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GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas Prices

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
GasBuddy Organization Inc
Overall Satisfaction click me 95
This app is a great way to find the best gas prices around town.
This is by far the best app for gas prices around.
which means I can no longer search for gas prices nearby.
This is the best way to save money on those skyrocketing gas prices.
Awesome place to find the best prices thanks guys good job.
best way to find cheap gas daily or when planning a long road trip.
Great for planning fuel stops on trips where the best fuel prices.
Great app for finding the best deal for gas closest to you.
Absolutely accurate totally the best money saving app yet.
Fun & Engaging click me 96
Great app use it all the time and it's always right on the money.
Gas buddy is awesome to have.
This is by far the most useful and fun app out there.
And it is fun to update the prices for other people.
Great for finding prices when traveling & fun to report.
Very helpful in providing current locations and pricing even when traveling.
So helpful and fun to update when possible.
Awesome money saver especially in these times with high gas prices.
Usefulness click me 95
Helps me find the cheapest gas without me driving around for it.
As long as reports are accurate this app is very helpful especially when traveling.
Very informative app helps me save money and get the best gas in town.
With prices changing so frequently this app saves time and money.
Easy to use and VERY helpful for finding the lowest prices when traveling.
GasBuddy is a great app that is very useful and accurate.
Gives great up to date prices where ever you are at.
Helps me find the best prices and fun submitting prices and getting points.
Value for Money click me 100
Saved me some real money over the past few months.
A real money saver whether local or traveling.
Real money saver with so many ups & downs in gas prices.
Map locations of best deals are a real money saver.
Social Aspects click me 94
Wish more people would use it and reported gas prices.
I wish more people would use it in my area.
More and more people use this and save $$$$$ for themselves and others.
The more people use and update it the better it is.
Ease of Use click me 92
Easy to use super helpful gas helper is awesome.
Unfortunately I was not able to use the app.
One app I really like easy way to save money and the planet.
It's easy to update prices yourself and join the army of users.
Easy to use and VERY helpful for finding the lowest prices when traveling.
Easy to submit prices and easy to find cheapest gas.
I attempted to submit gas prices and it froze on me.
Always makes it easy to find the cheapest gas wherever I'm at.
Great simple app for finding the best prices for gas.
This new release broke a simple app that used to work.
Reliability click me 100
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Find Cheap Gas Prices

Join the more than 40 million drivers that are saving money every time they fill up by using GasBuddy.
Share gas prices you see to win free gas and help others save money too!
- Find cheapest gas near you
- Find cheapest gas by city/zip/postal code
- Report gas prices to help other people find cheap gas
- Chance of winning $100 of gas every day!
- Earn points for reporting gas prices
- Earn awards for posting gas prices
- Save money every time you fill up at the cheapest stations
- "This app saves me so much it's ridiculous."
- "This app is a no brainer! The accuracy is astounding and WILL save you money. Trust me, you want this app!"
- "I love this app! It helped me find a gas station just a mile from my house that I never knew existed. This app is easy to use and saves you money."
GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas.
Gas prices only for USA and Canada
Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of the prize give-away.

Gas Buddy app saves me time and money. found in 6177 reviews
Good money saver and prices are pretty accurate. found in 1338 reviews
Great for finding the cheapest gas prices especially with gas prices being so high. found in 322 reviews
Great money saving app with the gas prices these days. found in 538 reviews
Very user friendly and prices are updated often. found in 325 reviews
Sometimes I save 20 cents per gallon by filling up sooner or waiting. found in 608 reviews
Gives a complete list of gas prices nearby with just finger touch. found in 252 reviews
I love being able to find the cheapest gas without driving all over. found in 214 reviews
Great app for saving money along with my 00 Civic HX. found in 154 reviews
Great for road trips and finding the true best fuel price. found in 126 reviews
Anytime I need gas I first check my Gasbuddy app. found in 320 reviews
Used on cross country trip was right about prices every time. found in 126 reviews
Saves money by locating closest gas stations and publishing the prices. found in 136 reviews
Time saver to find the best place to get gas. found in 151 reviews
Great way to save money at the pump especially when traveling. found in 80 reviews
It's a must have for anyone who drives long distances. found in 59 reviews
This is THE BEST gas saver app I've ever tried. found in 135 reviews
Very easy and intuitive highly recommended for travelers. found in 63 reviews
This app has already saved me some valuable dollars. found in 68 reviews
The is the best cheap gas finder app there is. found in 89 reviews
Needs E85 capability other then that pretty good app. found in 20 reviews
Love it - needs cash /credit price difference. found in 17 reviews
App doesn't help differentiate between cash price and CreditCard price. found in 61 reviews
No matter where I'm driving I can find the cheapest petrol around. found in 45 reviews
Some stations don't penalize you for electronic transactions. found in 28 reviews
Also they don't differentiate between cash and credit. found in 61 reviews
Then bang "Your device cannot connect to internet " NoT my device. found in 25 reviews
I don't get gas without looking at this app anymore. found in 35 reviews
It's most helpful when traveling about and you dont know the area. found in 33 reviews
so I don't know why to keep my consecutive days. found in 18 reviews
But it's needs e85 locations for flex fuel vehicles. found in 12 reviews
but recently one gas station in particular disappeared completely. found in 26 reviews
In the middle of nowhere having to search for cheap gas. found in 23 reviews
and refuse to shop at stations that charge you to use them. found in 19 reviews
It would be helpful if it showed cash or credit pricing. found in 41 reviews
no indication of whether indicated price is cash only. found in 46 reviews
but apparently there's no way to report fuel prices with this app. found in 32 reviews
The only thing it needs is a cash & credit option. found in 20 reviews
The app will launch and hold at the Gas home screen. found in 63 reviews
Please update it to incorporate iOS 7 and it's features. found in 57 reviews
This app locks you into "always on" for location services i. found in 53 reviews
This app is great but badly needs support for iPhone 5. found in 39 reviews
App says can' connect to Internet and is the phone's problem. found in 25 reviews
App constantly says my iPhone does not have an Internet connection. found in 18 reviews
it fails to keep up with consecutive days of reporting. found in 18 reviews
Good app- needs cash vs credit price. found in 17 reviews
No e85 locations. found in 12 reviews
rated better for map view.  
rated better for cash vs.  
"Also very handy to find Gas Stations when traveling out of town."
"gas station and all major store information near to your place."
"Very good app for finding gas prices and business information."
"This app was extremely useful after the storm for finding gas."
"sort gas stations based on lowest price or distance from you."
"Helps each and every driver save time and gas."
"Shopping Lists will save you time and money :X."
"Great app save time purchase tickets thru the app A+++++++."
"Download this app to save yourself hours and hours of time."
"It really helps save time and avoid traffic jams/accidents."
"Helps me save time from scanning and printing."
"Sometimes I get motivated & plan ahead which is even better."
"Helps me plan my activities & keeps me on track."
"Love keeping track my cycle and being able to plan ahead."
"plan ahead and check in with my routines and points tracker."
"It really helps me to plan ahead and know what's coming."
"I can plan ahead and fill it in the night before."
129,081 total

This app is popular with:
  • Save time and money by getting this App.
  • This is my most valuable travel tool and most valuable application.
  • Love that other users keep it up to date so prices stay accurate.
  • The map option is a great visual/ tool for scanning prices.
  • Save money on gas by finding the cheapest price near you.
  • I also enjoy getting the email alerts of gas price hikes.
  • Extremely useful for those who plan ahead their trips.
  • It definitely comes in handy on those long road trips.
  • I can find the best deals on fuel everywhere I travel.
  • Love being able to find the cheapest gas near me in a glance.
  • Great travel companion for reasonable price gas stations.
  • The " must have/use" trip planning tool for occasions.
  • I love being able to check prices before stopping for gas.
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