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FreeAppADay: Paid Apps For Free Daily + Game Reviews & Trailers

FREE 4+ iphone & ipad
ICS Mobile, Inc
Overall Satisfaction click me 89
Love free apps that make other apps free.
I love getting free apps that would usually cost money.
Got lots of apps I normally wouldn't have thanks FaAD.
Also the featured paid apps found me one of my favorite games.
it s one off the best application tnx to editeur.
Fun & Engaging click me 91
First free game I download I'm instantly hooked.
Just got two really fun games in a few minutes.
Already got me some awesome free apps after only 3 days.
Free app a day is awesome.
This app unlocked tons of fun paid apps and made them free.
Usefulness click me 87
free apps everyday in a well rounded great looking app.
I get free apps everyday i can get paid apps for free.
great app very useful.
Helps me save money by letting me buy cool apps for free.
It helps me save money.
Helps me save money and you should get better apps like NBA 2k12.
Value for Money click me 97
and I so I urge you to spend that $0.
Awesome way not to spend money.
Production Values click me 44
The old interface was just smoother.
Reliability click me 27
Updates & Support click me 67
FYI they are also giving away the gold version for free.
Pretty terif app I liek the gold version.
Make Call of Duty: Zombies full version free.
They should make stickfu full version free.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.

Get the Best Paid Apps for Free Daily! No Gimmicks, No Strings Attached. Paid Apps For Free For You to Keep Forever!

Apps that have previously gone free with FAAD include: Ski Safari, Granny Smith, Backbreaker Civilization Revolution, Zombie Highway, I Am T-pain, Zombie Gunship, and popular apps from Disney, Gameloft, and many other top developers!Anything is possible!
How does it work?
The 10 million+ strong community gets paid apps for free daily, which in turn increases the popularity of the apps. Once developers switch their apps back to paid, they generate more sales. Everybody wins!
Join the 10 million+ FAAD community today. Make a request to help us select top rated apps. From time to time FAAD showcases apps that are already free because they are that good.
The bigger we are, the better the apps we get!
You Simply Can't Beat Free!

Free App A Day brings you the best applications for free. found in 342 reviews
The stupid thing crashes every time I try to submit a wish. found in 28 reviews
Needs to load faster or take advantage of multi tasking. found in 6 reviews
and you can't go wrong with free stuff. found in 6 reviews
Nice but needs better free apps. found in 4 reviews
It just freezes up when I hit the download button. found in 5 reviews
The UI is great but a little slow to load on my iphone4. found in 4 reviews
It's good but it always goes back to the home page of my iPod. found in 14 reviews
but now it crashes whenever I try to open it. found in 4 reviews
This app crashes frequently. found in 2 reviews
Only gives you extremely crappy apps. found in 6 reviews
Occasionally crashed my iPod touch 3. found in 5 reviews
I can't get the funkn apps fix for 5stars. found in 4 reviews
good but hard to figure out. found in 2 reviews
Thought it was a scam but it wasnt. found in 3 reviews
It's crashing everytime it loads to start the app. found in 4 reviews
It crashes every time I try to make a wish or get an app. found in 6 reviews
Works for a little bit then crashes. found in 4 reviews
Links to get apps don't work. found in 3 reviews
It crashes when I try to make a wish. found in 6 reviews
Good concept but these apps are all already free. found in 41 reviews
the app crashes every time I attempt to submit an app. found in 28 reviews
iPod 4th generation cannot open the app without crashing within seconds. found in 20 reviews
the app exits to the home screen & does not download the app. found in 14 reviews
With the 4S and iOS 6 the app doesn't stay open. found in 13 reviews
I hope it'll work again but I'll stick with App gratis. found in 8 reviews
Crashes on iPod touch 4g 4. found in 7 reviews
BUT even after the update it still crashes when i try to make a wish. found in 6 reviews
Every time I try to use it it crashes. found in 6 reviews
Downloaded a few crappy apps that are not worth the time. found in 6 reviews
This app froze my ipod nd i m NOT happy about it. found in 6 reviews
It keeps crashing every time I open it on my Ipod 5th Generation. found in 5 reviews
Crashed my ipod. found in 5 reviews
First it crashed the first couple of times I tried open it. found in 5 reviews
rated better for minecraft pe.   rated better for minecraft pocket.  
"Great money saving app with the gas prices these days."
"Some great money saving stuff."
"This app is a great money saving technique."
"Great money saving deals and great way to try new businesses."
"It's absolutely the best money saving /coupon app out there."
40,292 total

This app is popular with:
  • and I so I urge you to spend that $0.
  • This is the best money saver app.
  • I hope one day it will have minecraft or black ops zombies.
  • But everybody needs to wish for a game called " infinity blade ".
  • Will this get me the new spider man game.
  • Vote for Fruit Ninja to be free for a day.
  • Great app to git best for gamers.
  • Then go on redeem and click $10 iTunes gift card.
  • The GAME OF LIFE by EA.
  • didn't play games and things till I got it.
  • They should put angry birds rio full version.
  • varied selection of games AND apps.
  • "The star wars style display is lame and hard to see."
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