel booking is terrible. found in 3 reviews
like their “ Flight Deals ” email I’m subscribed to. found in 2 reviews
Crashes every time I press the date button. found in 2 reviews
rated better for front desk.   rated better for minute deals.  
rated better for top travel.   rated better for world travelers.  
rated better for major airlines.   rated better for multi city search.  
rated better for nearby airports.  
rated better for southwest airlines.   rated better for cheap flights.  
"Best flight finding app I have ever found."
"This is by far the best flight planner I have used."
"They also show you full results from googl flight search."
"simple intuitive flight search."
"a superior flight search engine provided powered by tripadvisor flights."
"This is the best all around travel booking app bar none."
"Use it for almost all my travel booking."
"So far the best travel booking iPhone apps I have used."
"Great hotel info and lightning hotel and air travel booking."
"This is the best travel booking app I have seen."
"This is a great research tool that helps minimize driving around."
"What a great research tool for study and for the ministry."
"this app will be the first research tool I fire up."
"Great research tool for writing papers and sermon research materials."
"my computer is still main research tool."
"Very easy to navigate & good research tool."
2,137 total

This app is popular with:
  • and Hipmunk has become our travel site of choice.
  • This is the best and last booking app you'll ever need.
  • very useful app for checking prices & hotels and make comparisons.
  • just booked a last minute hotel deal for napa this weekend.
  • Definitely recommend for anyone planning a trip.
  • It consistently provides the best choices with a great interface design.
  • Best travel companion.
  • Best travel guide app ever.
  • The best for world traveller.
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