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GetItLive - rap/hiphop livemixtapes & radio

FREE 12+ iphone & ipad
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Overall Satisfaction click me 51
This is one of the best music app I have download.
This went from the best music app to the worst.
This is probably the best music download app so far.
This app needs another update really bad now.
Fun & Engaging click me 52
Still an awesome app.
Easy to navigate and some awesome music.
Usefulness click me 12
Reliability click me 53
Over all it's a great app just got to work the bugs out.
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Note: Go to "Music Browser" once and press "x" to remove wrong mixtape thumb issue.

Listen to free mixtapes on your device. Large selection of hip hop music, and underground. Listen to your favorite artists and also discover new artists and DJs as you build your mixtape library.
- Quick access to mixtapes of your favourite music
- No charge to create a playlist - Yes, completely free! Add any number of tracks
- App loads all mixtapes based on Category (Most Views, Most Played etc.) & time range
- App lists all DJs to load their mixtapes
- Enjoy the Radio
- Grid or List display of mixtapes
- Filter listed content
- Search artist, mixtape and tracks from
- Favorites & Playlists data saved over the air
- Track streaming & playback while app is in the background
- Lock screen controls while playing back
- Recently Played tracks & mixtapes list
- Share mixtapes and tracks with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email & message
- Save mixtape cover image to your photos
- Create Radio playlists and sort tracks
- Sectional tracks listing by track, mixtape or dj
- Repeat on/off, Shuffle tracks on the go
- Sort/reorder playing tracks
- Mixtape views, votes and scores available
Disclaimer: GetItLive is not affiliated with Our goal is to provide users with easy access to the music produced by different artists

This is probably the best music download app so far. found in 6 reviews
Imma music lover so this is great. found in 4 reviews
go back to the previous song. found in 2 reviews
It Works so Follow Me On Instagram : @iLonte. found in 2 reviews
This app is CRACK. found in 2 reviews
Great tunes and mixed tapes. found in 2 reviews
Time to Switch to a GalaxyS5. found in 3 reviews
Lil+wayne = Lil wayne. found in 3 reviews
Its great but for some reason i cant download music now. found in 52 reviews
The update is great but you still can't download mixtapes. found in 72 reviews
The app is an amazing but bring the download button back. found in 92 reviews
Keeps closing out when downloading music and listening to it also. found in 14 reviews
What's going on now we can't download anymore. found in 29 reviews
this new update just made to were you can't download music SMFH. found in 52 reviews
Every time I try to search for a specific song nothing ever comes up. found in 30 reviews
Needs fixing app keep closing out and music stops needs improvement ASAP. found in 5 reviews
It takes long for loading and keep closing out. found in 7 reviews
Y'all need to fix this app because I can't download anymore music. found in 4 reviews
The app is good but my songs don't play full. found in 10 reviews
The mixtapes don't load when trying to download new songs. found in 6 reviews
No one told you to update. found in 12 reviews
Songs that I've download doesn't play all the way through. found in 6 reviews
Y'all need to fix the search feature of the app. found in 8 reviews
Good App but the wrong song problem needs to be fixed. found in 8 reviews
The app will not load mixtapes any more. found in 11 reviews
skips to the next song without completely finishing the previous. found in 10 reviews
I don't understand why you took our download button. found in 92 reviews
Won't show any music or let download nothing like live mixtapes. found in 84 reviews
No point of this app if I can't download mixtapes anymore. found in 72 reviews
Can't even download music because it will cut off. found in 52 reviews
I updated it now I can't download music. found in 52 reviews
Mixtapes no longer loading/not able to download new music. found in 37 reviews
I can't see the new mixtapes when I open the app. found in 32 reviews
It Lets The Mixtapes Play But When You Try To Search Something. found in 31 reviews
& Everytime I try to search a mixtape the app shuts down. found in 30 reviews
New apple update doesn't let you download anymore. found in 29 reviews
It WAS a great app until you removed the download option. found in 29 reviews
How can I possibly listen to music w/o constantly searching it. found in 28 reviews
What kind of is this that doesn't let you download songs. found in 24 reviews
Live mixtape crashes. found in 21 reviews
It won't let me download mixtapes or look at the content of the mixtapes. found in 21 reviews
i can't download songs anymore. found in 21 reviews
i dont want to delete the app loosing all the music saved. found in 19 reviews
what's the point of the app if you can't download any music. found in 15 reviews
Horrible app track list on any mixtape isnt accurate fix this. found in 15 reviews
Idk since after downloading this I open it and everything is blank. found in 15 reviews
rated better for listening to music.   rated better for pop up.  
rated better for enjoy listening.  
rated better for get ringtones.  
rated better for mix tape.   rated better for rap music.  
rated better for new artists.   rated better for streaming music.  
"Gets new mixtapes everyday with all the new songs coming out."
"I love this app I've been searching for mixtapes for ever."
"Needs Update To Have a "Back" Button When searching for Mixtapes."
"I come here for mixtapes from artists."
"Is it possible to download mixtapes."
"It's perfect to listen to new music that you probably never heard of."
"Best way to listen to new music and share amazing playlist."
"It's the best way to listen to new music from the artists themselves."
"A most fun and excellent way to get to listen to new talent."
"A very natural way to be introduced to new music as well."
"This program had made it very easy to make ringtones for my iPhone."
"Awesome so easy to make ringtones and text messages notifications."
"So easy to figure out & so easy to make ringtones & text tones."
"By far the easiest way to make a ringtone right from your phone."
"Great app to take ur own song and make a ringtone."
"It makes it super easy to make ringtones from iTunes music."
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  • This is one of the best music app I have download.
  • This is a reliable mix tape app with a good selection of music.
  • This app gets me hip to new artist.
  • "App keeps force closing while playing music."
  • "What happened to the radio stations."
  • "Video ads are annoying."
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