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HeyWire Free Texting + Meme Generator + Twitter Notifications

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad In-app purchase
MediaFriends, Inc.
Overall Satisfaction click me 87
I think this is one of the best texting apps out there.
Probably the best texting app for iPhone/ iPod Touch.
i think that's an unacceptable functionality lapse for a texting app.
I love heywire I can text everyone mostly my boyfriend.
I gotta always restate my itouch AND PICTURE MESSAGING.
Texting works well but the picture messaging stops working after awhile.
It's been a great experience thanks heywire.
Overall haywire is the best txting app I've used so far.
free texting and pic messaging.
I love haywire great fit for my iPad.
Fun & Engaging click me 94
HeyWire is awesome easy and it sends and receives messages fast =.
Awesome texting highly recommend easy to use.
Worked all the time for me.
Usefulness click me 98
Great app very useful.
Family Friendly click me 88
I can now text my family and friends in Jamaica for free.
Can't believe I can't text my family and friends back in my country.
Social Aspects click me 87
I'm overseas & this is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones.
So easy to stay connected with friends without risking privacy.
Keeping in touch with friends nationally and internationally has never been easier.
This app allows me to communicate with my family overseas without charging me.
I can use this to contact with my friends in China for free~.
Best social app ever +free = HeyWire.
Ease of Use click me 70
Very good app easy to setup and use your texting in minutes.
supposedly to set you up to send free sms messages.
Will try to install again.
Effective fast easy to use and muli-talented.
It's very easy and convenient to use.
Simple the best way to be connected with family.
makes texting on iPad so easy.
Makes it very easy to operate.
HeyWire is awesome easy and it sends and receives messages fast =.
Reliability click me 67
Perfect texting app and it also covers facebook chat.
Ads not Intrusive click me 45
Nice app :D I know how to remove the adds.
Have to pay to remove adds.
Security & Privacy click me 37
Forgot password and email not available.
1 heywire account across all your screens x2014.
Updates & Support click me 58
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The only Free Texting (SMS) app that has Picture messaging with a Meme Generator— plus Instant Voice Messaging and Twitter. We give you, FOR FREE, a REAL US phone number for texting and sync your conversations across all of your devices…

- Travel across the world and text back to any phone in the US for free
- Your US friends don’t need to have the app
- Text friends in any language
- Save hundreds of $$ per year
- Cool themes like iPhony
- Tweet your Memes
- Group text with up to 10 friends
- 1 HeyWire account across all your screens — iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Computer
- Text using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE.
Text from the Web: Go to, login with your HeyWire number
Photo editing: Turn pics into art with filters, enhancements, stickers, & Memes
Instant Voice Messaging: Record your voice and send it via text
Streaming music clips: Choose from 100+ songs to attach to your messages
TweetNow: The first & only global text-to-Twitter service with notifications
Voice Tweets: post Instant Voice Messages directly to Twitter
SmartSMS: Auto-reply, to respond when you can’t
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, St. Lucia, Saint Maarten, Northern Mariana Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands, Grenada, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, United States Virgin Islands (USVI), British Virgin Islands (BVI), Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla, Barbados, The Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Uruguay, Suriname, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Venezuela, Columbia
- Texting & Picture messaging from a real US phone number costs us real money so by placing a small ad within the app, we keep your messages flying around the world for FREE.
- HeyWire uses data, so make sure you have a data plan or use Wi-Fi where available. For your friends who aren’t on HeyWire, standard text and picture messaging rates apply to text a U.S. Phone Number (nothing extra).
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I love hey wire u have way more options. found in 305 reviews
Overall haywire is the best txting app I've used so far. found in 30 reviews
now I can text friends & family out of the country for free. found in 20 reviews
So easy to stay connected with friends without risking privacy. found in 46 reviews
This app has helped me stay in touch with all my friends and family. found in 5 reviews
This app makes my long distance relationship 'international' strong and inexpensive. found in 8 reviews
Sometimes it's a little bit slow or laggy. found in 4 reviews
The one that really works in Brazil. found in 5 reviews
Great app very useful. found in 5 reviews
I love this App It's So Cool And Awsome. found in 4 reviews
It save alot of money hahaha keep it up. found in 4 reviews
I love haywire great fit for my iPad. found in 12 reviews
Lost my phone perfect for those times haha. found in 5 reviews
Why do I like hay wire. found in 6 reviews
My friend is inn the navy stationed in korea. found in 6 reviews
I Now text to my friends in Australia and Canada for free. found in 4 reviews
works great when in a hot spot. found in 4 reviews
I can txt my family at my country in Central America. found in 5 reviews
Very reliable app. found in 4 reviews
Very dependable n completely free. found in 5 reviews
Also disappointing that you can't receive pictures. found in 82 reviews
Only problem is that it won't let me send or receive picture messages. found in 94 reviews
Needs picture messaging and sometimes messages want come in right away. found in 71 reviews
It needs picture messaging And Facebook chat won't work. found in 68 reviews
Suddenly I can't send or receive any SMS here in Mexico. found in 58 reviews
Glad it's free but the occasional bugs need to be fixed. found in 19 reviews
But for some reason it's starting to crash uhh not cool. found in 14 reviews
but I sometimes don't receive messages or they are very delayed. found in 11 reviews
Awesome but you guys should add picture messaging ^^. found in 12 reviews
Good for what is does besides cant send pic msg. found in 17 reviews
Wish it would send pictures and receive them as well. found in 81 reviews
/: you can't send pictures from it and that's a BIG minus. found in 81 reviews
This app seriously needs a refresh button. found in 5 reviews
but when I try deleting messages the messages don't permanently delete. found in 7 reviews
the message doesn't even show up in the conversation. found in 6 reviews
I don't want to have to constantly refresh for new messages. found in 14 reviews
Free International texting won't be available anymore starting April 10. found in 160 reviews
But why can't I receive picture messages from other numbers. found in 94 reviews
keeps tripping and won't let me send or receive texts. found in 84 reviews
You can't receive pictures from any cellular devices. found in 82 reviews
Now that you can't send free international SMS this app is useless. found in 71 reviews
Can't send text to Mexico Anymore. found in 58 reviews
I cannot send or receive photos to my heywire contacts. found in 44 reviews
It's extremely annoying and very hard to read the texts. found in 31 reviews
Does not allow free international SMS again. found in 31 reviews
Tried to reset the password "number not a heywire number. found in 30 reviews
I like the texting but the facebook chat doesn't work. found in 28 reviews
Worst decision developer made to remove the international SMS. found in 26 reviews
Keeps saying Sorry HeyWire tripped. found in 20 reviews
but it cannot send message to china phone number. found in 20 reviews
Couldn't get verification code to work no matter what I did. found in 20 reviews
This needs to be fixed NOW. found in 19 reviews
It won't even allow me to log in anymore. found in 19 reviews
rated better for sending messages.   rated better for sending sms.  
rated better for instant messaging.   rated better for talk to my friends.  
"another thing is that it allows you to send picture messages."
"It is great way to send pictures to friends and family while we are traveling."
"You should be able to send pictures from your camera roll."
"And I can send pictures and it's completely free."
"I can text & send pictures to the Middle East."
"The new update makes this THE BEST texting app out there."
"Fastest among all the free texting apps I've used."
"This app is definitely the best texting app out there."
"This is the best texting app out there and it's free •• U =."
"This is a wonderful app one of the best messaging app out there."
"This is the best messaging app I have ever used."
"Messaging and expression best messaging app out there cross platform."
28,766 total
  • Help me to keep in touch with my friends without paying MSG charges.
  • Keeping in touch with friends nationally and internationally has never been easier.
  • Probably the best texting app for iPhone/ iPod Touch.
  • Very useful and money saving.
  • This is really the greatest messaging app in the app store.
  • With the ability to make phone calls through my email account.
  • Use it over a year to communicate with friends in china.
  • "Why can't it send my messages or receive."
  • "Doesn't send SMS text to Mexico."
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