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Gratitude Journey

"This app has changed my life. By being able to be reminded daily by the app, as well as me logging different items of gratitude along with a picture if desired for that entry, I feel I have grown as a human being both spiritually as well as in personal confidence due to the reflections and perspective these ideas provide to me over time. I especially love the random feature which brings up a past gratitude item, thus reminding me of all the great moments that I have moved thru over time. I would pay 10x what they ask to have this app. Clean and simple in concept and design." - TNSBlue, App Store Reviewer "I'm loving the gratitude app. Using it supports one of my favorite practices ~ expressing gratitude. Gratitude is the attitude that guarantees me more of what I'm feeling grateful for. Thank you for this wonderful tool!" - Steve Gold, Musician, Gratitude Journey is a cutting edge gratitude journal application, designed to increase your happiness through the proven process of journaling. Start your day by writing down at least one thing that you're grateful for. Gratitude Journey will alert you to make entries at set times, categorize your entries, and track your progress over time. You will receive 'Gratitude Gifts': scheduled deliveries of randomly-selected past entries to remind you of grateful moments past. Watch your happiness increase day after day! FEATURES • Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch • Gratitude Gifts: Perk up your day with a randomly selected previous entry • Set reminders if you've gone too long without being grateful • Attach photos to add some life to your entries • Share your gratitude with integrated Facebook posting • Progress tracking: See what areas of your life you're most grateful for • Save and backup. Synch between your iPhone and iPad devices. MORE TESTIMONIALS "Staying grateful is a powerful way to cultivate happiness. The app Gratitude Journey helps me to remember to stay grateful and rewards me with pleasant memories of the past. A+ app." - Professor Katherine Pfent, Texas A&M University "This app is amazing. The whole point behind it is to teach you to be grateful for your life and what you already have." - April "The Mom", First Time Mom and Dad "This app really puts together the function of a journal, photos and even promoting happiness in one’s life beautifully." - Janine Huldie, Confessions of a Mommyholic "A great mental exercise. Do it enough and you'll start to notice the laws of attraction working for you." - Desiree Crossman, Yoga Teacher "The app is easy to learn and use, plus it's full of useful features that distinguish it from any other app in its genre." - Bob Edmonston, App Developer

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