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Hide photos & lock videos with Keep Safe photo vault

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
KeepSafe Software, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 90
This is the best app to hide your personal stuff I love it.
It won't give me the option to create a fake pin.
Great for hiding pics and sharing pics with your friends 007 style.
Best photo saving App ever I highly recommend.
Nice place to keep Granny from seeing my naked pics.
I just got this app and love it already.
Best security measures in keeping my naughty pics hidden.
Fun & Engaging click me 100
This is an awesome app to hide pictures from snoopers.
Keep safe is awesome.
Keep safe keeps it fun.
Funny and fun app.
Usefulness click me 50
It works great for me keeps everything hidden.
Great app very useful.
Very useful nd easy to use.
Family Friendly click me 93
Great app for keep safe pics.
Perfect app for hiding those sexy pictures of my beautiful wife.
My kids play with my phone a lot.
Ease of Use click me 76
Very easy to import photos and video's.
Make it easy to transfer photos into different albums on there own.
It's simple to use and the password protection works like a charm.
Simple password protection of private photos that works like it should.
It is very convenient And easy to use.
It's easy and effective.
Very useful nd easy to use.
Reliability click me 28
Security & Privacy click me 90
Hides my pics from my gallery an is password protected.
Very secure love the password effect.
I couldn't ask for a better privacy app than this one.
it's safe and secure to save pics and videos.
Photo privacy.
Updates & Support click me 25
When the new update came out.
Works well and responds to feedback.
Really the new version is awesome.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

*** Hide Pictures and Photos with KeepSafe ***

Sometimes you just have to hide some pictures on your phone from other people that might use it. KeepSafe makes this easy.
Hide pictures and video from your iPhones photo app into KeepSafe. After imported to KeepSafe your pictures will remain locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. This allows only you to see you private pictures.
Your public photo gallery remains available for your family, friends and anyone who wants to have a look at your phone.
Now with private camera! Snap pictures directly into KeepSafe without having them end up in the photo gallery at all.
***Keep Safe empowers you to control photo access on your iPhone. It’s that simple***
Problems? Wait! Send us an email to before leaving a bad review. Most problems can be solved very quick. Our support team is happy to help you.
KeepSafe is better then others because:
* Besides being the most simple way to deal with your secret pictures, KeepSafe also offers features like Fake PIN that you have to pay for within other apps.
Keep Safe has the best privacy features:
* Hide Pics and Photos
* Save pictures from your iPhone messages right into KeepSafe
* Easy-to-use PIN pad access
* Unlimited Albums and Folders
* Keep pictures out of Photostream
* Un-hide pictures and videos from KeepSafe as you like
* Share pictures from Keep Safe via email
* SafeSend pictures that the other person should only be able to see for 20 sec.
* Multi-select feature for hiding, un-hiding, sharing
* Full-screen viewing
* Slideshow feature
What do our users say:
Excellent app! Great for keeping things private. Love the false PIN feature; it kept my girlfriend (now fiancee) from seeing photos of potential rings, maintaining the element of surprise. Highly recommended.
- Timothy, Jan 2013
*** Special features ***
Safe Send:
Sometimes you want to show a picture to a friends without having him downloading it. SafeSend allows you to send one or multiple pictures for a limited time. The receiver can view the pictures for 20 seconds max. After that those photos can't be viewed anymore!
Fake Pin:
Make your KeepSafe even more secure. Ocasionally people get forced to open something with a PIN. When this happens to you, be ready and have Fake Pin activated. Fake PIN gives you a second PIN that takes you into a different KeepSafe, where you can store pictures that you would feel OK to show.
How to use
1. Open KeepSafe and select the pictures you want to hide
2. Delete the imported pictures from your Photo app
3. Make sure the imported pictures are also deleted from your PhotoStream
KeepSafe Plus Subscription
Sync the images and videos in KeepSafe to all your KeepSafe installations on any platform. Restore from storage with any new device running KeepSafe.
KeepSafe Plus also gives you access to exclusive features like individual album lock.
1 month subscription: $4.99
12 month subscription: $23.99
Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the period unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period in the account settings.
- Terms of Service:
- Privacy:

Best photo saving App ever I highly recommend. found in 40 reviews
Keeps all my private pictures locked and I love it. found in 32 reviews
The KeepSafe app does it's job almost perfect. found in 45 reviews
Love it keeps my private pics out of unwanted eyes :. found in 8 reviews
Best security measures in keeping my naughty pics hidden. found in 10 reviews
Keeps the kiddos from seeing my dirty little pics of mommy. found in 9 reviews
Never been so satisfied with a locking app. found in 8 reviews
It won't give me the option to create a fake pin. found in 82 reviews
It would be awesome if it could store videos. found in 13 reviews
After the update I'm no longer able to hide videos. found in 16 reviews
but it needs support with the apple tv. found in 2 reviews
I'm very disappointed that the cropped pictures are now uncropped again. found in 3 reviews
Needs another update ASAP. found in 2 reviews
Great but one suggestion. found in 2 reviews
Can u find a way to connect with Facebook. found in 1 reviews
I just wish you could play the videos please update this. found in 4 reviews
Just wish I could save videos here too. found in 6 reviews
It deleted my pics and now you can't save cropped photos. found in 5 reviews
Needs more subtle icon and name otherwise PERFECT. found in 4 reviews
But since the updates I can't unhide or hide pics. found in 4 reviews
Only wish you could share pics with certain people. found in 2 reviews
but the update isn't let me access to it anymore. found in 2 reviews
and it doesnt unhide or delete my pictures anymore. found in 3 reviews
Can you guys please fix the problem ASAP. found in 2 reviews
Good until update. found in 3 reviews
i can't access my photos. found in 10 reviews
I find it annoying that I have to unhide. found in 16 reviews
I have personal and valuable pictures that I don't want to lose. found in 20 reviews
But I think with this last update I can't hide videos anymore. found in 16 reviews
Please fix these problems and get my photos back. found in 14 reviews
It won't let me access my photos after the update. found in 10 reviews
Can't load/save any new photos since last update. found in 9 reviews
they removed the alternate pin feature which is exceedingly obnoxious. found in 8 reviews
cant hide anymore photos or videos. found in 8 reviews
I updated the app and it deleted everything without warning. found in 7 reviews
Everytime I try to add pictures. found in 7 reviews
Lied about video support. found in 6 reviews
can't save videos anymore. found in 6 reviews
UNTIL the new update came. found in 5 reviews
It just freezes on loading when I try to add photos. found in 5 reviews
And it wastes a ton of memory on my phone. found in 5 reviews
Whenever I type pin code it always says invalid pin. found in 4 reviews
rated better for photo roll.   rated better for hiding pics.  
rated better for photo security.   rated better for sensitive photos.  
rated better for families.   rated better for hiding spot.  
rated better for photo privacy.  
"Every new hidden pictures I see I really want to get."
"It's fully functional and is a great app to hide your personal images."
"Great to hide pictures from anyone trying to access them photos."
"This app is better than any other photo lock app out there."
"One of the best app to lock your photo."
"Awsome to lock "privet pictures" from girlfriends or boyfriends."
"Being able to lock individual folders is awesome love this app."
10,630 total

This app is popular with:
  • Keeping it simple makes it the best vault app for pics yet.
  • I noticed video feature was not included in the camera option.
  • This is the best app to hide your personal stuff I love it.
  • This is an awesome app to hide pictures from snoopers.
  • & had double password with pw on folders too.
  • Great app to hide stuff from mate.
  • Simple password protection of private photos that works like it should.
  • very easily set up decoy password /album.
  • Photo storage is easy and efficient.
  • Photo privacy.
  • Make it easy to transfer photos into different albums on there own.
  • It's the best hiding place.
  • When we make a photo hidden.
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