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Glucose Companion

Glucose Companion is a handy blood sugar and weight tracker. Keeping track of blood sugar is a good habit to keep healthy, heredity, unbalanced diet, fat, lack of exercise, too much stress etc will lead to diabetic. If blood sugar is found abnormal, quick actions should be done to keep it from getting worse. Use Glucose Companion now to monitor your blood sugar and share your measurements with your doctor, it will help greatly to your physician to diagnose and treat your diabetes, you can also use this app to calculate the units of insulin you need to inject. For the insulin calculation function, it is based this formula: Insulin dosage= (Blood Sugar – Goal Blood Sugar)/ Correction Factor+ Carbohydrate /Carbohydrate Factor Please do consult your physician before using it to check if the formula is suitable for you, and ask for your personal Correction Factor, Carbohydrate Factor, Goal Blood Sugar from him/her, and please take note of the unit (mg/dl or mmoL/L). The user assumes all responsibility for the numbers inputted and the result. Key Features: ? Easily add and edit blood sugar, weight and test date. ? Add note to the readings. ? Track blood sugar and weight by chart. ? Analyze times and percentage of each blood sugar range. ? Show MAX, MIN and AVG number of readings by number and histogram. ? Show statistics of measurement by day, week, month or year. ? Create reminders for measuring Glucose, doctor visiting or anything else. ? Calculate average blood sugar and weight. ? Calculate recommended dosage of fast acting insulin. ? Create unlimited reminders with different time to measure your blood suger, doctor visit or others. ? Save snapshots to Photos. ? Export (Email) readings in format of CSV, HTML or PDF. ? Custom date range of readings to be exported. ? Custom your own color range. ? Passcode function to protect your info. ? Supports Touch ID as passcode. ? Supports multi-users, track the blood sugar of yours and your family’s. ? Supports mg/dL and mmoL/L, US and SI. ? Clean and humanized interface. ? Support WiFi backup and restore. ? Supports iCloud backup & restore. ? Supports Dropbox backup and restore. ? Supports AirPrint in app. ? Supports transferring data to Health app. ? Supports 3D Touch function. ? Supports Apple Watch version. If you have any questions or suggestion, please mail to

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    Blood sugar monitoring app with multiple backup options”
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    It's easy to use in tracking weight and blood glucose”
    Can print great pie charts
    Great for truckers
    Graphs and data analysis to monitor progress or routine”
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